Fall colours and fresh snow at Lake Sils

Fresh snow at lake Sils with larch trees in their fall colours and Piz Tremoggia surrounded by fog in the background (by Johan Peijnenburg)

Winter in autumn at Lake Sils

[ 120mm - f/11 - 1/60th - ISO100 - D800E with 70-200mm f/4.0 ]

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was treated to a snow dump half way through my 4-week fall trip in the Swiss Engadin region last October. The snow lasted for more than a week, so it sure limited my possibilities to shoot typical fall images. The snow did give me many great alternative photographic opportunities though and this image is one of the results.

This image features Lake Sils (Silsersee), a larch tree forest and a mountain called Piz Tremoggia in the background. I was shooting about an hour before sunset to add some nice soft light to the scene. I shot various wider captures of the scene with more of the lake, some blue sky above the clouds and foreground subjects. I however liked this tighter composition best. It really highlights what I loved about the scene: the combination of fresh snow, fall colours and great light. And the mountains and clouds in the background add enough depth. Hope you like it as well ?!

I shot this with my 70-200 f/4 lens (which I love, so if you are interested in a 70-200 f/2.8 VRII please let me know) and used a Singh-ray gradient ND filter to dim the sky a little bit. I processed the image with Adobe’s Lightroom 5.2.

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207 Responses to “Fall colours and fresh snow at Lake Sils”

  1. Absolutely fantastic, epic weather conditions!

  2. Wonderful Colors! Nicely seen

  3. Beautiful capture Johan. Love that detail of the green treetops. The image looks almost b/w in nature, but that colour totally transforms the mood.

  4. Tom Tran says:

    Fresh snow is yummy and so is this image, Johan! :)

  5. Very beautiful capture !

  6. Great composition !!!

  7. @Anna: thank you very much Anna :) Glad to see you around again ! Hope all is well !?
    @Delavigne: merci! :) 
    @Kamil: Many thanks Kamil ! :)
    @Gittan: thanks for the two fantastics :D 

  8. Great photo. My wife and I go snowshoeing, in that forest.

  9. @Leyla: thank you Leyla :)
    @Don: and that is a very nice forest! Some great photo opportunities there ! :) 

  10. Very nice, clean shot..a beauty Johan 

  11. Beautiful as ever! great composition and gorgeous light!:)

  12. @Annette: many thanks ! :D
    @Victor: thanks Victor ! :)
    Thank you as well Betty ! :)

  13. Winter photography is very demanding and I always appreciate people who venture into remote wilderness searching for the perfect winter landscape. And your photo is a wonderful reward for your efforts. Excellent multi-layers composition with beautiful warm light that brings out the beauty of this picturesque winter scene. Well done Johan!

  14. Gorgeous winter image, Johan…

  15. Debby Vos says:

    Tiptop :) makes me happy, wanna have snow again

  16. @Shawn: Wiinter in autumn actually! Thanks :)
    @Bertrand: and I am glad you do Bertrand! Thanks! :) 
    @Silke: Thank you Silke ! :)
    @Deborah: me too :) Dank je! 

  17. Renee Q says:

    Gorgeous image!!

  18. Ah, beauty !… Great work, dear Johan !

  19. What a wonderful light and great colors indeed!
    Wonderful, Johan!! :)

  20. @Елена: thank you very much :D
    @Andreas: thanks for the compliment Andreas! Hope all is well with you !? 

  21. Love the clean tree tops in this one. Very nice Johan :))
    @Debbb Vos: we have snow and cold, I would not mind to jump now 5 month ahead!! :))

  22. Marvelous winter landscape shot Johan. I ‘ve got the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII and I love it. Why did you changed it, only for the less weight?

    • Thanks! I still have both, but do not use the 2.8 a lot anymore. I hike a lot in the mountains to get my shots and the 4 makes more sense then. I have to say that I also like the results of the 4 a bit better for landscape, especially at the longer end. It has a bit more micro-contrast and seems to be able to deal with depth a bit better. 

      • Mmmm, you got a point there Johan, but I guess if you are using a 2x teleconverter a f /2.8 is better, isn’t it?

        • I am not sure. I have a 2x converter and used it with the 2.8 but didn’t like it. That is in line with reviews as well. 1.7 or 1.4 seem to give better results on it. Haven’t tried the 2x converter on the f/4, because it is f/4 already. The reason why I want to sell the 2.8 is that I am after a 300mm :)

  23. Great shot, wonderful picture dear Johan :)

  24. Johan – Very nice one. So we eventually start to see the outcome of your 4/4 trip! :-)

  25. Merci beaucoup Paul ! :) 
    @Janusz: thank you very much Janusz! :)

  26. Fantastic landscape!

  27. Wonderful landscape and great capture !

  28. Thank you Vadim ! :)
    @Eric: many thanks Eric. Hope all is well with you?! 

  29. I am glad your uploads work again. Would not want to miss such a shot :-) I tried my luck with snow and mountains as well this week, but I see there is still a long way to go … excellent

  30. @Matthias: it is all about timing with these winter landscapes Matthias! Harsh light os killing :) Thanks for the compliment!
    @David: my pleasure David and thanks for the compliment! :D

  31. Wonderful scenery, and very nice with the glimpses of sun

  32. @Bjarte: thank you Bjarte! :)
    @benoit: thanks!

  33. Super, friday we get some snow also Johan 

    • thanks! Yes that seems to be the case. We are already in the white stuff here for a while and getting some fresh snow at the end of the week as well.

      I am trying to hold back though. Gotta process images sometimes as well :)

  34. Great choice Johan for the capture of the scene.
    Simply magical :-))

  35. I love the gorgeous trees and snow!! Beautiful!

  36. This is really beautiful Johan 

  37. @Jorunn: many thanks Jorunn!
    @Margaret: thank you and thanks for sharing Margaret!!! 

  38. Gorgeous landscape and great capture Johan ! I truly appreciate the composition and colours :-)

  39. Darn, that’s a great shot! Love the white stuff :)

  40. fantastic capture my friend 

  41. @Jean-Michel: thanks for the great compliment Jean-Michel! :)
    @Dominique: me too, especially in combination with fall colours :) Thanks! Hope all is goed in België!?

  42. This is so magnificent that it made my heart stop for a second because of its overwhelming power and beauty. Words cannot fully convey how deeply this image has moved me.

  43. Stunning capture Johan !
    Nice line of green from the trees through this sumptuous snow mountains!

  44. Wow Johan! this is lovely! that bit of light on the trees with the stormy clouds behind them gives this a feeling of foreboding and crispness at the same time! 

  45. Thanks Sandra! Glad you like it :)
    @Tony: thanks Tony! Nice to meet you :) 

  46. An absolute stunning work Johan , the details are so good.

  47. Stunning work! so great details!

  48. Many thanks Markus and Anatoliy ! :)

  49. Minty fresh image here Johan :)

  50. I really like the layering here Johan, and the gentle light on the trees. Lovely shot.

  51. Wonderful, as usual, Johan! (But I’m not becoming bored by that … ;o7)

  52. Mady Sach says:

    Great wonderful shot

  53. Thanks Robin! Maybe i could bore people by posting more often ;) Hoep all is well with you!?
    @Mady: thank you! :) 

  54. Glad to see you solved you upload problem. I love all the textural detail in the trees. Really lush!

  55. What a beautiful image–would love to be there!

  56. Thank you Rikard and Kelly !! :)

  57. Wow! What a stunning scene! Those clouds almost look like an avalanche!

  58. Another spectacular image Johan! It looks like you’ve caught the Larch trees right at the start of the colour turn. I personally think this looks much better with fresh snow in it than it would otherwise, as long as you could still get to the right places with the snow depth.

  59. Oooh and there you are Johan :-). And a grand return it is too, glad to see your photos gracing my stream again and that you have spent your nature time in the best possible way :-).

    Beautiful vista and a capture that is for sure making both this location and the 70-200 4 proud (although i’d never give up my 2.8 :-P )

    Beautiful work

  60. What a bounty of visual beauty your photo is and I need to go pop some popcorn, so I can sit and enjoy staring at it for a loooooong time! ;-)

  61. Polly Wong says:

    Wonderful image capture,superb shot

  62. Wonderful light and colors! Excellent work as always! Really like it!

  63. Brrrrr This looks COLD but it is beautiful!

  64. A scene to transport any outdoor enthusiast and enough to convert the unconverted.

  65. I will visit Switzerland in the future… you made me decide so with your photo’s

  66. Outstanding! I agree with the points you made in your introduction. The colors of the trees in the foreground with their dusting of snow are a wonderful contrast with the water and mountains.The fluff of clouds in the back is a perfect final touch!

  67. Snowy mountains await guests of winter walks on the slope of the mountain pass.

  68. An interesting and lovely contrast with the green of the pine trees!

  69. Such beautifuil and dreamy scenery ! :) That I would love here in Berlin :D

  70. Your work is so amazing +++

  71. It looks much more wintery for this South African, wonderful image though :))

  72. @Shelly: thank you very much Shelly ! :)
    @Nina: that’s what I thought as well. Thanks Nina! :)
    @George: this was 2 weeks into my month in that area and it sure did limit what I could do there. The snow stayed for quite a while as well. I did still get enough photo opportunities but different ones then I was aiming for. Thanks for the compliment George! :)

  73. @Michael A Koontz: yep, there I am again. And hopfully to post a bit more frequent again :) Thanks for the kind words.

    the 2.8 need to make space for a 300 Michael ! :D 

  74. @Jerry: lol always love your comments Jerry! Thanks. hope all is well with you?!
    @Polly: thank you Polly!
    @jany: merci Jany ! :)

  75. @Anna: thanks for the compliment Anna! :)
    @Sheila: can’t get these without freezing a bit Sheila :) I am used to it. Thanks! Hoep all is well with you ?!
    @Alex: many thanks Alex!

  76. @Stephen: you just have to get out there :) Thanks Stephen! :)
    @Tony: many thanks Tony! :)
    @Nikola: ik denk dat je wel welkom bent Nikola! ;) Thanks!

  77. @Rosa: thank you Rosa! :)
    @Terrie: thanks Terrie!! Great feedback :)
    @Sumit: thanks!

  78. @Maciej: thanks Maciej! :)
    @Christa: Switzerland is beautiful :) Thanks Christa!
    @Naghmeh: thank you! :)) 

  79. @Britta: thanks again Britta ;)
    @Mutita: glad you think so ! :)
    @Dylan: thanks Dylan :) 

  80. Just wonderful with the peaks of the trees shining green.

  81. Fantastic winter scenery and light Johan!

  82. Wonderful Light and in my opinion a “non (very) sharp foto” can show other beautiful things 

  83. Wunderbares Winter Bild Johan

  84. Fantastic shot, Johan

  85. Woow this is fantastic!! beautiful place and awesome image you captured my friend Johan , have a great evening !

  86. Wonderful capture Johan :)

  87. Beautiful image Johan I like it.

  88. @Daniel: thank you Daniel! Nice to meet you :)
    @Michelle: thank you Michelle :)

  89. @Günter: thank you for the compliment! :) Thanks for the share !
    @Bert: thanks!
    @Anke: danke vielmals Anke :) Nice to meet you. Nice cats ;)

  90. Great light, and you kept the exposure of the snow in-check. Very good job!

  91. @E.E. Giorgi: thanks Elena :)
    @Enrique: many thanks Enrique! :)
    @Meg: thank you as well Meg ! :)
    @Michael: glad you like it Michael! :) 

  92. In een woord : SCHITTEREND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Magnificent capture, Johan ! very beautiful !! :-)

  94. Enzo Ros says:

    Manifique paysage Johan! J’adore l’Engadine!

  95. A stunning winter masterpiece Johan!

  96. All of the elements work wonderfully together here, Johan, a most beautiful scene! 

  97. ian Good says:

    You have plenty of beautiful scenery of your own Johan. :) Love how the sunlight picks out the colour in the trees in this one. 

  98. @David: many thanks David! :)
    @Fred: dank je wel ! :)
    @Delcour: good to hear! All’s fine here as well thanks :)

  99. @Sofie: glad you like it Sofie :) Tnx!
    @Enzo: Oui, l’Engadine est magnefique :) Merci!
    @Don: thank you very much Don! :)

  100. @George: thank you George :)
    @Michael: glad you like it Michael ! :)
    @Ian: I guess I can’t complain :) Thanks!

  101. A gorgeous scene Johan! :)

  102. Majestic mountainscape

  103. Nice photos of nature and landscapes you did thank you for it. Have
    Saturday wish.

  104. Very nice Johan, interseting to note that you had the same conditions as me in Derborence, looking for fall but finding winter!

  105. Such a beautiful shot Johan! Good call on the tighter composition. It turned out great!

  106. Spectacular work Johan! Wonderful layers of color and contrast. Pure mountain essence….awesome!

  107. @Mady: thank you Mady
    @Ggrzegorz: you are very welcome :)
    @Dominique: Thanks Dominique! Looks like it :) Really love these types of circumstances!

  108. @Оксана : thanks Oksana :)
    @Kurt: thanks for the compliment Kurt!
    @Mark: Glad you like my choices Mark :)

  109. Nora Carol says:

    Beautiful winter scene Johan!

  110. Gorgeous scenery with lovely light Johan! 

  111. Hey amigo Johan, you are just unique!.
    I visited your blog and really love it, plus all the work that you do to create these stunning images in the snow is totally gorgeous.
    Very honoured to be your friend… :-).
    Be safe and warm with your hot chocolate.

  112. So beautiful and amazing scenery! Thanks for the added info about this gorgeous place as well!

  113. @Nora: thank you Nora :)
    @Paul: thanks Paul. Busy skiing already?
    @Yasmin: likewise Yasmin :) Thanks for the visit and kind words! Hope it is not too cold over there yet :D
    @Marilou: glad you like it Marilou. It is a gorgeous place indeed :)

  114. waiting for more snow! :) Have a nice weekend Johan.

  115. Awesome Johan – best wishes

  116. Wow !!! So beautiful Johan ! Love the sunlight on the trees too !

  117. Wonderful! Great tones and details!

  118. @Paul: me too!!!
    @Johan: thanks Johan!! :)

  119. @Victoria: thank you :)
    @Jeffrey; many thanks Jeff :)
    @Gemma: Glad you like it ! :D

  120. A magnificent capture. So well seen by you this gorgeous scene….

  121. Magnificien sight Sir….

  122. Missed you, glad to be catching up at last :) Happy Holidays :)

  123. Wonderful shot Johan !

  124. Happy New Year Johan ! I wish you to take wonderful photos in 2014 :-)

  125. Happy New Year, dear Johan

  126. Fantastic Johan, superbly composed, love the green tops to the trees

  127. Erin A.D. says:

    Bob Ross would approve :)

  128. Un paisaje espectacular.

  129. Hmm… how could I miss this one when you first posted it?

    Quite the marvelous shot you got here!

  130. @Elsa: gracias! :)
    @Philipp: thanks Philipp! Part of my Engadin harvest. Still working on most of them :) 

  131. K. Garzer says:

    Very beautiful landscape.

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