Rocky alpine mountain lake

A rocky alpine mountain lake near Bourg-Saint-Pierre in Switzerland, just a short hike from the top of the Grand Saint Bernard pass. (Johan Peijnenburg)

Rocky alpine lake at Bourg-Saint-Pierre

[ 14mm – f/11 – 1/160 – ISO125 ]

This is an image of about two weeks ago. I was hiking in Bourg-Saint-Pierre near the top passage of the Grand Saint Bernard pass in Switzerland. I ran into this small lake at an altitude of about 2700 meters (8858 feet). It had very clear water and copper colored stones on the bottom. I shot it at various wide angles, but liked this 14mm version best. All feedback is appreciated as always!

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182 Responses to “Rocky alpine mountain lake”

  1. Amazing!!!! Perfect combination of the rocks and the sky!!!! I love how the rocks lead you into the image.

  2. Beautiful capture Johan!

  3. How pretty! I want to walk to the far side of the lake and see what’s on the other side.

  4. Thanks all! @Elizabeth Hahn: the walk would be a bit less far then expected. The 14mm makes the lake look a lot larger then in real life :-)

  5. I love the clear water and the perspective in this shot.

  6. The rocks under the water are a beautiful entryway into the scene.

  7. Thanks again Jill! Thanks Guisong!

  8. this is fabulous. peaceful too

  9. Sam Horne says:

    A nice subtle reflection. Brilliant job.

  10. Joe Azure says:

    Oh yeah :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. this is beautiful. love the colors in the rocks.

  12. Wooooow….magnificent!

  13. Lovely shot…the water is so clean…beautiful

  14. Thanks Toño! Milena: thanks. I was glad the little lake was there. It’s quite a challenge to make an interesting photograph at that altitude :-)

  15. wow!! this shot is beautiful!!

  16. I love the rocks pattern in the water, great shot! Did you use a polarized filter to remove reflections in the water (for the rocks close to the camera)?

  17. Dave, Pawel and Daniel: thanks :-) Appreciated!

  18. Tim Haynes says:

    Love the shallow water and submerged stone :)

  19. Andy Brown says:

    Wonderful use of fg here to balance the frame – so sharp and vibrant too!

  20. hermoso trabajo, me gusta su encuadre. Saludos desde Chile!!

  21. Johan, nice vanishing lines, color and reflections on this image.

  22. Just beautiful! This photo shows everything I love about being outdoors. :)

  23. @Fabio: thanks!
    @Margaret: thanks! Me too :-) Although it is not easy to shoot something interesting up this high!

  24. Prachtige plaats en prachtige foto!!

  25. Really nice mountain landscape scene you have captured here.

  26. Beautiful! Such clear water!

  27. Great shot, love the perspective 😉

  28. I do like this one. How the clear water becomes reflection…

  29. Really like the transparency on FG, well done Johan

  30. Thanks Sinead and Eric!
    John, Elke and Maru: thanks as well!

  31. This is crazy beautiful Johan. I am a little bit sad that you found it without me!

  32. similar landscapes I have seen in Norway. beautiful!

  33. @Nathan and @Patrice: thanks :-)

  34. Lovely foreground and depth in this photo.

  35. Laurent and Eustace: Thanks!

  36. Sweet light and interesting perspective, Johan !

  37. ahh, clean air, clear water…

  38. This is stunning. Definitely feel the fresh air and I love the vantage point. Beautiful.

  39. what a beautiful scene and a most wonderful clear water. The purity of the mountain. A great shot Johan!!

  40. Thanks for the compliment Julia. Purity of mountain life indeed :-)
    @Elizabeth: thanks as well!

  41. Love the foreground Johan

  42. Alan Kirby says:

    Really nice image Johan.

  43. @Richard: thank you :-)
    @MeyNoush: yes it is. What is it you are looking for?

  44. Sweet shot Johan. Nice comp, lovely water. Just goes to show that you don’t need clouds to make a lovely shot :)

  45. Love the depth in this photo!

  46. Hope OHara says:

    love this capture.. the depth is awesome..

  47. Lisa, Daniel and Hope: thanks for the compliments!

  48. Very beautiful image, Johan!

  49. Your photo is beautiful, definitely the right perspective. Thanks, Johan!

  50. Love this image, such clear water I have not seen for long tim

  51. John Dunne says:

    Wonderfully expansive image Johan!

  52. Another awesome shot Johan ! :)

  53. Great capture of a glass-clear lake Johan

  54. The photo looks great Johan. Love that low angle view with the details in the water!

  55. Great photo Johan . I really like stones under clear water in FG.

  56. Nice wide angle memory!

  57. So beautiful! Loving that clarity in the water!

  58. @Don, @Charlotte and @Patricia: Thanks for the compliment!

  59. Oh this is something special Johan. Love the drop!

  60. Wonderful photo as always from you, great work! Johan

  61. Wonderful transparency my dear friend!

  62. Oh my god … this lens is so great.

  63. Thanks Myrna and Robert !
    Francesco: thanks my friend! Hope all’s well on the other side of the Alps :-)
    Carsten: yes it certainly is ….

  64. Wonderful as usual~! Have a happy weekend.

  65. Stunning shot Johan – wonderful foreground detail…

  66. Thanks aprile. Have a nice weekend too!
    Simon: thanks!

  67. Freaking awesome!!!! I love these low to sky photos, and yours is “Right On”

  68. This is a gorgeous scene. That water is sparkly clear.

  69. Nora Carol says:

    i love the clarity and the details in here. Great shot as usual :)

  70. Thanks Kurt!
    Nora: thanks for the compliment :-)

  71. Love the foreground rocks here, really nice work!!

  72. Oh my!! And this?

    Have I missed this wonder?….

  73. Nice photo Johan Peijnenburg.

  74. Thanks Pawel and Hendrick !

  75. So sorry to hear about your lens :-( Hope its fixed. Beautiful photo indeed!! Love the color tones and the POV

  76. Great work Johan, and thanks for the circle! (-;

  77. Love the rocks in the foreground, Johan!

  78. A fantastic play between transparency and reflection, superb picture Johan !

  79. Great, I love Alpine mountain lakes in Switzerland. Do you know this page: ? I met Christian last October at “Göscheneralpsee”

  80. Замечательная работа!Wonderful work!

  81. Mit guten Stiefeln würde ich auch gerne dort rumwatschen ….

  82. his is on my Bucketlist for sure. Great clarity in the water. Beautiful color.

  83. Very beautiful capture, Johan. 

  84. Johan, looks like you found “gold mine”, literally, this place is special, take us back there again sometime:-)

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