A mysterious white alpine flower

White alpine spring flower

A mysterious white alpine flower
February 13, 2011 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
A white alpine flower, shot in Spring towards the end of may
70mm – f/6.3 – 1/125 – ISO200

When you hike trough the alpine meadows in spring, you run into many spring flowers. Sometimes I recognize them and in most other cases, I can figure out which flower it is with a little help of our friends at Google. No luck this time however. I have never seen this lovely alpine flower with the curly white petals before and haven’t been able to figure out what flower it is. Tips are welcome (flowering time is end of may)!

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  1. Dave Pattinson 9 years ago

    Beautiful flower and amazing shot!!!!

  2. Artie Debidien 9 years ago

    wow mooiiiiii

  3. Kat Landreth 9 years ago

    It’s lovely 🙂 It almost looks like a little daffodil.

  4. Kat Landreth 9 years ago

    I think it’s ‘Narcissus serotinus’

  5. Author

    Thanks all 🙂
    @Kat … think you are close, but this one grows in spring …

  6. Mirco 9 years ago

    Das dürfte die Narcissus poeticus sein, oder auch Montreux Narzisse. Ich kann Dir nur mal empfehlen im Frühling nach Les Avants zu gehen. EIn wirklich Wunderbares Blütenmeer erwartet dich da.

    Gruss Mirco

    • Author

      Vielen dank Mirco! Ich werde dass sicherlich mall machen im Frühling.

      Gruss, Johan

  7. brian 9 years ago

    so vibrant great use of bokeh to create that green canvas and the detail in the petal wow! beautiful!

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