Buying a license

Information about selecting and buying image use licenses

Selecting a license type

If you would like to purchase a license for use of an image, just click the Buy Print or License button which is located just above each image in our galleries. From there select the Downloads tab. The following license types are available:

Personal use licence

This type is appropriate in case you intend to use an image strictly personal, for instance using the image for creating a print to hang in your home, screensaver slideshows, wedding announcements, online personal profiles, etc. This license, however, prohibits you from using the image for anything but strictly personal or limited educational use (e.g. school projects or single-classroom education).


Terms & conditions

Commercial / editorial use licence

For commercial or editorial use, rights-managed licenses are offered. This means that an image is priced and purchased for a specific purpose for a set period of time. For example, licensing an image for editorial publication at 1/2 page size on an inside page of a U.S. national magazine with a circulation of 100,000 is considered a specific purpose. The license fee will be determined based on that usage.


Terms & Conditions

A license fee quote will be provided automatically based on your selections. Please, feel free to contact us in case you cannot find the license type that best suites your needs.

Proceeding to checkout

Once you have selected the appropriate license, you can add it to your cart and then choose to either continue shopping or to proceed to checkout. If you choose to continue shopping, you can proceed to checkout later by accessing the cart via the My Cart icon in the main menu for this site.

Click the Checkout button, once you are ready to proceed with your purchase. You can choose to either log in or to proceed as a guest. If not logged in, you will be asked to provide an email address to allow us to send you a download link later on.

Making a payment

Once you select Checkout, you will be taken to our PayPal website over a secure connection to complete the payment for the purchase. Payments are made in US dollar, either by credit card or by using a PayPal account.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, in case you prefer to pay via direct bank transfer in USD, EUR or CHF. We’d be happy to provide you with an invoice and payment instructions for such a transfer.

All set!

Once the payment has been remitted, you will see an on-screen invoice that summarizes your purchase and you will also receive an email confirmation that contains the details. You will receive a second email that includes the download link for your image. In case you purchased a personal license, you will receive an image with a resolution that is in line with the license purchased (small, medium, large or original size). In case you buy a commercial license, the original full resolution image will be provided.