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When you use WordPress’s publishing platform, and combine this with PhotoShelter’s image archiving and e-commerce capabilities, you may have noticed that there is no combined search option. As a result, you’ll always end up with two search input fields. Each with different styling and buttons. Back in January, when I was creating this website, I decided that it was worth the effort to write up some code to combine the two searches. I have already provided the code to many PhotoShelter colleagues. Until now, however, I didn’t find the time to write up documentation and make it available for download. Here it finally is!

What the NiO PhotoShelter Dual Search widget does?

The NiO PhotoShelter Dual Search Widget combines the standard Graph Paper Press WordPress blog search with the PhotoShelter image search. There no longer is a need to include two separate search input fields. Please expect no magic, however! By implementing this widget, you get rid of the two search options with unmatched styling. It still only returns the results from one of the two, however, depending on which of the two available options is selected.

The NiO Dual Search widget:

  • Creates two radio buttons, to determine if the search needs to be executed in the blog or the PhotoShelter image archive.
  • Includes a hyperlink that takes the user to the advanced search page of PhotoShelter.
  • Allows for styling the search form.
Screenshot of the NiO PhotoShelter Dual Search Widget, for searching in PhotoShelter and WordPress. Screenshot NiO Dual Search Widget - Copyright Johan Peijnenburg - NiO Photography

Screenshot of the NiO Dual Search Widget

The widget was written in simple, straightforward JavaScript. It was primarily designed for use with WordPress or Joomla. The widget will, however, run on any web page.


The NiO PhotoShelter Dual Search widget can be downloaded from our NiO PhotoShelter Widgets page. If you like this widget and decide to use it, please blog about it or provide a credit on your site with a link to my website (

13 thoughts on “NiO PhotoShelter Dual Search Widget

  1. Diego Cattaneo says:

    Hello Johan! Added this great search plugin to Anette’s website! Very helpful thanks a lot!
    How about turning this into a real wordpress plugin? Maybe I can help with that!

  2. Greg says:

    Love this widget!

    One question I have, since starting a photoshelter virtual agency, how would I update niodualsearchtextwidget.txt to search the virtual agency?


    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Hi Greg,

      I never tried that. Think it would be a matter of taking the code for the VA search and integrating it into the widget code. Shouldn’t be that difficult I think.


        • Johan Peijnenburg says:


          From the looks of it only needs a few extra search terms. If you do an “Inspect” on the search box you will see input type="text" id="searchTerms" name="I_DSC" size="15" class="f_right" … this needs to be included. I have too little time at the moment to do it for you. Can you try yourself?


          • Greg says:

            This might actually help better… they have the html code to create your own search box… but I don’t know how to use the info here in the NiO box..



          • Greg says:

            hmm. that didn’t seem to paste correctly… I took out all the

            form action=”” method=”post”
            input type=”text” size=”15″ name=”I_DSC”
            input type=”image” src=”” align=”absbottom” border=”0″ width=”75″ height=”25″ alt=”Search PhotoShelter”
            input type=”hidden” name=”_ACT” value=”search”
            input type=”hidden” name=”I_DSC_AND” value=”t”
            input type=”hidden” name=”V_ID” value=”V0000MWIf9uCOm5c”

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