A Norse View, the Norwegian Sea near Lofoten

A coastal landscape photograph in B&W, showing an expansive mountaintop view of the Norwegian Sea near Lofoten with a lighthouse and a few coastal islands.

Lofoten, Norway
February, 2016
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Camera & lens

ZEISS Otus 1.4/85 APO Planar

Camera settings

ƒ/11, 188s, ISO 64 and 85mm

Size original

7244 x 4834 pixels


The Norwegian Sea near Lofoten is beautiful. This photograph was taken from a mountaintop near Moskenes on a cold winter day. On the horizon, you see a few small coastal islands. One of them has a lighthouse on it. In the back, you see the silhouette of the coastal mountains that dominate the coastline of Lofoten. It was a very calm but cloudy day. A longer exposure time smoothened the seawater and sky a bit. The black & white presentation, in combination with the smoother sky and water, creates a more minimalist and soothing look and feel.

Lofoten is a beautiful archipelago on the west coast of Norway. The archipelago lies within the Arctic Circle and offers stunning coastal and mountain scenery. This is especially the case in winter, because of how the coastal mountains with snow stand out against the water of the Norwegian Sea near Lofoten. Besides that, Lofoten has many secluded bays, beaches, and untouched lands. So, if you get the chance to visit, go for it!

This photograph of the Norwegian Sea near Lofoten is part of our Minimalist photography theme. This theme contains more minimalist photographs taken in Lofoten. Please visit the Nordic Landscape Photography portfolio to see more photographs taken in the Nordics. Alternatively, check out our The Coast theme to see coastal landscape photos from all over the world.

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1 comment for A Norse View, the Norwegian Sea near Lofoten

  1. Anette Mossbacher

    Beautiful black and white photograph of the Norwegian coast. The minimalistic smooth look of the ocean and clouds suit perfectly to the photograph.

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