Rise & Shine, a Pacific Ocean sunrise at China Beach

A coastal landscape photograph in B&W, showing a peaceful sunrise at China Beach on Vancouver Island, Canada, with the reflections of trees in the water.

China Beach, British Columbia, Canada
September, 2017

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Camera and lens

Nikon PC-E Nikkor 24mm f/3.5D ED


ƒ/11, 255s, ISO 64 and 24mm

Size original

4893 x 7331 pixels


China Beach is a beautiful sandy beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia, Canada. This sunrise was captured at the southern end of China Beach. The scene caught the eye, because of the reflections of trees in the wet sand and the water. These reflections and the rocks lead the eye into the scene, and subsequently towards the coastal hill with trees and the light on the horizon. A longer exposure time smoothened the water a bit. As a result, the photograph is nicely dreamy and soothing. The title “Rise & Shine” seemed fitting for this coastal landscape photograph.

China Beach lies on the North Pacific Ocean and is part of the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. To get to the beach, you need to hike for 20 minutes. The hike is very scenic and takes you through a coastal forest of Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, western red cedar and alder trees. So, very much worth it.

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