Rocky alpine mountain lake

Mountain landscape featuring a rocky alpine lake at Bourg-Saint-Pierre

Rocky alpine mountain lake
July 8, 2011 Johan Peijnenburg
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A rocky alpine mountain lake near Bourg-Saint-Pierre in Switzerland, just a short hike from the top of the Grand Saint Bernard pass. (Johan Peijnenburg)
14mm – f/11 – 1/160 – ISO125

This is an image of about two weeks ago. I was hiking in Bourg-Saint-Pierre near the top passage of the Grand Saint Bernard pass in Switzerland. I ran into this small mountain lake at an altitude of about 2700 meters (8858 feet). It had very clear water and copper colored stones on the bottom. I shot it at various wide angles, but liked this 14mm version best. All feedback is appreciated as always!

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  1. Dave Pattinson 6 years ago

    Amazing!!!! Perfect combination of the rocks and the sky!!!! I love how the rocks lead you into the image.

  2. Very nice work Johan

  3. Wanneer gaan we terug? 🙂

  4. Miles Morgan 6 years ago

    Beautiful capture Johan!

  5. Amazing, period.

  6. Awesome!

  7. How pretty! I want to walk to the far side of the lake and see what’s on the other side.

  8. Author

    Thanks all! @Elizabeth Hahn: the walk would be a bit less far then expected. The 14mm makes the lake look a lot larger then in real life 🙂

  9. mhmm! very nice as well

  10. I love the clear water and the perspective in this shot.

  11. Author

    Thanks Kevin and Tal!

  12. The rocks under the water are a beautiful entryway into the scene.

  13. Simply one of your best!

  14. Author

    Thanks again Jill! Thanks Guisong!

  15. this is fabulous. peaceful too

  16. Thamer Al-Hassan 6 years ago

    great depth of field

  17. Sam Horne 6 years ago

    A nice subtle reflection. Brilliant job.

  18. Author

    Thanks Thamer and Sam!

  19. Joe Azure 6 years ago

    Oh yeah 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  20. Shane Holsclaw 6 years ago

    this is beautiful. love the colors in the rocks.

  21. Great shot!

  22. Toño Rabelo 6 years ago


  23. Milena Ilieva 6 years ago

    Lovely shot…the water is so clean…beautiful

  24. Author

    Thanks Toño! Milena: thanks. I was glad the little lake was there. It’s quite a challenge to make an interesting photograph at that altitude 🙂

  25. advit suvarna 6 years ago

    wow!! this shot is beautiful!!

  26. Dave Kekish 6 years ago

    Love this shot

  27. fantastic image

  28. great shot.

  29. I love the rocks pattern in the water, great shot! Did you use a polarized filter to remove reflections in the water (for the rocks close to the camera)?

    • Author

      Thanks Sébastien. No polarizing filter used here …. to be honest I hate those. I think the time of day helped me a bit here.

  30. Author

    Dave, Pawel and Daniel: thanks 🙂 Appreciated!

  31. Tim Haynes 6 years ago

    Love the shallow water and submerged stone 🙂

  32. Andy Brown 6 years ago

    Wonderful use of fg here to balance the frame – so sharp and vibrant too!

  33. Felipe Moya 6 years ago

    hermoso trabajo, me gusta su encuadre. Saludos desde Chile!!

  34. Robin Clarke 6 years ago


  35. Monique Rijnders 6 years ago

    Looks beautiful.

  36. SUPERB!!!!

  37. Craig Stilson 6 years ago

    Very nice!

  38. Don Spenner 6 years ago

    Johan, nice vanishing lines, color and reflections on this image.

  39. Fabio Vancheri 6 years ago

    Very very beautiful

  40. Margaret S. 6 years ago

    Just beautiful! This photo shows everything I love about being outdoors. 🙂

  41. Author

    @Fabio: thanks!
    @Margaret: thanks! Me too 🙂 Although it is not easy to shoot something interesting up this high!

  42. Prachtige plaats en prachtige foto!!

  43. Daniel Ewert 6 years ago

    Really nice mountain landscape scene you have captured here.

  44. Beautiful! Such clear water!

  45. John G Moore 6 years ago

    Great shot, love the perspective 😉

  46. maru clavier 6 years ago

    I do like this one. How the clear water becomes reflection…

  47. Eric Rousset 6 years ago

    Really like the transparency on FG, well done Johan

  48. Author

    Thanks Sinead and Eric!
    John, Elke and Maru: thanks as well!

  49. Elke Hochban 6 years ago

    Stunning shot!

  50. Athena Carey 6 years ago

    This is crazy beautiful Johan. I am a little bit sad that you found it without me!

    • Author

      this one wasn’t that big and there are zillions of them. In this case the lens made it look a bit more special 🙂

  51. Lupe Levano 6 years ago


  52. Nathan Wirth 6 years ago

    beautiful …

  53. Andrey Tarskov 6 years ago

    similar landscapes I have seen in Norway. beautiful!

    • Author

      thanks for the compliment. I can imagine Norway having loads of amazing scenery. The stupid thing is that I never visited even not when I was living relatively near in The Netherlands!

  54. Patrice Herbst 6 years ago

    Absolutely breathtaking!

  55. Author

    @Nathan and @Patrice: thanks 🙂

  56. Sumit Sen 6 years ago

    Great shot Johan

  57. Eustace James 6 years ago

    Lovely foreground and depth in this photo.

  58. Laurent Coppée 6 years ago

    Fantastic scenery Johan!

  59. Author

    Laurent and Eustace: Thanks!

  60. Francis Gagnon 6 years ago

    Sweet light and interesting perspective, Johan !

  61. Johan Swanepoel 6 years ago

    Great image Johan 🙂

  62. Peter de Rooij 6 years ago

    ahh, clean air, clear water…

  63. Kerry Murphy 6 years ago

    This is stunning. Definitely feel the fresh air and I love the vantage point. Beautiful.

  64. Absolutely lovely 🙂

  65. Author

    @Peter and @Kerry: thanks 🙂

  66. what a beautiful scene and a most wonderful clear water. The purity of the mountain. A great shot Johan!!

  67. Author

    Thanks for the compliment Julia. Purity of mountain life indeed 🙂
    @Elizabeth: thanks as well!

  68. Richard Murphy 6 years ago

    Love the foreground Johan

  69. Is it for sale Johan?

  70. Alan Kirby 6 years ago

    Really nice image Johan.

  71. Author

    @Richard: thank you 🙂
    @MeyNoush: yes it is. What is it you are looking for?

  72. Beverley Aston 6 years ago

    love the shot!

  73. Gerard Charnley 6 years ago

    Sweet shot Johan. Nice comp, lovely water. Just goes to show that you don’t need clouds to make a lovely shot 🙂

    • Author

      Agree Gerard. I was having a tough time up there though. It’s hard to compose something decent with a clear blue sky above a high altitude rock landscape with moss 🙂

  74. Lisa RedWillow 6 years ago

    So Beautiful

  75. Rolf Hicker 6 years ago

    Love the depth in this photo!

  76. Hope OHara 6 years ago

    love this capture.. the depth is awesome..

  77. Author

    Lisa, Daniel and Hope: thanks for the compliments!

  78. Beautiful image Johan!

  79. Maggy Meyer 6 years ago

    Very beautiful image, Johan!

  80. Your photo is beautiful, definitely the right perspective. Thanks, Johan!

  81. Author

    thanks Maciej and Maggy 🙂

  82. Joanna Pechmann 6 years ago

    Love this image, such clear water I have not seen for long tim

  83. Charles Lupica 6 years ago

    Beautiful image Johan

  84. John Dunne 6 years ago

    Wonderfully expansive image Johan!

  85. Neil Camara 6 years ago

    Another awesome shot Johan ! 🙂

  86. Meg Rousher 6 years ago

    Wonderful shot!

  87. Christof Simon 6 years ago

    Great capture of a glass-clear lake Johan

  88. Joel Tjintjelaar 6 years ago

    The photo looks great Johan. Love that low angle view with the details in the water!

  89. Robert Esseboom 6 years ago

    wow cool shot

  90. Davorin Mance 6 years ago

    Great photo Johan . I really like stones under clear water in FG.

  91. Don Spenner 6 years ago

    Nice wide angle memory!

  92. So beautiful! Loving that clarity in the water!

  93. Author

    @Don, @Charlotte and @Patricia: Thanks for the compliment!

  94. Myrna Weinreich 6 years ago

    Oh this is something special Johan. Love the drop!

  95. Robert Skreiner 6 years ago

    Wonderful photo as always from you, great work! Johan

  96. Francesco Gola 6 years ago

    Wonderful transparency my dear friend!

  97. Carsten Kopp 6 years ago

    Oh my god … this lens is so great.

  98. Author

    Thanks Myrna and Robert !
    Francesco: thanks my friend! Hope all’s well on the other side of the Alps 🙂
    Carsten: yes it certainly is ….

  99. Aprile Rosamunde 6 years ago

    Wonderful as usual~! Have a happy weekend.

  100. Simon Morris 6 years ago

    Stunning shot Johan – wonderful foreground detail…

  101. Author

    Thanks aprile. Have a nice weekend too!
    Simon: thanks!

  102. Stuart Williams 6 years ago

    Freaking awesome!!!! I love these low to sky photos, and yours is “Right On”

  103. Kurt Harvey 6 years ago

    This is a gorgeous scene. That water is sparkly clear.

  104. Nora Carol 6 years ago

    i love the clarity and the details in here. Great shot as usual 🙂

  105. Author

    Thanks Kurt!
    Nora: thanks for the compliment 🙂

  106. dene' miles 6 years ago

    Love the foreground rocks here, really nice work!!

  107. Gemma Costa 6 years ago

    Oh my!! And this?

    Have I missed this wonder?….

  108. Patrice PVK 6 years ago

    Nice photo Johan Peijnenburg.

  109. nice one

  110. feel like freedom

  111. Author

    Thanks Pawel and Hendrick !

  112. Eduardo Almeida 6 years ago

    Great image, Johan!

  113. Dan Ballard 6 years ago

    Very nice!!!

  114. Rute Martins 6 years ago

    So sorry to hear about your lens 🙁 Hope its fixed. Beautiful photo indeed!! Love the color tones and the POV

  115. Great work Johan, and thanks for the circle! (-;

  116. Sarah Hampton 6 years ago

    Love the rocks in the foreground, Johan!

  117. Cédric Leblond 6 years ago

    A fantastic play between transparency and reflection, superb picture Johan !

    • Author

      Thanks again Cédric. I will be posting a B&W version of this one soon with a slighty different composition. It is a difficult scene to get right in B&W though …

  118. Torsten Krietsch 6 years ago

    Great, I love Alpine mountain lakes in Switzerland. Do you know this page: ? I met Christian last October at “Göscheneralpsee”

    • Author

      Torsten: thanks you very much for that link. That can come in very handy! I see that you are very close to Switzerland and love pano’s and the Alps. If you want I can include you in the group of “Swiss” photographers. We organize photo walks regularly!

      • Torsten Krietsch 6 years ago

        Oh that would be great. I like to go to the Alps to take pano’s. Thanks for that offer … and for taking me in the circle. see you

      • Author

        you are very welcome. Nice to meet you!

  119. Замечательная работа!Wonderful work!

  120. Eva Bertozzi 6 years ago

    Mit guten Stiefeln würde ich auch gerne dort rumwatschen ….

  121. Dave Morrow 5 years ago

    his is on my Bucketlist for sure. Great clarity in the water. Beautiful color.

    • Author

      What is Dave? The location or shooting a lake in this manner? 🙂 Thanks! 

      • Dave Morrow 5 years ago

        the location:) 

        • Author

          I can imagine 🙂 It is a very rugid place with some very nice photo locations. Plenty of lakes and the Mont Blanc massif as a back drop :D

  122. Don Spenner 5 years ago

    Very beautiful capture, Johan. 

    • Author

      Thanks Don.

      • Don Spenner 5 years ago

        this looks cold, are there any fish in there?

        • Author

          Yes, trouts. This is at an altitude of about 3000 metres! 

          • Don Spenner 5 years ago

            We’ll have to “wet a line”, (fish) next time I get over that way. Great day for you my friend.

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 5 years ago

            Ow I know some great locations for that up in the mountains Don. I don’t go often, but it is always fun. And the trouts taste great when they’ve been bbq’ed :D

  123. Claudia Veron 5 years ago

    Johan, looks like you found “gold mine”, literally, this place is special, take us back there again sometime:-)

    • Author

      Thanks Claudia 😀 I did in my last post. That image is from the same area and also has the gold colored rocks on the bottom of a lake 🙂

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