Rocky alpine peaks at the Swiss Diablerets massif

Photographs of a visit to the Diablerets massif in Switzerland

Rocky alpine peaks at the Swiss Diablerets massif
March 4, 2011 Johan Peijnenburg
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On an afternoon of last week, I visited the Diablerets mountain region in the Bernese Alps (located between the cantons of Valais and Vaud, in the western French-speaking part of Switzerland). The afternoon started out with a a bit too much fog. Fortunately however it cleared up towards the end of the afternoon, right at the time the light was best.

Please find a selection of images below (click on them to view a larger version):

Outset of the Scex Rouge on a foggy winter day. This mountain, with an elevation of 2,971 m (9,747 ft), is part of the Diablerets massif in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland. (Johan Peijnenburg)

Above, the outset of the Scex Rouge with fog in the background [ 195mm – f/10 – 1/400 – ISO200 ]. The Scex Rouge is one of the more dominant mountains of the range and has an elevation of 2,971 meters (9,747 ft). The summit can be reached by cable car (… definitely on my to-do list).

Below a photograph of the Spitzhorn [ ]. The fog doen’t seem to want to let go of it. The Spitzhorn is 2,807 meters (9,209 ft) high.

The Spitzhorn (2807 m), near Gsteig in the Swiss Bernese Alps, surrounded by fog on a winter day (Johan Peijnenburg)

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  1. GB 9 years ago

    I stayed in the Diablerets last summer for two weeks. Truly a outdoor lover’s playground. It’s nice to see the region in the winter! Thank you for the post and the nifty plugins!

    • Author

      Hi GB,
      Yes it is. I’ll definitely go there more often in the coming months. Enjoy the plugins! Drop me a comment when it’s up. Always interesting to see how it is used.

  2. Dave Pattinson 9 years ago

    Beautiful images!!! You live in a wonderful area!!!

    • Author

      Tnx for the feedback Dave! Looking forward to comparable views in the area you live in!

  3. Richard 9 years ago

    Very nice Johan. I’m missing the mountains a bit at the moment. Great to see them in your shots.

  4. Very nice…

  5. Heidi Henderson 9 years ago

    Gorgeous shot. Must have been a fabulous hike, too.

  6. Author

    Thanks Kenneth and Heidi! It was indeed a fabulous hike. The Diablerets massif is not the most well-known, but is gorgeous both in winter and summer with loads of photo opportunities 🙂

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