Stepping stones

B&W landscape with two rocks in Lake geneva with the Alps in the background

Stepping stones
June 11, 2012 Johan Peijnenburg
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Two rocks in Lake geneva leading to the French Alps in the background (Johan Peijnenburg)
62mm – f/11 – 66 seconds – ISO100 – D3x with 24-70mm f/2.8

When I first saw this scene, the two rocks in the water reminded me of stepping stones on the way to the beautiful mountains on the other side. Like phases in life that need to be lived to eventually get you where you want to be. I spent the first 40 years of my life working towards fulfilling my dream of living in the Alps during the other 80 years of my life and to work there as a photographer (yes, I am planning to be at least 120 years old one day). It was a challenging journey, however I did enjoy it and got there in the end! The scene also reminded me of something a ski teacher told me a long time ago, when he send me down a very steep triple diamond black trail somewhere in Canada with waaaaaay to many trees: “Forget about the trees. Just focus on the space in between them”! It worked (more or less)! So, try to forget about the stuff that might get you wet once in a while and you might be going places 🙂

This black & white photograph features a couple of rocks in Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). In the background you can see the silhouette of the French Alps. I captured this image near Morges in Switzerland. I used a Lee 10-stop ND filter and a Lee 2-stop ND filter (to achieve an exposure of 60 seconds) in combination with a Singh-ray 2 stop graduated ND filter (to keep the sky in check). I processed the image with Adobe’s Lightroom 4.1 and Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2.

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  1. Joel Tjintjelaar 8 years ago

    That looks fantastic Johan! I think it’s one of your best LE B&W photos. The tonal gradations in the water and the silvery look of it are just fantastic. Great work!

  2. Yann Lefeuvre 8 years ago

    Awesome shot!

  3. Mike Spinak 8 years ago

    I love this Johan

  4. Author

    @Joel: I am blushing now Joel 🙂 Thanks!!! And I wasn’t sure yet if I was done with it …. guess you know the feeling 😉
    @Yann: Many thanks Yann!
    @Mike: Glad you like it !!

  5. Jerry Johnson 8 years ago

    An absolutely glorious photo Johan and I really appreciate the words in your post as well! I wouldn’t bet against you hitting 120 either! 🙂

    Your photos are always a visual treat for me. (I did like this one on the black background I confess. 🙂 It helped to pull out and emphasize the tips of the alps for me.)

    • Author

      yes, this one definitely works well on black. As usual I do prefer it on white though 😉 Thanks for the compliment!

  6. Peter Carrol 8 years ago

    The mountain tops above the cloud line make this extra special.

    • Author

      Thanks Peter! And they were covered in the clouds 5 minutes later. Lucky me :)

  7. Aidan Kalloo 8 years ago

    wonderful photo!

  8. Pam Wolfe 8 years ago


  9. Davorin Mance 8 years ago


  10. Javier Esvall 8 years ago

    Fantastic shot!

  11. Steve Hambley 8 years ago

    This is really fabulous!

  12. Author

    @Aidan: Thanks Aidan and nice to meet you!
    @Pam: thanks for the compliment and the visit!
    @Davorin: many thanks as as well Davorin. Hope you are doing well !!

  13. Mark Esguerra 8 years ago

    Wow! Absolutely stunning! Great work Johan Peijnenburg!

  14. Author

    @Javier: muchas gracias 😀
    Thanks Steve Hambley!

  15. Grant Murray 8 years ago

    Johan – This is a tranquil stunner, my friend!! The tones and comp are top notch!!

  16. Author

    @Mark 😉 Thanks a bunch. Glad you like it!
    @Grant: nice to see you around Grant. Thanks for the compliment.

  17. WoW Amazing work!

  18. Pranab Banerjee 8 years ago

    This is simply fantastic,+Johan ! Love the linear visual separation between the water and the ground/mountain. And I am also digging the wonderfully diffused shadow of the foreground rock !!! Just amazing overall.

  19. Daniel Ewert 8 years ago

    Very lovely simplicity here…and those clouds are a great element as well. I like it! 

  20. Author

    @Pranab: thanks and nice to meet you 🙂
    @Daniel: thanks Daniel. Always love it when part of the clouds are moving and others just sit there quietly :)

    • Pranab Banerjee 8 years ago

      Great pleasure “meeting” you as well Johan . Hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet face to face someday in the future somewhere on this planet 🙂 In the mean time, I will look forward to seeing more of your fantastic photography as you capture them!

      • Author

        who knows. I will for sure try to keep posting stuff like this 🙂

  21. Paul Turkowski 8 years ago

    Fantastic composition Johan. Love this “3 steps” and this cloud line. Great work Johan.

    • Author

      thanks for the feedback and compliment Paul! Hope all is well in Austria!

  22. shane holsclaw 8 years ago

    stepping stones…PERFECT! that’s what I immediately thought of when I first saw this image. like I could run and jump to each one. love how the mountain is peeking through the layer of clouds. beautiful work my friend.

  23. Love the vertical combination of the elements… It’s absolutely soft! Lovely work Johan !

  24. Author

    @shane: thanks Shane! Glad you like the titel as well 🙂
    @Emanuele: thank you for the compliment and for stopping by Emanuele 🙂 

  25. Carsten Kopp 8 years ago

    Very beautiful photo. The combination of the minimalistic foreground and the clouds and mountains in the background is fantastic.

  26. Don Spenner 8 years ago

    Very rich photograph, Johan ,a masterpiece.

  27. man you are old :)) but I like very much your image. It tells me somehow that I need to invest a few more bucks in one more filter unless I start stacking them all on top and more and more and more, geeees when is this LE thingy due ?? :))
    Wonderful image, love it Johan :))

  28. Author

    @Carsten: danke vielmals Carsten!
    @Don:Thanks for the very kind words Don! 
    @Anette: Nah not that old. I just have my moments 😉 LE thingy will be in few months, so you have to be patient 🙂 Thanks Anette! 

  29. Jim Davis 8 years ago

    Great shot Johan. Love the simplicity of this

  30. This is gorgeous Johan . The centered composition is wonderful and what a beautiful soft water and sky! Love it! :)

    • Author

      Thanks a lot Julia! Hey thought you were on a break :)

      • Oh yes, I was Johan, but it didn’t last long! I’m back now to admire your great shot here! :)

        • Author

          well I hope the short break helped 🙂 And thanks for stopping by ! 

  31. Milena Llieva 8 years ago

    Brilliant shot!

  32. Sudip Ghate 8 years ago

    Stunning shot Johan! Very surreal, the clouds almost seem like waves about to break over the icy calm lake onto the rocks. Lovely long exposure!

  33. Martin Weibel 8 years ago

    great work Johan. i look forward to a LE workshop ;-)

  34. Meg Rousher 8 years ago

    Great post & what a beautiful shot Johan. Hope you make it to 102 lol

  35. Jen Morrison 8 years ago


  36. Trey Ratcliff 8 years ago


  37. George Fletcher 8 years ago


  38. Love the soft look of the water here. Wonderful.

  39. This is majestic, Johan, and a wonderful post to go with it. Yes, you can live to be 120 years old––the key to living that long is probably that you plan for it; most people forget to do that! ;oD

  40. Ben Coope 8 years ago

    Great image Johan,

  41. Michael Russell 8 years ago

    Great photo Johan! The rocks do a great job of leading you into the scene I really like it!

  42. Sandra Canning 8 years ago

    This is nothing short of magical!! That LE water has the silkiest feel I have seen in a while!!

  43. Sumit Sen 8 years ago

    Beautifully done! Love the Alps peeping over the clouds.

  44. Nikola Nikolski 8 years ago

    Wonderful work Johan Peijnenburg 

  45. Andy Korolis 8 years ago

    Outstanding LE work Johan 

  46. Athena Carey 8 years ago

    I LOVE this. Personally I think it’s your best BW yet. 😉 3xA

  47. Richard Murphy 8 years ago

    Excellent image Johan 

  48. Ada M 8 years ago

    This is a superb, what am I saying, a perfect image! and I love the words your ski teacher told you….very inspirational and very true!

  49. Francesco Gola 8 years ago

    Perfect composition my friend!

  50. Christof Simon 8 years ago

    Wow Johan! As a few said before, the best B+W I have seen from you. Outstanding

  51. jany viala 8 years ago

    Sublime .

  52. David Herreman 8 years ago

    Fantastic composition Johan Peijnenburg !

  53. Author

    @Sudip: nice description! Thanks for the kind words 🙂
    @Martin: thank you Martin! Me too 😉
    @Meg: thanks for the compliment! And yes I will be 120 year old one day (at least).

  54. Author

    @Jen: thank you and very nice to meet you!
    @Trey: thanks Trey. You look pretty smart yourself 😉
    @George: glad you like it George. Thanks! 

  55. Author

    @Sonja: thank you very much Sonja. Thanks for stopping by!
    @Robin: thanks Robin and yes very true! Are you planning to be at least a 130 then. Would be nice to have a few people to chat with then 😉
    @Ben: thanks a bunch Ben! 

  56. Author

    @Michael: glad you like it! Thanks for checking it out!
    @Sandra: that’s a great compliment Sandra! Thanks!
    @Sumit: thanks you Sumit! Hope all is well over there!
    @Nikola: dank je wel Nikola! 

  57. Author

    @Andy: thank you very much Andy!
    @Athena: really glad you like it that much! I shot this when you were shooting that lovely pier remember?
    @Richard: hey Richard! Thanks for the compliment!
    @Ada: very kind of you Ada and you gotta love those ski teachers. I guess you can visualize the scene that was in front of me back then 🙂 

    • Athena Carey 8 years ago

      I don’t actually remember Johan, was it when I was shooting the pier with a hut on the end of it?

      • Author

        this one was shot in Morges. There was this long pier and that funky construction next to it we didn’t know how to shoot properly. At the end of the day we ended up at the part of the beach were the bird watchers were.

  58. Author

    @Francesco: thank you very much! Would love to know where you find your rocky coastlines in Italy. Very tempted to come that way soon!
    @Christof: I sidetrack once in a while and sometimes a sidetrack becomes a main track. I like doing this type of photography a lot nowadays 🙂 Thanks for the compliment!

  59. Author

    @Jany: merci beaucoup Jany and very nice to meet you 🙂
    @David: thank you David. Hope all is well in Belgium!
    @Markus: good morning to you as well Markus. Thanks for the kind words! 

  60. E.E. Giorgi 8 years ago

    wow, fantastic!!!

  61. Fantastic Background ….teach LE Clouds in future…..looks very natural…. ,congrats for you, Johan !

  62. Scott Horwath 8 years ago

    Beautiful image, islands in both the water and the sky!

  63. Author

    @E.E. Giorgi: thank you very much Elena!
    @Peter Paul: thank you Peter Paul.

  64. Bonjour !

  65. pictures like that really are a dream to me. One day I want to be able to do that, too 🙂 excellent Johan Peijnenburg

  66. Vitor Ferreira 8 years ago

    This is awesome, love the composition!

  67. Author

    Yep and thanks Scott 🙂
    @Constanța: bonjour 🙂
    @Matthias: thanks. Very kind Matthias! Just go out there to the right location with the right filters and you will get there :)

  68. Baldur McQueen 8 years ago

    Completely perfect! The composition, the moment, the mountains, the b&w processing and that incredible softness. Excellent work, Johan!

  69. Deep thoughts, the dlouds look like a wave coming from the mountains, kind of surreal, great image!

  70. Author

    @Vitor: thank you Vitor!
    @Baldur: thanks for the feedback Baldur! Much appreciated!
    @Alexandre : thank you as well!

  71. Fabrizio Vignali 8 years ago

    Well done Johan

  72. Sara Binder 8 years ago

    Waow !! splendid :)

  73. Author

    @Fabrizio: Thanks a bunch Fabrizio ! 🙂
    @Sara: glad you like it Sara. Say hi to Klaus :)

  74. Sandy Schepis 8 years ago

    Cracking photo, Johan! Very nice! 

  75. Russ Barnes 8 years ago


  76. Cracking indeed @Sandy :)) 

  77. Stefanie Loges 8 years ago

    Wonderful Johan, like the gradient tones from the water and how the mountain peaks kinda dublicate in the foreground. Great work!

  78. Lisa RedWillow 8 years ago


  79. Author

    Thanks Sandy and thanks again Anette 🙂
    @Russ: thanks for the nice Russ 🙂
    @Stefanie: thanks for the compliment Stefanie!
    @Lisa: hey Lisa! Thank you 🙂 

    • My pleasure Johan :)) I might come back again later on for another comment :)) 

  80. Sangeeth VS 8 years ago

    Lovely work Johan!

  81. Like a Matte Painting for a movie (I love Matte Paintings), very nice work Johan
    (Having said that, I wouldn’t wonder to see it one day as a cover image of a “record/CD”.)

  82. Dominique Dubied 8 years ago

    Great shot+Johan ! Where is it exactly? I went to Morges some weeks ago, but did not find a very interesting spot.

    • Author

      it is here: 46°30’40” N 6°31’47” E

      • Dominique Dubied 8 years ago

        Damn, now I have to buy a GPS 😉
        Thanks Johan!

        • Author

          They didn’t have it for Canon so far Dominique, but it sure is a nice gimmick. In LR4 all the location info is derived from it as well, so saves a lot of time doing meta data. I also use it a lot to figure out which mountains I shot when I arrive home 🙂

  83. Mikko Tyllinen 8 years ago

    Realy amazing shot! so calm, lyrical! can feel that life mystery here, very beautiful Johan!

  84. Author

    Thank you Sangeeth!
    @Sassi: who knows. That would be cool. Thanks for the kind words Sassi! 
    @Mikko: thanks Mikko. Always appreciate your words :)

  85. Suzie Javed 8 years ago

    Fantastic image and composition,
    Wishing you all the best for fulfilling your dream of being 120, I know it is possible because we have a lady in our residential home who is going to be 110 in September, I have not seen a more positive thinker than her, still reads, knits and lots more, she dances on her every birthday although she is nearly bionic(joint replacements)!

  86. David Shield 8 years ago

    Brilliant exposure and processing. The scene looks so silky in B&W.

  87. Author

    Thanks for the compliment David 🙂
    @Suzie: thanks and you’re welcome. I might need 3 tripods then to shoot images but will manage 😀 Think it good to be a bit optimistic :)

  88. Jim Lundgren 8 years ago

    Pure zen. Love it !

  89. Maggy Meyer 8 years ago

    Outstanding shot, Johan!!

  90. beautiful image Johan. I do enjoy your LE work a lot as well as your majestic mountain scenes.

  91. Scott Miller 8 years ago

    Great B&W here!

  92. Author

    Thanks Jim !
    @Maggy: glad you like it Maggy!!
    @Charles: thanks Charles. Glad you do! I will keep doing both then 😉
    @Scott: Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by !

  93. Ian Gazzard 8 years ago

    Such a beautiful mono Johan. Been working on some mono shots.. I would be over the moon with a shot like this man. First class !

  94. Kurt Harvey 8 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous work Johan and I had a good chuckle about focusing on the space between the trees. Very good advice. :))) 

  95. Allan Colton 8 years ago

    Wonderful exposure!! Great work on it. Thank you for posting Allan

  96. This is fantastic Johan and enjoyed your thoughts behind the image and that great line: “forget about trees, just focus on the space between them”. The tones, gradients are superb and of course the great comp. Look forward to another 80 years of images – better buy another hard drive!

  97. Sharon Thomas 8 years ago

    Love the composition of the minimalist LE!

  98. Wonderful exposure. I like those many details in every part of the composition, which makes it a perfect candidate for a big print. There is much more to come within the next 80 years I hope;-)! Thank you!

  99. Eric Rousset 8 years ago

    Such a great LE Johan , luv this silky water

  100. Margaret S. 8 years ago

    Just perfect!! Fantastic work! Johan 

  101. Yannick Lefevre 8 years ago

    perfect perspective !!!!

  102. Fabio Bucchieri 8 years ago

    gorgeous mono and exposure!

  103. Stan Showalter 8 years ago

    Great one Johan. I love the layers the eye is drawn through.

  104. Author

    @Ian: thanks for stopping by again Ian! Many thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to see yours!
    @Kurt: thanks a lot Kurt! Yes, those are he kind of sayings that stick to memory 😀
    @Allan: thank you Allan!

  105. Author

    @Andrew: thanks Andrew! And we both made it to Olivier’s summary 😉 I am looking forward to at least 80 of photography. Let’s hope disks keep growing !
    @Sharon: thanks very much Sharon. Really appreciate your comments! 

  106. Author

    @Wilfried: thanks a bunch Wilfried! One day when you are a bit less hyper-active you might enjoy shooting LE’s with me 😀 We both have at least 80 years to go you know!
    @Eric: merci beaucoup Eric!
    @Margaret: hey Margaret. Nice to “see” you again and glad you like it 🙂 Just noticed that you seemed to have dropped from my circles. Dunno why. Sorry for that. Just added you again ! 

  107. Ratul Maiti 8 years ago

    This is just wonderful. Well deserved for top 10 of the day. Great work.

  108. Author

    @Yannick: merci beaucoup Yannick 🙂
    @Fabio: glad you like it Fabio. Hope all is well!
    @Stan: hey Stan. Thanks for the compliment!

  109. Author

    @Ratul: Thanks for the compliment and share Ratul! Yes, I just notice that I have been included 🙂 Thanks!
    @Wilfried: if you want we could do a LE shoot at the Vierwaldstättersee one day 🙂 

  110. Ondřej Tichý 8 years ago

    This is really stunning shot, my congrats.

  111. Congrats Johan ! This is a magical work with a fresh abstract compo!! Wow wow wow!! 🙂
    Celebration….tralalalalalààà 😀 :-D

  112. Wes Lum 8 years ago

    Fabulous shot! Love the central focus and how the stones lead the eye. Well done!

  113. Catherine Vibert 8 years ago

    Just awesome Johan Peijnenburg 

  114. Manual Votta 8 years ago

    What can I say? Just WOW.. Wonderful long exposure Johan!

  115. Margaret Wong 8 years ago

    Beautiful “zen” scene :)

  116. John G Moore 8 years ago

    Nice shot Johan ;)

  117. Yasmin Simpson 8 years ago

    Woww did you see Johan, missing so many beautiful images of your that feed my soul with peaceful and lovely feelings.
    Simple beautiful! and congrats for PhotoExtract always very well deserve it… :)

  118. Steve Hambley 8 years ago

    Congratulations Johan, on this photograph being chosen by Photoextract as one of the 10 TOP Google+ Photographs for June 11- well deserved it is awesome!

  119. Alan Kirby 8 years ago

    Superb work Johan and congratulations!

  120. Dane Clingan 8 years ago

    it’s all been said, but this an amazing image. Let me also add my congrats!!

  121. Author

    @Ondřej: thank you very much!
    @Sophie: hey thanks Sophie 🙂 Thanks for singing 😀
    @Wes: many thanks for the kind words Wes!

  122. Author

    @Catherine: thanks for the awesome Catherine!!
    @Manuel: I am not sure how, but my guess is that you were busy. Glad you like it Manuel!
    @Margaret: thank you very much :)

    • Manual Votta 8 years ago

      VERY busy actually, Johan! And it’s Monday again :)

      • Author

        Time flies Manuel 🙂 I just got back from a trip, so no image from me today :)

        • Manual Votta 8 years ago

          It really does, Johan! That’s a pity, but I’m sure you will give us some more WONDERFUL shots in the next future :)

  123. Gorgeous Johan! Those clouds are fabulous!

  124. Armand Patrice 8 years ago

    oh man, Johan, this just rocks

  125. Author

    Many thanks Patricia 🙂
    @Armand: love that comment and the analogy with the image 😀 

  126. Thierry Bouriat 8 years ago

    This is a magical shot and work Johan :-))

  127. Johan Swanepoel 8 years ago

    Always such a pleasure to view your work Johan – nothing but the best !

  128. @Thierry: many thanks Thierry!
    @Johan: Thank you Johan. Like wise!!!

  129. Nate Parker 8 years ago


  130. Bill Allen 8 years ago

    Superb Johan , love that backdrop!

  131. Joe Barra 8 years ago


  132. Gemma Costa 8 years ago

    wonderful shot, so perfect

  133. Lisa Borel 8 years ago

    Quite nice! Johan 

  134. Neil Camara 8 years ago

    Amazing work my friend!!!

  135. Author

    @Thanks Gemma and many thanks for sharing!
    @Lisa: quite nice works for me Lisa 😉 Thanks!
    @Neil: thanks buddy. Long time no see. Glad to see you around again :)

  136. Alex Filatov 8 years ago

    Incredible long exposure, great composition!

  137. Neal Pritchard 8 years ago

    this is stunning … love the line of clouds and the mountain top and then this wonderful rock in the silvery water … pretty much a perfect composition …

  138. Nora Carol 8 years ago

    wow, this is excellent Johan! 

  139. Kerry Murphy 8 years ago

    Stunning! I love the layers of little details in this scene. Really beautiful Johan Peijnenburg!

  140. Randall Sanger 8 years ago

    Stunning image, Johan! Such an amazing scene and the long exposure work is sheer perfection! Enjoyed the narrative as well . . . great advice!

  141. Lili Ana 8 years ago


  142. Christa Niederer 8 years ago

    Great image and accompanying text! Did you buy the Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 here, Johan?

  143. Author

    @Alex: thank you Alex and thanks for stopping by!
    @Neal: many thanks for the kind words Neal. Glad ou like it!
    @Nora: thanks for the wow Nora 😀 

  144. Author

    @Kerry: hey Kerry! Thanks a bunch 🙂
    @Lili: thank you Lili. Hope all is wel in Barcelona!
    @Christa: thank you!!! Nope bought the software from B&H in the US. I wanted the complete collection for LR/Aperture/Photoshop which is not available at a reasonable price here.

    • Christa Niederer 8 years ago

      … and is the software bought in the USA compatible with everything here in Switzerland or do you have to consider certain points?

      • Author

        it is the same software. You will get a box with specific versions. For some of them you will have to download updates. All works without problems in my experience.

  145. Author

    @Randall: many thanks for the kind words Randall. Thanks for the visit! 

  146. Radek Vik 8 years ago

    wow – this is great Johan. So surreal! 

  147. Rikard Lindby 8 years ago

    Magical. I’m not so much into b&w but this is great. Thanks for sharing.

  148. Congratulations!! This is incredibly beautiful! I can understand why it was chosen!!! 

  149. Author

    @Radek: thanks for the wow Radek! Always appreciate those 😉
    @Rikard: thank you! I wasn’t either until a year ago, but liking it more and more. It’s a nice addition to what I was already doing and doing B&W does improve “seeing” 🙂
    @Margaret: many thanks again Margaret! 

  150. Michael menefee 8 years ago

    Such a tranquil feel, great long exposure work!

  151. The water is gloriously luminous in this prologue to a fairy tale Johan. More please . . . 

  152. Author

    @Michael: thank you Michael!
    @Barbara: many thanks Barbara! For more you’ll have to scroll down or re-visit once in a while ;)

  153. Love this silky shot
    A veil

  154. Manuel Millán 8 years ago

    Guau!!! This is so good Johan !!

  155. Horia Bogdan 8 years ago

    Love the layers in this scene…and especially what goes around above the horizon – i think that’s quite unexpected and keeps the viewer captivated :)

  156. E.E. Giorgi 8 years ago

    congratulations on the photo extract inclusion, so well deserved!!!!

  157. Author

    @Manuel: thank you Manuel! Really enjoyed your recent images!
    @Horia: many thanks for the kind words Horia and nice to meet you!!
    @Elena: thanks Elena 😀 

  158. Rohan Reilly 8 years ago

    An absolutely massive fav Johan, stunning work, speechless

  159. Cameron Siguenza 8 years ago

    whistles softly, stunned into temporary silence – that is an amazing shot Johan :)

  160. Seung Kye Lee 8 years ago

    Fantastic work, Johan!

  161. Author

    @Rohan: many thanks Rohan. Appreciated!
    @Cameron: lol, glad you like it Cameron! You can speak up again now 😉
    @Seung: thank you very much Seung and thanks for stopping by!! 

  162. David Hoffman 8 years ago

    Ah…well, loving both minimalism & b&w as I do, I find this image very compelling. 

  163. joshi daniel 8 years ago

    beautiful 🙂

  164. Fo Tollery 8 years ago

    Very nicely done!

  165. Anna Romovska 8 years ago

    Sir very nice photo

  166. Morkel Erasmus 8 years ago

    congrats!! always nice being selected…

  167. Francis Gagnon 8 years ago

    Outstanding photograph, the composition and the atmosphre are truly incredible !

  168. Author

    @Anna: thanks Anna 🙂
    @Morkel: it is isn’t it 🙂
    @Francis: many thanks Francis!!

  169. Sheer perfection, love it

    • Author

      Thank you Louisa !!! Hope all is well with you :)

      • Hi dear Johan, yes, it is, just so hectic as have had just a few days to find a new home and work is full on too 🙂 Happy though 😉 Hope all is good your side too:)

        • Author

          Busy is not always bad. Glad you are happy!! Here all is well as well. Enjoying the nice weather and looking forward to a nice couple of days out shooting end as of tomorrow :)

  170. Francis Gagnon 8 years ago

    I had to comment a second time and share. I’m hypnotized by this image ! I really like it.

  171. Alan Owens 8 years ago

    Great capture, bitta LE eh ;)

  172. Nathan Wirth 8 years ago

    S u p e r b ! 

    • Author

      Thanks you! Inspired by someone called Nathan, Nathan. I have a few other square one’s with rocks coming up as well :D

  173. Oh my goodness. I’m in awe of this shot. 

  174. Marc Briggs 8 years ago

    Beautiful simple comp. I really like how you lined up the two rocks and the distant peak. 

  175. Tania Sonnenfeld 8 years ago

    It’s like a zen garden, only at sea – beautiful…..

  176. Author

    @Sinead: that is very nice to hear Sinead! Thanks 🙂
    @Marc: thanks Marc! That was actually quite tricky as I was standing on a row of stones in the middle of the lake with not a lot of room to manouvre 🙂
    @Tania: many thanks Tania 😀 

  177. Tom Tran 8 years ago

    Beautiful. It would take a seriously long running jump and air time to reach that rock in the distance, I bet! ;)

    • Author

      Nah Tom. All you need is a bit of imagination 😀 Nice to see you around again!

  178. Jeff Vyse 8 years ago

    Beautiful Johan, love the silvery tones and those mountains poking through the clouds!

  179. Ben Locke 8 years ago

    absolutely superb. I love it. I wish I could go back to Lake Geneva. When I last went I was a child with no interest in photography.

    • Author

      Many thanks Ben! It would be cool if you did go back and maybe join for a bit of shooting! 

  180. Hengki Koentjoro 8 years ago


  181. Very beautiful processing! :)

  182. Aileen Sorenson 8 years ago

    Amazing! So calm… ♥ it!

  183. Author

    @Christian: many thanks for the compliment!
    @Aileen: thanks again. Glad you like it! 

  184. Myrna Weinreich 8 years ago

    Love your LE!! stunning!

    • Author

      Thanks Myrna ! A new addiction for me and loving it. I primarily do it in autumn and spring …

  185. simple and beautiful !

  186. Vraiment bien!

  187. Great !…

  188. Author

    Merci beaucoup Philippe !
    Gatto: thanks!

  189. Bloody awesome work mate.

  190. Tuananh Nguyen 7 years ago

    Yes Ilove 

  191. Stephen Cairns 7 years ago

    This is a fantastic image Johan. I saw this a day or two ago and it has been sticking in head. The attention to craft is readily apparent. The tones look great. It’s the composition that really speaks to me. I’m fascinated by images that suggest transitions, both visually and metaphorically. This works on many levels for me. Brilliant.

    • Author

      Thanks for the kind feedback and compliment. Really glad you like it!

  192. Greg Mills 7 years ago

    Outstanding work Johan. The mountains coming through the clouds are a completely unexpected treat. Very nice toning throughout. 

    • Author

      thanks for the feedback and compliment Greg! Nice to meet you :)

  193. I am impressed, fantastic

  194. Mutita EdiblArt 6 years ago

    So beautiful !!

  195. Jan Vermeulen 6 years ago

    I’m focusing on the stepping stones, hope I don’t ski into them! The Alps seem a magical world floating in the sky, to get there using the stepping stones I would have to put on my “Zevenmijlslaarzen” I’m afraid (Now where did I put those?)

  196. Author

    @Mutita: thank you 🙂
    @Jan: creatief 🙂

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