Long exposure of four rocks in a quiet lake on a hazy day

December 23, 2012 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
A minimalistic B&W long exposure with four stones in in a quiet lake on a hazy day, with silhouetted mountains in the background (long exposure by Johan Peijnenburg)
45mm – f/10 – 5 minutes – ISO100 – D800E with 24-70mm f/2.8

The coming two months I will be focusing on shooting and publishing snowy mountain landscapes, so I thought I’d better squeeze in another minimalistic B&W long exposure 🙂

I ran into these 4 rocks last month, when I was scouting the coastline of Lac de Neuchâtel for LE locations together with fellow Swiss photographer Dominique Dubied. I spent quite some time with these stones, to find the right angle. It was a very hazy day with slow-moving clouds, so I opted for a 5 minute exposure to create a bit of a mystical look.
I used 3 Lee ND filters (10+3+3) to get to an exposure time of 5 minutes. I processed the image with Adobe’s Lightroom 4.2 and Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2.

Hope you like it! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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  1. Author
    Johan Peijnenburg 2021 years ago

    @Margaret: many thanks Margaret! Same to you!
    @Sumit: thanks Sumit!

  2. Mark Esguerra 7 years ago

    Such a super shot! I hope you and yours have a Happy Holidays!

  3. Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

    This is very lovely, Johan! I remember the place well. Thanks for mentioning me. I wish you a merry Xmas and a great new year full of fantastic images to share!

  4. Love what you did here Johan 

  5. Sandra Parlow 7 years ago

    beautiful! so peaceful!

  6. Debby Vos 7 years ago

    Hey, 4 stenen op een rijtje… Lijkt wel een familietje zo…

  7. Bill Wood 7 years ago

    As if I could pick each rock out of the image…wonderful Johan

  8. Nurcan Azaz 7 years ago

    Beautiful work Johan :)

  9. Andrew Nash 7 years ago

    Great. Amazing shot.

  10. jany viala 7 years ago

    Thank you Johan. A very Merry Christmas for you and your family too. And happy holiday end of year.
    Beautiful photo

  11. Outstanding, your work is always excellent

  12. Stefanie Loges 7 years ago

    Oh this looks really great, nice piece of minimal and the glassy surface of the water is so super clean and nice in tones!! Have a Merry Christmas Johan :)

  13. jim Warthman 7 years ago

    What an excellent photo, Johan! I love your minimalistic composition and post processing treatment – it’s very very effective! The foreground rocks balance nicely with the hint of shoreline in the distance, on the left. Well done!

  14. Nathan Wirth 7 years ago

    Lovely … rocks in the mists … yup

  15. How soothing and wonderful!! I’m looking forward to your snowy mountains Johan !!

    • Author

      thank you Margaret. These minimals are always a bit of a challenge to create, but love to do it 🙂 Thanks! Happy Holidays! 

      • Merry Christmas Johan !! I’m wishing you and your family the very best in 2013!!

  16. Author

    @Sandra: many thanks Sandra. Happy Holidays!
    @Deborah: that would have been a great title 😉 Ik ook 😀 

  17. Author

    @Bill: many thanks Bill. Always wanted to shoot something like this, so glad I found them 🙂
    @Nurcan: thank you Nurcan 🙂

  18. Author

    @Andrew: many thanks Andrew! Thanks for stopping by!
    @jany: enjoy Jany! Thanks for the compliment :)

  19. Author

    @Leyla too kind! Thank you Leyla!
    @Stefanie: much appreciated Stefanie! Merry Christmas! 

  20. Author

    @Jim: Thanks for the detailed feedback and compliment Jim! Glad it is to your liking!
    @Nathan: yup, thanks 😀 Happy holidays and enjoy your walk early January! 

  21. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones Johan . Thanks for all the support and if we return to Switzerland next year let’s try and get together for an espresso. 🙂 

  22. Author

    @Judy: thank you Judy! 🙂
    @Christophe: thanks! It would be a pleasure to meet you here Christophe 🙂 

  23. Nikola Nikolski 7 years ago

    Same to you m8, wish you great holiday’s Johan Wonderful shot btw! 

  24. Happy Holidays to you and yours Johan !

    • Author

      Thank you very much Sofie:) Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by :)

  25. Bashar Alaeddin 7 years ago

    such a calm scene

  26. Jutta Sötje 7 years ago

    Danke, dir und deiner Familie gesegnete Weihnachten

  27. Daniel Ewert 7 years ago

    Simple and beautiful!

  28. Gaurav Mittal 7 years ago

    Beautiful, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

  29. Beautiful image Johan. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Best Regards.

  30. Carsten Kopp 7 years ago

    You are a master of minimalistic photography. So beautiful !
    Merry Christmas !

    • Author

      still practising Carsten 🙂 Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

  31. Dalibor Pačić 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend!
    Great photo btw :-))

  32. Beautifull capture Johan. I’m going to Avoriaz in the new year, leaving on friday, I will try my best to shoot some winter landscape as well 🙂 The family are going skiing 🙂
    Happy holidays!

    • Author

      thanks a lot Heine. Happy skiing and happy holidays to you and your family. see you next year! 

  33. Thierry Bouriat 7 years ago

    Happy Christmas Johan and many beautiful shots in 2013 :-))

  34. Gemma Costa 7 years ago

    wonderful minimal!

  35. lizett Beltran 7 years ago

    simplicity and sophistication always creates a wonderful photo !!!!
    Merry Christmas

  36. Shelly Gunderson 7 years ago


  37. Beautifully minimal Johan! I love the contrasts and how they emphasize the four rocks in the foreground. Merry Christmas to you too!! :)

  38. George Marquardt 7 years ago

    Gorgeous Johan! Looking forward to your next batch of photos, and have a great Christmas yourself!

    • Author

      the next batch is already in the works 🙂 Thanks and happy Holidays!

  39. kamal deep singh 7 years ago

    thank you so much and wish you the same….

  40. Stéphan Bondier 7 years ago

    It looks somewhat similar to a zen garden. Very quiet.
    Nice shot.

    • Author

      yes, that was my goal 🙂 Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  41. Diego Cattaneo 7 years ago

    A stunner Johan! And Merry Christmas :)))

  42. Sangeeth VS 7 years ago

    Wish you and your family too a Merry Christmas Johan :)

  43. Francesco Gola 7 years ago

    Wonderful Johan! And merry Xmas! 

  44. Davorin Mance 7 years ago

    Beautiful photo. Merry Christmas Johan to you and your family. :)

  45. Simple and awesome Johan 🙂 One more time Merry Christmas to You ! :)

  46. aditya Sharma 7 years ago

    Happy Christmas and new year johan peijnenburg 🙂 

  47. Rumiana Nikolova 7 years ago

    Fantastic !!!
    Happy holidays !

  48. As usual Johan beautiful. Enjoy family and Holidays :)) 

  49. Mikko Tyllinen 7 years ago

    so peaceful and very beautiful! Merry Christmas Johan!

  50. Robert Skreiner 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas! Johan 

  51. Will S 7 years ago

    It feel so peaceful and deep sense of stillness.
    Merry Christmas to you, Johan.

  52. Correy Bratton 7 years ago

    Simply amazing….so serene!

  53. Barbara BM 7 years ago

    Thank you Johan Peijnenburg

  54. super shot Johan. A Merry Christmas to you and yours 

  55. Kurt Harvey 7 years ago

    Beautiful and ethereal. Amazing work Johan Peijnenburg! 

  56. Meg Rousher 7 years ago

    Fantastic capture Johan, I love it :)

  57. Author

    Thank you both Kurt and Meg !!

  58. Subra Govinda 7 years ago

    Fantastic shot Johan, Have a great holidays!

  59. Domique Hilbert 7 years ago

    It’s beautiful again Johan! Best wishes for you and yours!

  60. Armand Dijcks 7 years ago

    I like that subtle outline of the landscape in the distance and the way it blends with the foreground. At first I thought it was part of the clouds, which makes it look like the rocks are floating in the clouds somehow. A great example of how good post processing can play with your perception of an image…

    • Author

      the trick in this one was to hold back and even tune down the background in this … at least in achieving what I wanted. Obviously that could have been the wrong choice 😉 Fijne dagen Armand! 

  61. Paul Turkowski 7 years ago

    So lovely minimalist shot Johan! Merry Christmas and all the best to you!

  62. great work!

  63. Great work Johan ! Merry Christmas!

  64. Jerry Johnson 7 years ago

    I see great beauty in the stillness of this photo Johan! :-)

  65. Wonderful photo! Merry Christmas to you and your family:)

  66. Vince Ong 7 years ago

    Happy holidays Johan! Merry Christmas. Stunning view!

  67. Author

    Thank you and merry Christmas Oksana and Vince !

  68. Maggy Meyer 7 years ago

    Wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas, Johan!!

  69. Lella H. 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas Johan 🙂 …….. and wonderful shot!

  70. David Shield 7 years ago

    Great minimalism Johan. Well done, and Merry Christmas to you too!

  71. Merry Christmas with your loved ones Johan 

  72. Author

    @Lella: thanks Lella. Hopee your having a great time as well 🙂
    @David: thanks David. Like wise. Enjoy the holidays!
    @Angelika: thank you very much Angelika! Happy Holidays to you too! 

  73. Sandra Canning 7 years ago

    Absolutely perfect choice to go with the high contrast rocks. They seem to float!!

  74. Margaret S. 7 years ago

    Beautiful work Johan. I want to wish you and your loved ones a happy New Year! 

  75. Sumit Sen 7 years ago

    Stunning shot!

  76. Robby Bowles 7 years ago

    Gorgeous and a happy New Years to you as well Johan!

  77. Sharon Thomas 7 years ago

    Beautiful…love the composition.

  78. Author

    Many thanks Robby and Sharon!!!

  79. kamal deep singh 7 years ago

    thank you so much for rekindling the shooting spirit Johan ….

  80. John Dunne 7 years ago

    Love the sense of isolation Johan. The reflections of the rocks on the still water are gorgeous.

  81. Rohan Reilly 7 years ago

    simple elegance Johan all the best for 2013

  82. Beautiful exposure… Looking fwd to the coming snowy ones, they will be as great as this one, for sure. Thank you, Johan!

    • Author

      Thank you! Good to hear that you have high expectations Wilfried 🙂 Have a great 2013 and looking forward to shooing/hiking/etc with you and Nadine even more in the new year!

      • Yeah, a very good ’13 to you too, I’m defenitively looking fwd to do all those fine things together! :-)

  83. Aline van Weert 7 years ago

    What a beauty Johan!
    Door deze foto zie ik ineens allerlei mogelijkheden in vijvers en meren, dank je wel.
    Ik wens je een geweldig mooi 2013!

  84. Don Spenner 7 years ago

    Simply beautiful, Johan. Happy New Year and Best Wishes for Your Continued Success!

  85. Javier Esvall 7 years ago

    Fantastic! Happy New Year!! Johan.

  86. kamal deep singh 7 years ago

    onderful capture Johan …..wishing u a very happy new year….lot’s of fun and understanding while shooting….

  87. Vince Ong 7 years ago

    Johan Happy new year to you!

    Johan, I would like to interview you via G+ Hangouts, would like you to share your experiences as a photographer here. Do let me know if you are interested and suitable time for you. Thank you :)

  88. Happy New Year Johan! Good light!

  89. Author

    @Kamal: thank you and a happy New Year to you too!
    @John: thanks for the feedback! Happy New Year!
    @Rohan: thank you very much Rohan and all the best for 2013 to you too!
    @Aline: dank je wel and blij om te horen 🙂 Jij ook een mooi 2013! 

  90. Author

    @Don: thank you Don and a very happy New Year to you too!
    @Javier: thanks Javier and all the best for 2013!
    @Vince: happy New Year Vince! Can you send me a private message with what you want to do? 

  91. Author

    @Emanuele: all the best for 2013 to you too Emanuele! 

  92. Mady Sach 7 years ago

    nice rocks

  93. Yasmin Simpson 7 years ago

    Lovely mystical rocks… :).
    Happy New Year friend Johan, wishing you all the very best to you and yours. Thank you for bringing a lot of smiles into my face during 2012, looking for more stunning images of yours.

  94. Andy Kennelly 7 years ago

    Such a beautiful composition with great tones!

  95. Simple and Beautiful!!

  96. Johan Swanepoel 7 years ago

    Awesome and to you too Johan 

  97. Author
    Johan Swanepoel 7 years ago

    @Yasmin: Thank you. Will do my best 😀
    @Andy: many thanks Andy!
    @Muralidharan: Thank you!
    @Johan: thanks Johan! 

  98. Michelle Potter 7 years ago

    Happy new year! This is most definitely a representation of stillness…gorgeous tones and definition Johan 

  99. Francis Gagnon 7 years ago

    Superb atmosphere, Johan !

  100. Author

    Thank you very much Michelle !
    @Francis: merci beaucoup Francis! 

  101. Vishal Kumar 7 years ago

    Lovely Contrast & Minimalism. Beautiful Shot 🙂
    Happy New Year & G’day

  102. Ben Locke 7 years ago

    beautifully simple. I love this

  103. Philipp Weimer 7 years ago

    this looks great!

  104. Michel paulin 7 years ago

    Great one

  105. Rikard Lindby 7 years ago

    Very nice and calm photograph. I like it a lot.

  106. Author

    @Vishal: same to you Vishal. Just got back 🙂 Thanks for the compliment!
    @Ben: many thanks Ben!
    @Philipp: danke dir Philipp 🙂 

  107. Author

    @Michel: thank you Michel. Merci!
    @Rikard: good to hear from you Rikard. Hope all is well !? Thanks for the kind words 🙂 

    • Rikard Lindby 7 years ago

      All is well Johan. Have been traveling a lot and not posted much last couple of months :)

      • Author

        I noticed Rikard 🙂 Did you find time to shoot a bit during the travels?

        • Rikard Lindby 7 years ago

          I sure did Johan. Now I have a huge backlog of photos to cull and edit. The curse of shooting digital with large amounts of flash cards 🙂 How are things with you? Any cool photo projects underway?

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            I know the problem Rikard! I just went through a pile myself. Have been locked in with a cold, but glad to go out again in the coming days 🙂 Focussing on winter landscapes at the moment (glad we have a bit more snow again now) and mountain LE’s. The latter is quite hard actually :)

  108. Gail Beerman 7 years ago

    Love the minimalism here Johan 

  109. E.E. Giorgi 7 years ago


  110. schitterend simpel….dat is vaak het mooist !!! Groetjes….vanuit Poortugaal in Nederland…

  111. Author

    @Gail: many thanks Gail !!
    @E.E. Giorgi: thanks Elena 😀
    @Encarnaciòn: dank je! 

  112. Baldur McQueen 7 years ago

    Just brilliant! Beautiful stillness and the processing wonderful. I love the faint shadow of a hill sneaking into the shot… outstanding work.

    • Author

      Well-spotted Baldur 🙂 Needed to balance the comp a bit 😀 Thanks for the great feedback! 

  113. Jim Lundgren 7 years ago

    Love the composition just stripped down to it’s barest self…Great!

  114. Hengki Koentjoro 7 years ago

    Zen… Stones…

  115. Betty Manousos 7 years ago

    love the beautiful minimalism! dear Johan
    gorgeous image! :))

  116. shane holsclaw 7 years ago

    love the contrast and minimalism. a wonderful image Johan.

  117. Ada M 7 years ago

    it is February but this will not stop me from wishing you a great year! and for thanking you for your friendship and always nice words!

  118. Author

    @shane: thanks again Shane. Thanks for dropping by!
    @Ada: it always makes ma happy when someone wishes me a great year, regardless of when it is Ada! Likewise! Thanks 🙂 

  119. Pushybs Sangweni 7 years ago


  120. Betty Manousos 7 years ago

    love this!
    gorgeous image dear Johan :)

  121. Mona Youssef 7 years ago

    Hello Johan , your photos in black and white are extraordinary beautiful and sensual 

  122. Christoph Fisher 7 years ago

    The B+W works beautifully here, and I love how the barely visible left hand mountain side balances the composition so nicely. Really nice work Johan !

    • Author

      Thanks a lot for the great feedback Christoph! Glad you noticed the mountains in the back. I actually have a slightly different version of this one on the pipeline which I think is a touch better :)

  123. Natuurzicht 6 years ago

    Very nice!

  124. Encarna Gallart 6 years ago

    Simpel en daarom zo prachtig !!!!! groetjes

  125. Mutita EdiblArt 6 years ago


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