The small white flowers of the Pritzelago Alpina

Pritzelago Alpina

The small white flowers of the Pritzelago Alpina
August 28, 2011 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
Alpine flora close-up of a Pritzelago Alpina with it's small white flowers (Johan Peijnenburg)
105mm – f/7.1 – 1/800 – ISO250

A close-up of a Pritzelago Alpina (also known as Hornungia Alpina or Hutchinsia Alpina) with it’s small white flowers. I took this alpine flora photograph early last spring, while hiking up on the mountain where I live.

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  1. Nellie 8 years ago

    mooi Johan

  2. Dave Pattinson 8 years ago

    Love the dof on this shot!!!

  3. Kerry Murphy 8 years ago


  4. Nathan Beaulne 8 years ago

    Very nice!

  5. Mukesh Wani 8 years ago

    awesome shot

  6. maru clavier 8 years ago

    So pretty they are.

  7. Seven Sbc 8 years ago

    So beautiful !

  8. Sumit Sen 8 years ago


  9. Beverley Aston 8 years ago

    Beautiful capture!

  10. Author

    Thanks all for the comments!

  11. Chris Schiepers 8 years ago

    Prachtig! hoe is het verder, johan?

  12. Dank je wel. Het gaat perfect! En met jou?

  13. Charles Lupica 8 years ago

    Everyone seems to love this image. Can I be the lone critique ? I really do like it but I find the flower group on the left to be distracting. It keeps pulling my eye away from the main group. It probably wouldn’t be any better but, I would like to see it with the group on the left cloned out leaving the black as a counter point to the white flowers.

    • Author

      Thanks Charles. Critique is of course also appreciated! I kept the left part in to give it a bit of balance, but you do have a valid point. Although it is out of focus, it does distract a bit. I am not sure if cloning it out will help in this case however, because of the other group in the background. I’ll have a look at the original to see how I cropped it.

  14. Jose Vazquez 8 years ago

    Beautiful shot Johan!

  15. Deborah Lee 8 years ago


  16. Author

    Thanks Jose and Deborah !

  17. karin schneider 8 years ago

    johan and charles – thanks for such discussions. worthy for beginners in macro photography. i would appreciate such comments too.

    • karin schneider 8 years ago

      You’re welcome Karin. If you want feedback on images, don’t hesitate to let me know!

  18. Rashed Enam 8 years ago


  19. Tebuseke Gideon 8 years ago


  20. Charles Lupica 8 years ago

    beautiful Johan and I love the trailing off of the flowers into the background. Regardless of what i said earlier, I think the group on the left provides balance.

  21. Author

    Rashed and Tebuseke: thanks for the kind words 🙂
    Charles: I like it as is as well Charles. What made you change your mind?

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