Walk on water

Long exposure in B&W of a line of rocks in Lake Geneva

Walk on water
August 19, 2014 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
B&W long exposure landscape image of a line of rocks leading towards the horizon in Lake Geneva (Johan Peijnenburg)
24mm . f/16 . 6 minutes . ISO100 . D800E with 24mm f/1.4

First off, thank you all for the many Birthday wishes that I received via G+, Facebook and e-mail! Highly appreciated! Secondly, thanks for the patience …. yes, it has been way too long since I last posted! 🙂

Here is a B&W long exposure landscape image that I captured fairly recently during a sunset shoot with fellow Swiss photographer Annick Jaquillard (make sure to check out her work!). The image features a line of rocks that acts as a breakwater on one of my favourite beaches at Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) here in Switzerland.

B&W long exposure landscape image of Lac Léman at sunset, with rocks leading the eye towards the horizon. (Johan Peijnenburg)

Despite the nice sunset colours in the original, I decided to go for a black & white approach. I ended up with two versions and decided to publish them both (#2 is on the left: click on it to view large). Which one do you like best?

I captured these images with my Nikon D800E. I used a 24mmm f/1.4 lens and stacked multiple Lee ND filters to achieve an exposure time of 6 minutes. Adobe’s Lightroom 5 and Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 were used to process the image.

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  1. Marc Briggs 6 years ago

    Nice sea-scape!

  2. Gemma Costa 6 years ago

    Beautiful shot Johan ( Happy Birthday in late)

  3. Pegah Moghaddam 6 years ago


  4. Renee Q 6 years ago

    Wonderful image and belated happy birthday! :)

  5. Would if I could Johan:D LOL

  6. Author

    @Renee Q: thank you and thank you Renee! 😀
    @Rebecca: 😀 

  7. Anna Ryndak 6 years ago

    Awesome B/W image! Welcome back!

    • Author

      Hey Anna! Thank you and glad to be posting again. Now let’s hope people didn’t forget about me 😉 

      • Anna Ryndak 6 years ago

        Haha….I don’t think so…….. Have a great evening! :-)

  8. Eric Delcour 6 years ago

    Fantastic capture and very moody capture Johan .
    I personally (so that means nothing 😀 ) prefer the second one .
    I wish you a beautiful evening !

  9. Markus Landsmann 6 years ago

    Wonderful LE bw work Johan 

  10. Author

    @Eric: thanks for the compliment Eric. And thanks for the feedback! 🙂
    @Markus: many thanks again Markus and have a great evening! 

  11. I love the wonderful contrast and details!! It seems to extend to infinity!! Beautiful!

    • Author

      Thanks you for the compliment Margaret! Hope you are doing well!? 

  12. Elizabeth Lund 6 years ago

    This is wonderful and very dramatic!

  13. Beautiful B&W picture ! A great work in minimalist style. Have a pleasant evening Johan :-)

    • Author

      Merci beaucoup Jean-Michel ! Have a great evening as well. Hope all is well over there in France!?

  14. Congratulaciones!

  15. Dominique Dubied 6 years ago

    Very nice image and processing Johan! You captured it with a beautiful light!

  16. Author

    @Margarita: thank you 🙂
    @Dominique: thank you and yes I did 🙂 Have you been there lately? 

  17. David Murphy 6 years ago

    Beautiful tonal range throughout the frame that really adds to a strong visual composition. Wonderful long exposure work!

    • Author

      Many thanks for the compliment! How are things in Ireland?

      • David Murphy 6 years ago

        Not bad Johan, the weather is holding up :)

        • Author

          hmmm, looks like we had that rainy Irish summer over here 🙂

          • David Murphy 6 years ago

            We had sunshine Johan, don’t fall off your chair when you read that, genuine sunshine lol ;)

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 6 years ago

            OMG! I guess you are in therapy now right? 

          • David Murphy 6 years ago

            Hahaha yes Johan we are all in treatment, mainly for sunburn but also for shock ;)

  18. Ian Good 6 years ago

    Beautiful LE Johan and nice to see you back. Hope you had a great birthday! :)

    • Author

      hey thanks Ian! Glad to be back. Missed it. Yep, had a great Birthday. Crap weather, but I was in great company 🙂 

  19. Beautiful work Johan, from composition to the shades of gray :P

  20. Athena Carey 6 years ago

    A familiar place. 😉 Nice to have you back Johan. :)

    • Author

      yep, very familiar. One day you will shoot there again 🙂 Back, but not for long I am afraid 🙂 

      • Athena Carey 6 years ago

        That is my goal Johan. Well one of them at least. ;)

  21. Rita Gijbels 6 years ago

    Wonderful monochrome capture Johan 

  22. Really nice to see you back here Johan !
    Amazing image, a pure beauty you have created!

    • Author

      thanks 😀 Not sure yet which of the two I prefer though. You ? 

      • Hmmm…Tough call here Johan, but after viewing both , I prefer the above version.
        The foreground with the lighted rock, makes it a perfect layers composition. Nicely balance and fits so well with the subject!

        • Author

          Thanks for the feedback! I do have a slight preference for the other one. It has a bit less depth, but it is more zen 🙂 

  23. I have seen this already 😀 Love it and it looks great to me. B&W works great for this one Johan :)D

  24. Javier Esvall 6 years ago

    I like the processing, beautiful image.

  25. Jim Lundgren 6 years ago

    Classic…absolutely love the repetition fading into the background!!

  26. Author

    @Javier: many thanks Javier ::
    @Jim: thanks for the compliment Jim ! 🙂 

  27. Beautiful monochrome! Love the rocks leading the eye into the horizon :)

  28. Dream shot… it’s fantastic

  29. Toshi Nakamura 6 years ago

    Beautiful composition and Exquisite light and shade! Accomplished work.

  30. Author

    @Leyla: thank you very much Leyla! 🙂
    @Toshi: thank you for the compliment Toshi! 🙂 

  31. Beautiful.. love the perspective, makes the rocks look almost larger than life. Yet the horizon seems to go on forever. B/W is perfect for this mood. I’ll check the other image when I get home to my pc. :)

  32. George Fletcher 6 years ago

    Fantastic! So beautiful and I love that long exposure!

  33. Stephen Cairns 6 years ago

    Great contrasts and a wonderful lead in to the sky. Fine image making Johan!

  34. Margaret Wong 6 years ago

    Very calming and beautiful piece 🙂 

  35. Jerry Johnson 6 years ago

    The black and white version is sensational Johan! I am very impressed with the way the stones slowly disappear below the water’s surface. Wow!!

  36. E.e. Giorgi 6 years ago

    Fantastic shot Johan !

  37. Alex Filatov 6 years ago

    Lovely composition and processing my friend!

  38. George Marquardt 6 years ago

    Another fabulous long exposure Johan! Of the two, I prefer the second one best I think, simply for how the rock provides a darker frame and seems to lead in to the photo better than the light rock, but that’s just my preference.

  39. Sumit Sen 6 years ago

    Top shot!

  40. RAMKUMAR RINWA 6 years ago

    Beautiful black and white. ….. perfect composition …… straight line of stone create depth in photograph !!

  41. Andreas Levi 6 years ago

    Perfect bw processing and a great LE!!
    Have a wonderful day! 😀

  42. Danica Macanga 6 years ago

    Very beautiful nature Johan . Happy birthday.

  43. Great B/W Johan & many greetings!!

  44. David Orr 6 years ago

    Dang ! I’m stuck between both versions, but I do love the stillness I get from the BW. Beautiful as always my friend.

  45. Thomas Ber 6 years ago

    Wonderful photo dear Johan!

  46. Jakob S. 6 years ago

    Wow, fantastische Aufnahme, lieber Johan!

  47. Mikko Tyllinen 6 years ago

    Very beuatiful!

  48. Basia Schwartz 6 years ago

    Beautiful shot. Excellent composition and mood.

  49. Aamir Shahzad 6 years ago

    wonderful Johan!

  50. Dylan van Graan 6 years ago

    He’s back! And it’s a belter ;)

  51. ♥ ~❤❤❤~ ♥ 🙂 😀 

  52. Kamal Deep Singh 6 years ago

    Fantastic long exposure shot Johan….orignal work as usual…..

  53. Dermot Russell 6 years ago

    Lovely shot Johan. I really like the low angle that you chose here, it gives the rocks a lot of presence.

  54. Author

    @Krystina: many thanks for the compliment and great feedback 🙂
    @George: thank you George! 🙂
    @Stephen: many thanks Stephen! 

  55. Author

    @Margaret: glad you like it Margaret! Hope all is well with you!?
    @Jerry: many thanks for the WOW Jerry. Always love those! 🙂 Good luck with the building work in the coming weeks!
    @E.E. Giorgi: thank you Elena! 😀 

  56. Author

    @Alex: many thanks Alex! 🙂
    @George: thanks for the compliment and feedback. I agree with you! 🙂
    @Sumit: many thanks Sumit! 

  57. Author

    @RAMKUMAR: many thanks for the great feedback 🙂
    @Andreas: glad you like it Andreas 🙂
    @Danica: thank you! 

  58. Author

    @db Dirk Buttgereit Photography: thanks Dirk!
    @David: glad you like them David! 🙂

  59. Armand Dijcks 6 years ago

    Very nice work Johan. Nice subtle tones and the sky has a nice texture without being over-sharpened as I see so often. I think I personally prefer the top version over the other one because the rock on the bottom grounds the image, and provides a nice textural contrast with the half-submerged rock behind it. This way my eye keeps wandering between the foreground, middle and background, which keeps it interesting.

    • Author

      Great feedback and thanks for the compliment Armand! 🙂 How have you been!? 

      • Armand Dijcks 6 years ago

        Doing quite well Johan, thanks 🙂 I know, I should probably post more often. Currently processing some images from South Africa, taken back in March. Time flies…

        • Author

          Good to hear all is well! Hah, I am far from a serial poster either. Time flies indeed. I will be in NL again in November. Time to meet up again?

          • Armand Dijcks 6 years ago

            Yes, definitely time to meet up again Johan. November is around the corner anyway. Let’s see if I can post another image before than :-)

  60. Mark Esguerra 6 years ago

    A stunning image as always Johan! Great work!

  61. Very stunning seascape Johan ! Love this perspective and the rhytmic illumination!! :-)

  62. John Dunne 6 years ago

    Johan, love that sweep in the sky and how it echos what is gesture of the rocks beneath. What a great image to return 🙂

    BTW I don’t see the colour version on your blog post?

  63. Author

    @Sophie: thanks for the compliment Sophie! 🙂
    @John: glad you appreciate this one John! And exactly the type of sky I will be looking for in Ireland 😀 There are two B&W versions, with a slightly different perspective. I like both, with a slight preference for the other one 🙂 

  64. Amazing in every way Johan! Love the title too!

  65. Brian Spencer 6 years ago

    Both of them are very nice Johan, but I like the composition of the above one better! The rocks in the foreground draw me in and keep my attention longer. Both have very nice tones and contrast.

  66. Author

    @Louisa: many thanks Louisa 🙂
    @Brian: thank you for the great feedback and kind words! Nice to meet you! 🙂 

  67. Patrice PVK 6 years ago

    Always “perfect”.

  68. Meg Rousher 6 years ago

    Fantastic capture! :)

  69. David Shield 6 years ago

    Masterful composition and processing!

  70. It is difficult to say which one is better, on your blog both are B&W 😀 Anyway, your photo is very strong in terms of composition and greatly processed. I can imagine this would present excellently on the wall :-)

  71. Günter Schurr 6 years ago

    First of all belated Happy Birthday Johann, hope you got some nice camera equipment.
    6 minutes is a very long time, if I would do the same without filters I’m sure my picture is white. Great profi work. Wonderful light and expression Johan!

  72. daryl L. Hunter 6 years ago

    Wonderful shot :D

  73. Michael Salmela 6 years ago

    The sky is fantastic with the bright highlights and wispy clouds, beautifully done, Johan. Happy belated birthday as well! 

  74. Perfect work, dear Johan ! And my belated best wishes for your birthday !

  75. Author

    @Armand: tough challenge there! I will keep you posted about my plans 🙂 
    @Patrice: thanks! Hope it is not getting boring 😉
    @Meg: many thanks Meg 🙂
    2David: glad you like it David! 🙂

  76. Author

    @Grzegorz: thanks for the compliment 🙂 I was debating between the two in B&W by the way …
    @Günter: thanks and thank Günter! 🙂
    @Daryl: hey thanks Daryl! 🙂
    @Michael: thanks and thanks Michael! 🙂 

  77. Davorin Mance 6 years ago

    Wonderful photo Johan. And with a few days of delay I wish you a happy birthday and many more great photos like these. :)

  78. Superb image!

  79. YVONNE MALDONADO 6 years ago

    Awesome shot

  80. Joan Munford 6 years ago

    Simply awesome Johan
    A stepping stone makes it easier : )

  81. Nikola Nikolski 6 years ago

    This is very nice, cool shot Johan

  82. Valeri Morrison 6 years ago


  83. Damn long scroll get a comment on this one, probably because it’s such fine piece of work

  84. This is lovely Johan and a late happy birthday to you sir ;-)

  85. Author

    @Елена: thank you and thank you 🙂
    @Davorin: many thanks Davorin!
    @Constantin: thanks! 
    @Yvonne: thanks!
    @Joan: very true! Many thanks Joan 🙂

  86. Author

    @Nikola: dank je wel! 🙂
    @Valerie: thank you Valerie! 🙂
    @Dominique: blijf je fit van Dominique! 🙂 Many thanks. Hope you had a nice holiday! 🙂
    @Brian: thank you sir!! 😉

  87. Enrique Palaez 6 years ago

    Fantastic work Johan !!

  88. Fantastic work!

  89. Vic Rangel 6 years ago

    GREAT!, Thank You.

  90. Tolle und stimmungsvolle Aufnahme…

  91. Yasmin Simpson 6 years ago

    As always, gorgeous to be back in your stream and find these delightful images.
    Love this B&W, dear Johan
    Hope everything is okay in your world, your favorite times are coming soon, snow and cold ;).

  92. Jany Viala 6 years ago

    Amazing shot! Magnificent! You do a great job Johan

  93. Author

    @Anatoliy: many thanks ! 🙂
    @Елена: 😀
    @Enrique: thanks Enrique!

  94. Author

    @Vic: thank you!
    @Ernst: danke vielmals Ernst! 🙂
    @Yasmin: thank you Yasmin 🙂 All is fine in my world and indeed great times ahead … in many ways 😀

  95. Enzo Ros 6 years ago

    Perfect work and composition

  96. Rebecca Pizzo 6 years ago


  97. I am touched by your talent to find these incredible and beautiful places in the world

  98. Thierry Bouriat 6 years ago

    Again “congratulations” Johan, both for your talent and generosity.
    Have a nice Sunday :-))

  99. Wow my our how is so wonderful image 

  100. Johan – Great image, cool spot. :-)

  101. Tom Tran 6 years ago

    Please accept a much belated birthday wish, Johan. 🙂
    I haven’t been on much and have missed a bunch of birthdays this past month.
    So…how far out did you walk into this image? :D

  102. Maria Salvador 6 years ago

    Wonderful, all to like!

  103. Mariotte Vito 6 years ago

    Belated Happy Birthday sir..wish you all the best!:)

  104. Prakash Ghai 6 years ago

    Top minimalist image

  105. Christa Niederer 6 years ago

    Love it!

  106. Dave Gaylord 5 years ago

    Wonderful long exposure 

  107. Shawn McClure 5 years ago

    Fantastic monochrome composition…

  108. Gaurav Mittal 5 years ago

    Great shot Johan !

  109. Danica Macanga 5 years ago

    Beautifully captured , a photo of season. Johan

  110. Neil Camara 5 years ago

    Extremely beautiful my friend! :)

  111. Rodolfo Seide 5 years ago

    Great shot!

  112. Kenny da Lima 5 years ago

    happy xmas
    happy holiday
    to you dear……..

  113. Anna Rimovska 4 years ago

    beautiful b/w, awesome

  114. Великолепное фото! 

  115. Author

    Thanks all for the kind words! 🙂
    Cheers, Johan

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