All photos in our landscape & nature photography portfolio can be licensed. We offer licences for personal use, commercial use, as well as for charitable use. Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding these licence types, how to order licences, your payment options, as well as regarding how to download a digital file of a photo after your purchase.

Keep in mind that this site only showcases a limited selection of the landscape and nature photographs that we can offer. Do not hesitate to contact us, in case you cannot find what you are looking for or if you did not find the answers that you need!

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Licence types

A personal licence is appropriate if you are buying a photo for yourself only. For instance, to create a print to hang in your home, or to use it in school projects, as a screensaver, and online personal profiles.

Licensing a photograph for personal use prohibits you from using the photo for anything else but strictly private use or limited educational use (e.g. school projects or single-classroom education).

The price of a personal licence depends on the size option that you pick. You have three choices:

  • Medium
    The photograph is 1000 pixels long on the short end, which is perfect for making smaller prints up to 4 x 6″ (10.2 x 15.2 cm).
  • Large
    The photograph is 2000 pixels long on the short end, which is appropriate for making mid-sized prints up to 8 x 12″ (20.3 x 30.5 cm).
  • Full-size 
    The photograph is at least 3500 pixels long on the short end. Full-size is ideal for all print sizes.

Please contact us first when you want to print larger than 50″ (127 cm) wide!

You need a commercial use licence if you plan to use the photograph for business or work purposes. For instance, to use it in editorials, advertisements, website banners, in sales materials, as well as when you plan to make a print to hang in your offices or lobby.

We use a rights-managed model when licensing a photograph for commercial use, which means that you purchase the licence for a specific purpose, geographic region, duration, and organisation. The fee for licensing a photograph for commercial use varies based on these parameters.

Please note that it is possible to buy the exclusive rights for the commercial use of a photograph!

Please contact us if you want to purchase a commercial licence for one or more photographs. We will provide you with a personalised quote, based on the parameters mentioned above.

No. The resale of the digital version of the photograph, as well as the resale of prints and other physical products, made using the digital version of the photo, is strictly prohibited!

In principle, we will provide the photograph for free in case you intend to use the photo for charitable purposes only. Just get in touch and tell us how and for which charitable purpose you intend to use the photograph.

No. It is not allowed to copy or allow others to reproduce a photograph purchased for personal use, including digitally scanning the photo to print or to have it duplicated.

Purchase a licence

You can purchase a licence by clicking the add_shopping_carticon located above the photograph.

After selecting a licence type, you can add it to your cart. Proceed to the checkout once you are ready to go ahead with your purchase.

After completing the order, you will receive a confirmation email with your Order ID and the details of your purchase. Subsequently, you will be able to download the photograph directly, or you can do it at a later stage from your my account section.

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No. We provide a digital version of a photograph immediately after receiving your payment. Therefore we can not offer refunds on licence purchases. If you would like to make sure that the image quality is in line with your expectations before you purchase, we will gladly send you a sample of the photo to allow you to do so.

Yes. A licence can be upgraded to a different personal licence type or to a commercial licence at any time. Just contact us, and we will provide you with an upgrade quote.

No, you don’t need to create an account. You will, however, need to provide contact information to allow us to contact you if needed. We will solely use the contact information provided for fulfilling your order.


You can pay in US Dollar, Euro or Swiss Francs by using your credit card, Ideal, PayPal or a via a direct bank transfer.

Data security is critical to us. Therefore we use Stripe as our gateway for credit card payments. Stripe is a global on-line payment processor that is trusted by thousands of businesses around the world. It uses the most stringent security standards.

All payment transactions are encrypted and processed over a secure SSL connection, and we will not store your sensitive card information on our server.

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Once we received your payment for licensing a photograph, you will receive an email confirmation with an invoice summarising the details of your purchase. Subsequently, you will be able to download them via your my account section.


In case you purchase a personal licence, you will be able to download a JPG version of the photograph in the Adobe RGB colour space. The size of the download will be in line with the licence you purchased.

In case you purchase a commercial licence, you will be able to download a full-size TIFF version of the photograph in the ProPhoto RGB colour space.

We will provide versions in alternative formats and colour spaces upon request!

No, and yes. For security reasons, the photograph is only available for download in your my account section up until five days after your purchase. Please get in touch in case you forgot to download a photograph or can no longer find the original after downloading it. We will happily provide it to you again.