Johan Peijnenburg is available for landscape photography assignments anywhere in the world. The fee for executing a photography assignment depends on various things. Firstly, the amount of travel required as well as the duration of the trip. Secondly, the scope. And lastly, your requirements regarding the copyright and exclusivity of the resulting photographs play a role as well.

Currently, our travel schedule looks as follows:

  • The province of Zeeland in The Netherlands in March 2024
  • Ireland in May 2024
  • The Asturias and Cantabria regions in Northern Spain in April 2024
  • The Ticino region in Switzerland in May 2024
  • The Engadin region in Switzerland in June 2024
  • The Dolomites in Italy in October 2024
  • The Algarve in Portugal in November 2024

Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We would, of course, be happy to discuss your needs and requirements for a potential photography assignment in detail!

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