Fading away into a snowy distance

Telephony poles fading out towards the horizon in a foggy and snow-covered winter landscape (by Johan Peijnenburg)

Telephony poles fading away into the distance in winter

[ 45mm – f/8 – 1/640 – ISO100 – Nikon D800E with 24-70mm f/2.8 ]

Winter hasn’t been brilliant here in Switzerland. Plenty of snow on higher altitudes, but not a lot of decent winter goodness at lower altitudes. This messed up my plan to go out and shoot minimalistic winter landscapes more often this year. In the end, I only went out to shoot them on one morning in February. This is one of the images I shot that morning.

Yes, yes, I know it is very minimal and probably not to everyone’s taste. Many of you might even find it boring. Personally, I love shooting these kind of minimalistic scenes as well as looking at minimalistic work of others. It’s all about capturing the essence of a scene and the art of leaving things out, which can be rather challenging! Things like leading lines, depth and composition become even more important than in normal landscape photography. In my experience, shooting minimal scenes is a great way of improving photography skills.

I captured the image with my 24-70mm lens on a D800E. No filters where used. The image was processed with Adobe’s Lightroom 5 and Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2.

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203 Responses to “Fading away into a snowy distance”

  1. Awesome focus and minimal capture Johan 😀

  2. Paul Smith says:

    Simple but very effective.

  3. @Elizabeth: glad you like it Elizabeth :)
    @Paul: many thanks Paul!

  4. It’s an absolute gorgeous minimal scene Johan, excellent !

  5. Super nice high key. Love the lines.

  6. Minimalism and composition are very nice here Johan. I like it a lot! Who knows next winter will be better than this one :-) 

  7. @Annie: thank you Annie :)
    @Nikola: glad you like it Nikola :) Hoe is het verder met jou? 

  8. Very nice image Johan. I like it a lot :))

  9. Wonderful simplicity Johan !!

  10. Nice and simple Johan,well done!

  11. Fantastic composition and “fading” Johan 

  12. !! :) brilliant x love the candelabra type fittings :)

  13. @Eric: thanks for the compliment Eric! Hope all is well in Belgium!?
    @Heidi: thanks 😀 Yes those fitting are very typical here :) 

  14. Nicely captured Johan! There’s a lot of space on the left side:)

  15. Not boring at all! A wonderful composition for this minimalist shot Johan. We have both shared for minimal Monday this week, great to to participate to the theme with you :-)

  16. Beautiful picture my friend !

  17. Hello Johan. That’s an awesome selection my friend. 

  18. Ray Harris says:

    You’ve got a lot here – a minimal high key shot with leading lines and nice contrast. Great shot!

  19. Fantastic minimalism and contrast in this…

  20. @Ray: many thanks for the compliment Ray :)
    @Shawn: glad you like it Shawn! :)
    @Dirk: Danke vielmals :)

  21. Tom Tran says:

    It’s minimal and delicate looking, even. Even those insulators look pretty from the distance. I bet a nice stack of rocks at each pole would be a neat pairing, Johan. :P

  22. I love minimal photos ….lovely capture sir….

  23. Really minimalism. Wonderful work!

  24. Brilliantly executed – really like it!

  25. Beautifully minimal Johan, love the lines and the stark contrasts :)

  26. Love minimalism-great capture Johan !!:)

  27. Beautiful composition and representation Johan !

  28. I like it, fantastic minimal image… 

  29. David Orr says:

    a minimal beauty my friend. Hope the family is all well, have a great week my friend !!

  30. Simply beautiful! Endless purity….. Less is more….. We had the longest and coldest winter in Chicago so I’m glad that is ending. It is a difference when you go shooting in the beautiful mountains. I got enough sooting “dirty” winter streets…. Johan Have a good night!:)

  31. Brilliant shot Johan

  32. I love minimalistic contrasty scenes in B&W, classic and beautiful! Lovely work here!

  33. It’s interesting, isn’t it? They look so easy to make yet the entire image’s strength rests in the balance of objects to space, their arrangement, and how tonalities are managed. I’d say the first two are paramount while the tonalities of the image leave a lot of room for personal taste.

    Like you, I had intended to do a lot more winter photography but it never really came to lower attitudes here in Japan either. Next year, I’ll have to chase the images in the highlands to be sure I get something I like.

    The slight difference in whites between the snow and sky is just enough. Lovely vertical minimal image Johan 

    • To me that’s what makes this type of photography fun. It’s a nice challenge and a great way to improve skills :) Many thanks for the great feedback Stephen! Hopefully we both get more luck next winter!

  34. Great minimal shot Johan

  35. A fantastic work, Johan!
    Have a great day :)

  36. I love the wonderful lines Johan !! It’s gorgeous!! Beautiful!

  37. Reminds me our East Syberian winter views from my childhood :) thanks for sharing this one with us !

  38. It’s beautiful Johan. 

  39. E. Cindy says:

    Johan, beautiful minimal!

  40. Barbara BM says:

    Fantastic perspective!!!!!!

  41. Great line of thought that created this image Johan!

  42. Wow, this is so great!

  43. @Matthias: many thanks Matthias !
    @Joan: thank you :) 

  44. Beautiful minimalist image Johan 

  45. You’re absolutely right Johan! Weather has become more extreme in recent years. Last year we had a very long winter and almost no spring, this year reversed. Where will it end? Let’s hope that next year things will get better.

  46. Definitely according to my taste :) It seems like your winter weather has come down south a bit early :(

  47. I adore this, so simple and crisp well done!

  48. @The Global Art Company: thank you! :)
    @Karl: thanks again Karl ! 

  49. Echt super mooi, zo strak.

  50. Mickey D says:

    Love these arts photo ! Thanks

  51. This is great Johan. it almost looks like your approach to B&W has changed or maybe it’s because I have neglected G+ for too long this past year:)

  52. The super-sized guitars of the modern world… Exquisite photograph and processing.

  53. Great work Johan… No snow at all here this year :(

  54. I go out of my way to not include these posts in my images, but this is perfect. 

  55. Thanks Ladislav and Annette :)

  56. Powerful composition, gorgeous tones, great concept. Love this shot Johan!

  57. Fantastic shot Johan. Love the minimalist effect.

  58. Very minimalistic Johan. Excellent photography work and exceptional art!

  59. Looks great Johan! This could be anyplace in rural Canada, except the insulators look different :-)

  60. Minimal very much so.. but wow what a huge impact this gives the viewer..
    not to sure how you get all of your captures so alive..
    but love what you do and how you do it..
    you really are an inspiration … to be able to take a mundane object that one sees every day.. and turn it into something that sparks ones imagination.. is talent beyond comprehension .. hugs

  61. Great shot Johan. I certainly hope you get more opportunities next winter!

  62. The epitome of minimalism. Love it.

  63. Not often, but when you do minimal art you do it in fantastic way! I must agree this type of photography is difficult not only for the photographer but also for the viewer. But your work has something special…. I would say – great power :-) Superb Johan! :-)

  64. Wonderful capture Johan :)

  65. Dear Johan, minimalistic work or not, whatever you create is always lovely and well done.
    Sorry to hear that it was not a decent winter for lower altitudes but with this you proof that your artistic talent shines in all kind of photography… ;).
    Happy rest of the week!

  66. @Grzegorz: minimalistic is a great change from the normal landscape work :) Glad you like what I did here :)
    @Meg: many thanks Meg!
    @Yasmin: blushing 😀 have a great rest of the week! 

  67. Woow this is fantastic image Johan! love it !

  68. Fantastic pictures. Beautiful and yet so mysterious. 

  69. Enzo Ros says:

    WOW!!!! J’adore Johan! 

  70. Poles to infinity! Love it Johan, not boring at all! ;)

  71. Honestly Johan, the more minimal shots border on art to me, love them so much more than the others! This is exceptional! 

  72. @Mikko: thanks again Mikko :)
    @Enzo: 😀 Merci pour le WOW !
    @Benjeev: thanks for the kind words Benjeev!
    @Louisa: many thanks Louisa for the compliment Louisa! I like doing images like these. It is a nice change from normal landscape work. Much more zen :) 

  73. Michael says:

    Hi Johan,

    I hope you are well.

    Your intro rang the same bells for me this year in that we had absolutely no snow either this year where i live, and therefore i had to drive around an hour to get to higher altitudes above a 1000 metres for any decent images this year.

    Love this shot, it really is right up my street this type and style of image. Bravo.
    Love the composition and the wonderful contrasts, and a great one for the portfolio, and not boring at all.

    All the best


    • All is well Mike thanks! And thank you for the compliment. Nice to hear that from a minimal snowscape guru 😀

      Yes winter was crap. I did get the normal winter stuff, but not the minimal stuff I was after. Hopefully next year !

  74. Aline says:

    Great minimalism Johan!
    This is something you have to see, you saw it :-)
    And…. by seeing it, it isn’t enough, you have to see the possiblities also 😉

  75. Marek Rak says:

    Great work Johan! Love it!
    Minimalistic alway taste good ;)

  76. @Mady: thanks!
    @Marek: many thanks Marek and I have to agree :) 

  77. I love the minimalism and composition of this image Johan !

  78. Nice work you do… its cool love it..!!!

  79. Dig this image in so many ways….Home Run!!!

  80. Beautiful minimalist image!

    Love it …and I feel the snow!

  81. Fantastic composition, great shot Johan !

  82. @Marilou: thank you very much Marilou!
    @kenny: glad you like it Kenny :)
    @Jim: thanks Jim! 😀

  83. @Annick: thanks Annick :) Glad it is spring now and that the crap winter is over 😉
    @Christa: thanks Christa :)
    @Girolamo: thanks for the compliment Girolamo! :) 

  84. Johan – So you cranked out the best of this year’s winter :-) Cool shot.

  85. Love the simplicity of this, Johan. Really nicely done

  86. I never knew that poles and lines could be so beautiful. :) Awesome work Johan!! 

  87. Love this minimalistic approach Johan ! :-)

  88. Often times means a lot to a little, and I now see that little mean much (for some people).

  89. Many thanks Sophie, Anna and Danica ! :) 

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