Last mountain light

Last light on the snow-covered Grand Muveran and Petit Muveran mountains, as seen from Leysin in Switzerland. (Johan Peijnenburg)

Last light on the Grand Muveran

[ 200mm – f/6.3 – 1/1250 – ISO320 – D3x with 70-200 f/2.8 ]

Earlier this year I organized a Google+ photo walk to Leysin, which is a small town in the midst of the Swiss Alps of Valais. Unfortunately it was quite hazy that day and it was hard to get really nice shots. Luckily, it cleared up a bit at the end of the day and I was able to get away with this photograph of the snow-covered Grand Muveran and Petit Muveran mountains. Both are about 3.000 meters (10.000 ft) high.

I really loved how the last light was hitting the rugged face of these two mountains. That’s why I decided to focus on that and keep the composition fairly simple: just the rugged mountain face and the soft last mountain light. The used a 2:1 crop to try to frame the key parts of the image a bit. Hope you like it!

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135 Responses to “Last mountain light”

  1. Roland says:

    It’s that kind of light that makes me go silent and just look, maybe smell for I imagine how the cool air will stream downwards and cover my face, making me deeply immersed in that special smell of ice and rock… very nice!


  2. Fantastic detail and light!!!!!

  3. Incredible shot! :-)

  4. Excellent toning and b/w conversion!

  5. My goodness Johan. I think I could cut my finger on those peaks. What a beautiful shot! :)

  6. Beautiful and fantastic b/w conversion!

  7. @Andrew and Kurt: Thanks !!!

  8. I love your black and white photographs of mountain peaks. Excellent shot.

  9. @Rüdi: thanks!
    @Davorin: glad you do Davorin! Some people are hinting that I should do more in color again though :D

  10. That’s a rugged beauty Johan! Maybe you found your building too. ;)

  11. Gorgeous view Johan and the b&w tones are a feast for my eyes !!

  12. Gorgeous shot Johan! The contrast of the light and shadow areas is so well captured, and the tones are lovely!

  13. Love the detail on the rocks…Beautiful!

  14. Radek Vik says:

    Great stuff Johan. The tones here are beautiful!

  15. Awesome B&W shot my friend!!! Perfect!

  16. Thanks a bunch Rich, Milena, Radek and David !!!

  17. Wow.. Great b&w image with beautiful light!!!

  18. Debby Vos says:

    Very beautiful Johan :) I like his one better than your last one ;-p

  19. Very nice work Johan Peijnenburg !

  20. beauty … good living there

  21. Wonderful toning, love this beautiful image, Johan!! Amazing work!!!

  22. Thanks Milan and Markus!!!
    Thank you as well Debby … you know I really hope it will take a while before I post my last one ;)
    @Peter: it certainly is Peter. Thanks!
    @Maggy: glad you like it Maggy!!!

  23. Wow ~ wonderful shot Johan Peijnenburg :)

  24. I think I like this majestic photo on white more so than black Johan! 😉 Excellent work, as always, and the scene has a very granite type of look and feel to it. A cool effect!!

  25. Wonderful contrast of the mountains with your research of the soft last light. Great work Johan!

  26. This is so brilliant. A classic mountain image in the best traditions of the photographic masters of previous years. Perfect in every possible way.

  27. Tom Tran says:

    The tone of this image is just delightful, Johan!

  28. The contrasting light and shadow areas are wonderful … this is a very beautiful photo !

  29. Beautiful!! Incredibly wonderful! I love the wonderful light and the great patterns of light and shadow!! I like the crop too! Outstanding!!

  30. @Dominique and Fabrizio: thank you :)
    @Meg: thanks Meg. Glad you stopped by again!
    @Jerry: thanks mr word magician. Much appreciated!
    @Emanuele: very kind Emanuele! Thanks.

  31. @Carolyn: thank you Carolyn for the kind words and for stopping by!
    @Tom: thank you. Almost as good as yours!
    @Carsten: danke vielmals Carsten!
    @Margaret: thanks a bunch Margaret :) Glad you like my choices!

  32. Incredible shot! So beautiful!

  33. Ada M says:

    ah! this picture went straight through my heart! So beautiful and stunning and….amazing!! Great one Johan !

  34. Ben Coope says:

    Great image, really llike the tones in sky and the snow/ice as the whitest point, really draws the eye to the mountains and lines in the rock face. very well done.

  35. Very nice frame Johan, the light gives so much reliefs

  36. Ooh I love the crop here! Love the light too Johan!

  37. John Dunne says:

    Very nice Johan, Epic is the word that comes to mind,

  38. Excellent b&w. Really lovely, Johan!

  39. Excellent Johan – love the crop

  40. Outstanding Johan … the sidelighting really enhances the terrain features!!

  41. Looks fantastic and very dramatic :)

  42. beautiful composition Johan.

  43. Wonderful photo! The rugged mountain face points out absolutely strong, the crop fits perfect here. It was a really nice walk in Leysin, and I’m happy to see another very good photo from there… Thank you, Johan!

  44. Alan Kirby says:

    Very nice Johan – always look forward to your images!

  45. Looks great Johan and the proportions of sunlight, rock and snow are perfect. Nice mountains too.

  46. The light is fantastic… I were right to stick there ;)

  47. I love this kind of light in mountain photography! This is a big BW photography, looks massive Johan!

  48. Johan that looks wonderful, the details in the midtones are very good. Have a great weekend.

  49. @Mikko: thanks for the kind words and stopping by again Mikko!
    @Ada: that’s a very nice compliment Ada!!!
    @Nikola: dank je wel!
    @Sumit: thanks Sumit … and still here :)
    @Margaret: I must be doing something right then ;)

  50. @Ben: glad you like it Ben!
    @Eric: merci!
    @Paul: dank je wel Paul!
    @John: glad Ireland approves as well John! How are things?
    @Kerry: thanks a bunch Kerry!

  51. @Johan: thanks Johan!
    @Andy: I love it when the light does that to rugged mountain faces like this. Thanks!
    @Anette: I like my drama Anette :)
    @Patrice: I know and I had vin chaud after :) Thanks!
    @Paul: thanks for the compliment. Looking forward to the Austrian version :)
    @Markus: thanks Markus!!!

  52. @Charles: thanks Charles!
    @Dawid: thanks you as well David!
    @Wilfried: I know you love this :) It was nice indeed! Thanks!
    @Alan: really glad you do Alan! Thanks. My priorities are at being out there shooting now though :)
    @Andrew: thank you for the kind words Andrew!

  53. Nice clarity that you have captured. Perfect as usual Johan

  54. Magnifique photo. Bravo l’artiste !

  55. So powerful and a wonderful Shot!! 

  56. Really a wonderful panorama of swiss mountains! But I would also like to see a version in color?

  57. Merci beaucoup Jean-Michel!
    Thank you Beatrix!
    @Robert: thanks Robert. I will see if I can create a color version that I like myself. I opted for B&W because I had a certain end result in mind, so haven’t really worked on the color version. Hope all is well in Austria!

  58. Ah some traditional work! I wish we’d have some mountains over here in Holland Johan ! Classic beauty!

  59. Shadows are your friend. So true.

  60. Beautiful gray tones … love the ribbons of light

  61. Thank you Hengki and Maurizio!

  62. Wow Johan , this is phenomenal!!! I can feel the energy of this mountains! Love it!!!! :-)
    Thanks for posting!

  63. Nice work through the whole tonal range Johan, You have some great mountain ranges hey and this is a Beautiful example!

  64. Really great mono tones; they suit this dramatic view perfectly.

  65. Rich Levy says:

    Oh wow georgeous

  66. @Sophie: thank you!!! Glad you like them (and the image)!
    @Ian: Yes I sure do. These are actually fairly close to where I live :)
    @David: thanks for the compliment and for stopping by!
    @rich: thank you. Glad you like it!

  67. How did I miss this?!! Stunning texture, Johan!

  68. Breathtaking view Johan, truly stunning! I want to come there to CH again :)

  69. This is great Johan; it looks like you have a really nice vantage point here.

  70. This has really tremendous details! Love the clarity, the tones and contrast! I’ve used this word before but, again, this is really alpinetastic Johan!

  71. Love how the shadows follow the striations in the rock. Great shot Johan Peijnenburg

  72. Incredibly beautiful Johan!

  73. Thanks a lot Scott and Patricia !!!

  74. Very nice Johan, love the textures!! Hope you are doing well.

  75. Really enjoyable details to here!

  76. @Richard: thanks! All’s fine thank you. And with you. Did you move already?
    @Michael: glad you like it Michael!

  77. An amazing b+w interpretation Johan I’m impressed by the richness of detail this capture shows. Great!

  78. Beautiful scene, Johan! Love the b&w here!

  79. I love your b/w mountain shots! I never get this great tonality into mine … good inspiration :-))

  80. wow, another great one, thanks for sharing

  81. Nice details… great shot!

  82. @Matthias: not sure how I do it either 😉 Keep trying I would say! thanks for the compliment!
    @Gemma: thanks Gemma!
    @Aileen: thanks a bunch Aileen!!! 

  83. the textures, contrast and sharpness…amazing! beautiful!

  84. Shane and Nora: thanks you both a bunch again :)

  85. Beautiful light – perfect sharpness. Looks so powerful and silent… for a lack of a better way to put it ;-)

  86. this is so nice … the light is perfect …

  87. Hi Johan, fantastic image, very nice indeed, congrats

  88. yes , l believe that you in front a all image with all beauty white and roch ,with certain one emocion single:)

  89. Людмила and Sandra: thank you!

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