Standing Tall, snow dusted larch trees in winter

A Swiss landscape photograph in B&W, featuring a group of larch trees in winter, dusted with a thin layer of fresh snow and hoar frost.

La Fouly, Switzerland
January, 2013

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Camera and lens

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/4G ED VR III


ƒ/11, 1/160s, ISO 100 and 175mm

Size original

7259 x 4844 pixels


Larch trees in wintertime are at least as beautiful as in autumn. Their dark bark and bare tree branches stand out against snow in a very distinctive way. This minimalist winter landscape photograph in black and white, titled “Standing Tall”, is a great example. The thin layer of fresh snow on the branches of the larch trees and the fog in the background makes them stand out even more.

Standing Tall was captured in La Fouly in the Swiss Alps. La Fouly is a small town at the end of the beautiful Val Ferret valley in the canton of Valais in the South of Switzerland. The scene immediately caught the eye. First of all, because of its simplicity. Secondly, because the larch trees seem to cuddle up to feel warm and stand tall together.

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