Down the River, daybreak in the Swiss mountains

A colour photograph of a mountain landscape captured in the Swiss National park, featuring a mountain river meandering down from the Swiss mountains in summer.

Cierfs, Graubünden, Switzerland
June, 2017
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Camera & lens

ZEISS Milvus 2.8/18

Camera settings

ƒ/13, 1/50s, ISO 64 and 18mm

Size original

7226 x 4822 pixels


This landscape was photographed in the Swiss National Park in Graubünden in Switzerland. It was summer in the Swiss mountains. This mountain river did not have that much water in it anymore as a result. Enough though to include it and its a river bed with rocks in this mountain landscape photograph. This mountain river runs parallel to the many scenic hiking trails in the park. The Swiss National Park is a great place to be if you like hiking and photography.

This mountain river runs down from Piz Tavrü in the background. Piz Tavrü is a mountain that is part of the Sesvenna mountain range. It is situated just north of the Ofen pass. In the foreground, you see a pine tree forest and many rocks. The early morning sun lights the Swiss mountains and trees in the back sideways. A longer exposure time smoothened the water a bit. As a result, it looks less busy.

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