A mushroom landscape: Where Elves live

The idea was to go and shoot a castle in Champvent, Switzerland. It, however, turned out to be a foggy day with light rain, so I ended up in a forest nearby. While shooting trees with Autumn colours, I ran into this fairytale mushroom landscape. The elves that live here were home. Unfortunately, they were in a hurry to be on time for lunch with a few hobbits. So they had to leave and didn’t have time to wait while I was setting up my tripod.

Mushrooms in Autumn

A close-up of a group of mushrooms with Autumn foliage in the background.

Make sure to check out ourΒ Nature’s Detail photography portfolio for more photographs of nature’s beautiful detail, including a few more with mushrooms.

Cheers, Johan πŸ™‚

60 thoughts on “A mushroom landscape: Where Elves live

  1. Erica Findley says:

    I love this one…Mushrooms have always been fascinating to me! πŸ™‚ I’ve been on a painting kick and therefore I see a painting in this…may I attempt to paint something using your photo as reference?

      • Yasmin Simpson says:

        Everything is so precious to me… Some of my favourite of favourites photographers in this world (Athena Carey and you … Johan), sweet-gentle and great photographers, plus the fairy story and the picture, what else can I ask for… πŸ™‚

        • Johan Peijnenburg says:

          Thank you Yasmin! It is really nice to hear that … blushing now … I’d/we’d better keep doing stuff like this then πŸ™‚

  2. Charles Lupica says:

    Great photo. I wish I had gone with you. The rain sort of discouraged me. I have a ton of mushroom pictures so maybe I’ll post up one later if I can get past all of my more “official” things I have on my plate. AH, a plate, I need to think about that as well.


    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Thanks Charles: best time to go shooting for mushrooms now. It is not my specialty but it combines well with walking dog .-)

  3. Beverley Aston says:

    Your little Elves live in a very special block of apartments – love the composition of this shot, the fungi are so placed in your shot that they appear to be looking down on the valley below…:)

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Thanks Beverley! There were several appartment blocks there πŸ™‚ I also shot if from the “front”, but indeed preferred this composition πŸ™‚

  4. Ernest W. says:

    What’s wrong with my eyes. I read the title as: Where Elvis lives.”
    Mushrooms are delicious. And amazing in how they find organic material and sprout seemingly magical from it.
    (and heed experts’ warnings when they say certain species are not edible)

  5. Johan Peijnenburg says:

    @LaDonna Pride: I tried, but apparently the hobbits were more interesting πŸ˜›
    @Francis: thank you!
    @Athena: winter is next!

      • Johan Peijnenburg says:

        We were planning to investigate raquettes in the coming weeks Athena. Don’t know the brands yet. Shoes: plenty of options: just got myself a pair of Meindle’s with nice furry insides. Columbia’s are nice as well !

  6. Athena Carey says:

    @LaDonna Pride: no – he kept quietly to himself over there while I went tromping off in a different direction looking for the forest’s heart. πŸ˜‰
    @Johan: I concede – you are correct again. πŸ˜‰

  7. Athena Carey says:

    Such a very lovely elfen highrise you found Johan.
    This is what you were up to when I was off shooting “the heart of the forest” that I posted yesterday. πŸ™‚

  8. Johan Peijnenburg says:

    Thanks sharaf, peter paul and Peter !
    LaDonna Pride: yes, that was a pitty. They were all dressed up as well πŸ˜€
    Patrick: didn’t spot trolls. Don’t know if they have family in Swiss forests πŸ™‚

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