Alpine Winter paradise in Black & White

Black & white impression of the Swiss Diablerets Massif in Winter

Alpine Winter paradise in Black & White
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Winter mountain photography from the Diablerets alpine region in Switzerland, featuring the Schluchhorn (by Johan Peijnenburg)
70mm – f/13 – 1/640 – ISO320 . Nikon D3x with 24mm f/1.4

I am so looking forward to the arrival of snow in the Swiss Alps! Winter mountain photography is one of my favourite types of photography. A Swiss alpine region I like a lot for winter mountain photography is the Diablerets mountain region (located between the cantons of Valais and Vaud, in the western French-speaking part of Switzerland). The mountains in this region are incredible. They have so much character. It is hard to stop shooting, especially in Winter! It’s one of those places that makes my heart beat faster and it just puts a grin on my face that usually won’t fade for days! Sort of my personal paradise … at just half an hour from my home:-)

The above image is one that I shot last february. When I shot it, I already knew I would process it in black & white and have now finally found the time to do it. I really hope you like it! The mountain in the photograph is the Schluchhorn, which has an altitude of 2,579 m (8,461 ft). So what do you think?

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  1. HERMOSA….

  2. Laurent Coppée 4 years ago

    Wonderful shot Johan! I love the mountains in winter and the snow on the trees 😀
    Great tones and contrast!

    • Author

      Merci Laurent … I get goose bumps from Alps in Winter … and that’s not the effect of the cold :-) Thanks for the feedback !

  3. Nathan Wirth 4 years ago

    beautiful contrasts … wonderfully dramatic!

  4. Joel Tjintjelaar 4 years ago

    I like it Johan – I love the bright whites and the clouds in this one. Great B&W!

  5. Andy Kennelly 4 years ago

    this looks amazing in b&w. great work!

  6. jen Baptist 4 years ago

    THINK? All thought stopped… in awe!

  7. dene' miles 4 years ago

    Third visit and wow so worth it. Love the atmosphere and tones. Just an all around stunner Johan :)

    • Author

      You’re now officially one of my fav visitors Dene’ 😀 Looking forward to your next B&W as well !

  8. Stefanie Loges 4 years ago

    Wonderful atmosphere Johan!! Been there hiking some 25 years ago – summertimes of course 😉

    • Author

      Thanks Stefanie! It is a great area isn’t it. I love it all year, but in Winter it is just amazing :-)

      • Stefanie Loges 4 years ago

        For a lowlands nymphe like me it was absolutely amazing and breathtaking Johan 😉

        • Author

          I once was a lowland dude Stefanie, so I know the feeling :-)

          • Stefanie Loges 4 years ago

            I supposed you was just from your name, so atypical swissmade 😀

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 4 years ago

            I am from The Netherlands Stefanie … can’t get a lot flatter then that 😀

  9. Incredibly beautiful! Love this in B&W!

  10. Cameron Siguenza 4 years ago

    Wow – that makes my heart beat faster here too – really breathtaking – I love the mountains. Thanks for sharing Johan

  11. Sandy Lupu 4 years ago

    Superb, Johan!

  12. Stefan Schnebelt 4 years ago

    Great photo Johan!

  13. Richard Murphy 4 years ago

    Stunning photo Johan Nice!

  14. Gerard Charnley 4 years ago

    Very nice :)

  15. Buzz Bussino 4 years ago

    nice photo

  16. Author

    Patricia, Sandy, Gerard, Stefan, Richard and Buzz: thank you so much for the kind words and for stopping by!

  17. Author

    @Cameron: thanks!!! It’s a incurable virus isn’t it :-)

    • Cameron Siguenza 4 years ago

      Very well said :) That is why I have always loved skiing, mountaineering, climbing, hiking…. nothing like going to the top of a mountain or just gazing up at them. I was born in the mountains of BC, and even though I am in California, and the nearest mountains are 3+ hours away, I still have my many happy memories.

      • Author

        I am from a flat country. Told mom & dad that I wanted to move to the Alps when i was 8 …. and I did 32 years later. No regrets here 😀

  18. Kerry Murphy 4 years ago

    That is gorgeous, Johan! And a half hour from your house! How nice. I love the snow on the pine trees. Beautiful.

  19. Johan Swanepoel 4 years ago

    Lovely Johan – you are fortunate to have scenery like this on your doorstep :)

  20. Author

    Thanks Kerry and Johan! Yes, very fortunate :-)

  21. Sumit Sen 4 years ago

    Superb shot Johan

  22. Jessy Eykendorp 4 years ago

    Breath taking view, Johan! Great work in BW!

  23. mariano minolfo 4 years ago

    Great pic, next time I’ll travel to the mountains I’ll try B&W

    • Author

      You should Mariano! Sometimes an image works very well in B&W, where it doesn’t in color!

  24. Patrice PVK 4 years ago

    The alpes… My first (and only?) love… Thank you Johan for sharing this one … :)

    • Author

      My first love as well Patrice … luckely not the only one though :-) Thanks!

  25. Meg Rousher 4 years ago

    Great shot! I can see why it’s one of your favorite places.

    • Author

      Thanks Meg! It is kinda obvious ain’t it 😀

      • Meg Rousher 4 years ago

        Yes :) Living in Florida (the land of no mountains) I really miss seeing mountains. Thanks to you and others now I can see them from around the world, Thanks

  26. Peter de Rooij 4 years ago

    nice one – and great weather (for photography)!

  27. Athena Carey 4 years ago

    What an absolutely gorgeous winter scene Johan! :) You know I also love this area. 😉

  28. Daniel Cheong 4 years ago

    Majestic in B&W!

  29. Charles Lupica 4 years ago

    I’m not sure I could keep up with the two of you but it does look like a beautiful place and I’d love to go. Just tell me when and where and I’ll do my best to be there. :-)

    • Author

      the idea would be to go up the mountain. Think there are a few spots up there which would be cool for panoramic work … with the Mont Blanc included in the background as a bonus :-)

  30. Joel Tjintjelaar 4 years ago

    Still a beauty Johan:)

    • Author

      sorry it is no LE this time … would have loved to be featured on your page again :-)

      • Joel Tjintjelaar 4 years ago

        Hey Johan. I have new rules: it doesn’t have to be an LE shot anymore. As long as it is B&W. So if you tag it, I will include it:)

        • Author

          Thanks Joel! I just tagged it …. and also tagged the one of two posts ago :-)
          This B&W stuff is addictive by the way. Still trying to find a style (not sure if I have to), but I am amazed with what B&W can do !

  31. Maggy Meyer 4 years ago

    Amazing contrasts, gorgeous image, Johan!!

  32. Neil Camara 4 years ago

    Simply beautiful!!! I hope I can do this one day! Great shot Johan !!!

    • Author

      Thanks Neil! That was what I was thinking a few months ago. I have finally made the time to dive into B&W and am loving it!

  33. Mikko Tyllinen 4 years ago

    amazing beauty Johan! Fantastic place!

  34. Francis Gagnon 4 years ago

    This is just fantastic, Johan ! Really like the atmosphere here !

  35. Author

    @Mikko: thank you and nice to meet you!
    @Francis: thanks for the compliment. Glad you stopped by again!

  36. dene' miles 4 years ago

    back for another awe inspiring gaze :)

    • Author

      really glad you like it that much! Think I need to post more soon then :-)

  37. Robert Esseboom 4 years ago

    cool view and shot

  38. Nora Carol 4 years ago

    wonderful shot Johan, the b/w works very well with this image.

  39. Cho Tang 4 years ago

    Wow, wat een scherpte Johan ! Erg mooi naar BW geconverteerd ook

  40. Author

    Thanks a lot Nora and Robert:-) Thanks for leaving a comment!
    Cho: dank je wel. Geschoten net na verse sneeuw en dan is de lucht zo schoon hier. Ideale omstandigheden om op pad te gaan en dit soort plaatjes te schieten :-)

  41. The Diablerets alpine region reminds me the Sayan mountains. Thank you for the pleasent refresher

  42. Grant Murray 4 years ago

    Wow, what a beautiful mountainscape Johan !!

  43. Robert Skreiner 4 years ago

    Great photo! Johan There is more and more Black & White – Photography presented by Switzerland in this time 😉

    • Author

      Haha thanks Robert. There seems to be a black and white red line indeed 😉 Thanks for the compliment!

  44. Jim Davis 4 years ago

    Nice image Johan. love the composition and power of the mountains portrayed

  45. John De Bord 4 years ago

    what a brilliant capture, lovely texture and tone here

  46. Yasmin Simpson 4 years ago

    As beautiful as always Johan 😉

  47. Author

    Jim, John and Yasmin: thank you very much for the nice comments. Highly appreciated!

  48. Simon Morris 4 years ago

    Stunning capture Johan – wonderful contrast! :-)

  49. Vitor Ferreira 4 years ago

    Amazing work!

  50. Jeff Clow 4 years ago

    Johan, I’ve been traveling so have been offline for a week….just got back and saw this great portfolio. You do superb work with a lens.

  51. Randall Sanger 4 years ago

    Tremendous image Johan !!

  52. Don Amaro 4 years ago

    Amazing photo Johan

  53. Tim Souza 4 years ago

    Great view with great tones!

  54. Author

    Thanks Tim and Don !

  55. shane holsclaw 4 years ago

    such a beauty! love snow covered trees. I really love those trees on the left! like they’re walking down the mountain. : )

    • Author

      Thanks Shane. I personally prefer this one over the one you commented on earlier. Has a bit more depth and interest :-)

      • shane holsclaw 4 years ago

        this one does have more of a feel like you’re right in the photo. The wider shot feels more like you’re looking from a window. So I see what you’re saying. both are grand!

        • Author

          apparently we were wrong. The other one got featured on PhotoExtract … this one didn’t :-)

          • shane holsclaw 4 years ago

            hehehehehe – too funny+Johan. I think we all see this don’t we? Some of my images that I really love and post don’t get much feedback. Others that I love (just not as strongly)…get more feedback.

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 4 years ago

            That’s also a good thing Shane. Tastes do vary luckily :-)

  56. Charles Lupica 4 years ago

    simply stunning. I need to pay more attention when we go shooting together. Perhaps a landscape workshop would help, seriously. At the very least, it would be interesting to sit down and have a chat about your views on taking good landscape images.
    Do you have anything like that on your blog ?

    • Author

      thanks fo the compliment! Maybe I will forbid you to take pano’s next time … see first and then shoot 😉 Just kidding of course. I would me more then happy to give you tips. I don’t have something relevant on that on my blog, but there are zillions of resources on the internet that can help out. A workshop could be interesting too.

      • Charles Lupica 4 years ago

        too much chaff on the internet. I get lost in searching long before I find anything useful. I like to rely on people I have some knowledge of rather than a broad search.
        Johan. are you using Silver EFX from Nik Software for your conversions ?

        • Author

          Yes, I prep the images in Lightroom and then use Color Efex for the conversion Charles …. I just (finally) purchased PhotoShop by the way … now need to find time to install and learn how to use it.

  57. excellent work…..Johan

  58. David Burns 4 years ago

    Hello Johan,

    The image of Diablerets Massif in Winter is fantastic,I feel I can almost walk into it.I’m very excited to see your photography even more now as an opportunity has just come for me to visit Switzerland in the late spring,the alps are one of my favorite places.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your GPP and Photoshelter integration and experiences,it has motivated me and I am starting to put a site together now,I look forward to seeing any of your new work.
    All the best from Nova Scotia,Canada.

    • Author

      Thanks for the compliments David and glad to see you have signed up for Bluehost :-) You won’t regret it.
      Do not hesitate to ask questions when working o your new site. Looking forward to seeing what you make of it :-)

  59. wooow

  60. Rafael Moos 4 years ago

    Love Diablerets, been going there since I was born. IT’S SO WONDERFUL!

  61. Author

    Pawel: thank you!
    Rafael: thanks! I agree. You from Switzerland?

  62. Lisa Frost 4 years ago

    Beautiful shot – the tonality is gorgeous!

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