Alpine Winter paradise in Black & White

Black & white impression of the Swiss Diablerets Massif in Winter

Alpine Winter paradise in Black & White
November 28, 2011 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
Winter mountain photography from the Diablerets alpine region in Switzerland, featuring the Schluchhorn (by Johan Peijnenburg)
70mm – f/13 – 1/640 – ISO320 . Nikon D3x with 24mm f/1.4

I am so looking forward to the arrival of snow in the Swiss Alps! Winter mountain photography is one of my favourite types of photography. A Swiss alpine region I like a lot for winter mountain photography is the Diablerets mountain region (located between the cantons of Valais and Vaud, in the western French-speaking part of Switzerland). The mountains in this region are incredible. They have so much character. It is hard to stop shooting, especially in Winter! It’s one of those places that makes my heart beat faster and it just puts a grin on my face that usually won’t fade for days! Sort of my personal paradise … at just half an hour from my home:-)

The above image is one that I shot last february. When I shot it, I already knew I would process it in black & white and have now finally found the time to do it. I really hope you like it! The mountain in the photograph is the Schluchhorn, which has an altitude of 2,579 m (8,461 ft). So what do you think?