Schluchhorn north face on a winter-day

Last light on the Schluchhorn north face, in black & white

Schluchhorn north face on a winter-day
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The north face of the Schluchhorn mountain, extending towards the Sanetschhorn. Both are part of the Diablerets massif. (Johan Peijnenburg)
38mm – f/11 – 1/125 – ISO100 – D3x with 24-70 f/2.8

The image above was shot last December at the end of a cold winter-day. It features the Schluchhorn (2,579 m – 8,461 ft). Its very characteristic north face extends all the way from the left to the right side of the image, where it meets with the Sanetschhorn (2,924 m – 9,593 ft). Both mountains are part of the Diablerets massif in Switzerland. In this image the Schluchhorn is barely catching a bit of last light.

I decided to process the image in black and white using Silver Efex Pro 2, to create a bit of a dark and moody effect. I will post the color version at a later stage as well …

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  1. Dave Pattinson 4 years ago

    Amazing detail and contrast!!! Great image!!!!

  2. Darryl van Gaal 4 years ago

    love the lines in this shot. Perfect choice for B&W

  3. jen Baptist 4 years ago

    WOW… mesmerizing.

  4. Jason Borg 4 years ago

    awe·some   [aw-suhm] adjective
    1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
    2. showing or characterized by awe.

    Awe: an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of God; in awe of great scenary captured beatifully.

    From and slightly modified.

  5. Joel Tjintjelaar 4 years ago

    How does brilliant sound Johan ? Can you live with that?:)

    • Author

      That sounds great Joel :-) This one was a fight and I am still not sure …

      • Joel Tjintjelaar 4 years ago

        Turned out vey well Johan – a long exposure version of this would look great as well:)

        • Author

          I wish I could do that after the fact Joel 😉 This was a quick grab when I was on the road between two locations … no time for LE’s …

  6. David Burns 4 years ago

    Nicely done Johan,very moody,
    I also like how the shot leads me up the valley, draws me in. I find that the clouds are really interesting in the Alps.

    • Author

      Thank you David! Pitty I didn’t have more time. This would have been an excellent scene for a long exposure with those clouds!

  7. Kerry Murphy 4 years ago

    Beautiful, Johan

  8. Chris Summers 4 years ago

    beautiful contrast and tonal depth. And when you ski on this mountain your skis go “Schluch” as they glide over the snow!

  9. Milena Llieva 4 years ago

    Lovely detail on the mountain :))) great sky!

  10. Stan Showalter 4 years ago

    Great image Johan. I love the B&W conversion here. The “silvery” feel to it suits the image perfectly.

  11. Author

    @Chris: thanks you for the compliment! I don’t think I will ski down this one :-) There is a nice glacier hike on top of this mountain range. A lot safer :)
    Thank you as well Milena !!

  12. Daniel Ewert 4 years ago

    Beautiful winter landscape scene!

  13. Layla Kuyper 4 years ago

    I’m loving these dramatic mountain scenes, Johan! Great work.

  14. Author

    Thank you Daniel and Layla !

  15. Nicholas Ong 4 years ago

    I was just checking to see if you have new photos y’day, there you have it today Beautiful capture!

    • Author

      would like to post more often, but time doesn’t allow it at the moment. Thanks for checking and the feedback Nicholas!

  16. Lovely scene, beautifully processed Johan! Love the moody feel.

  17. Lance Rudge 4 years ago

    Love the clouds and textures Johan!! beautiful image!

  18. Author

    Julia and Lance: thanks very much for your kind words :-)

  19. Sumit Sen 4 years ago

    Outstanding shot! Beautifully processed!

  20. Jessy Eykendorp 4 years ago

    I love the dramatic scene here…works perfectly well on BW, Johan !

  21. So much drama and beauty. I absolutely love this. Those clouds are perfect and I really think this is excellent in b&w

  22. Author

    Jessy and Sinead: thank you both very much for the lovely words and for stopping by again :-)

  23. Richard Murphy 4 years ago

    Love the contrasts Johan

  24. Javier Esvall 4 years ago

    Great contrast and tone

  25. Markus Landsmann 4 years ago

    Johan, a wonderful view and processing, I love the mountains.
    I wish you a good weekend.

  26. Author

    @Richard and @Javier: thank you!

  27. Laurent Coppée 4 years ago

    Wow Johan, well worth seen big! This is an alpinetabulous landscape you are offering us, superb processing, as usual should I add :)

  28. Mikko Tyllinen 4 years ago

    Wow! Such a mysterious dream! Fabulous capturing Johan! Very beautiful!

  29. John Dunne 4 years ago

    You are producing some striking B&W images recently Johan.

  30. Author

    Thank you very much for the compliments Laurent and Mikko!
    @John: thank you! Working on building my B&W portfolio :-) Still not sure about the processing of this one by the way. The thumbnail here makes it look a bit too dark …

  31. Robert Esseboom 4 years ago

    I love this shot

  32. Meg Rousher 4 years ago

    Beautiful Shot Johan :)

  33. Author

    @Robert: dank je wel!! Alles goed?
    @Meg: thank you! Don’t get your second comment, but looks like you were answering spam …

  34. Francis Gagnon 4 years ago

    This photograph is so incredible, especially when seeing it in large. Really like it, Johan !

  35. Peter de Rooij 4 years ago

    You got a great remote, stark, impressive mood in there.

  36. Yasmin Simpson 4 years ago

    Looks very cold for me Johan, but you already know is a beautfiulllllllll work… 😉

  37. Robert Brosche' 4 years ago

    wonderful image here

  38. Author

    Francis: glad you like it! It definitely looks different on my wide angle screen :-)
    Peter: thank you as well! Hope all is well in Ho Chi Minh City!
    Yasmin: it was something like 15 celsius at the time :) Thanks for the kind words !!
    Thank you very much Robert!!

  39. Beautifully processed! The sky with these contrasts give drama to the scene.Great photo!

  40. Johan – My last action for today is… Enjoying your wonderful photograph!

    It’s perfectly framed, all visual patterns and lines draw the eye to the summit. I really like how vividly the sky appears behind and over the scene, you can really see the distance between clouds and mountains. It’s almost 3D!

    This is not a simple landscape photo, it is a true portrait of Schluchhorn. Very well done, Johan!

    • Author

      Thank you for the very nice words Wilfried!!! Think there will be more coming from this shoot. The light and clouds were very nice and also the color shots look pretty interesting! Have a great weekend my friend!

  41. this really looks overly dramatic. can’t wait to visit the alps next weekend. thanks for making me even more hungry Johan :)

    • Author

      the color version was already dramatic and the B&W conversion only added to it :-) Hope it is not too much!

  42. Diego Cattaneo 4 years ago

    Johan, awesome shot! The right amount of drama :)) @Matthias were are you going?

    • @Diego: Montafon, Vorarlberg, Austria
      @Johan: it’s not too much in my opinion. b/w allows just that 😉

      • Author

        @Diego: thank you!!
        @Matthias: thanks for the feedback. Enjoy the stay in the Alps. Will you be shooting?

  43. shane holsclaw 4 years ago

    gorgeous…breathtaking image Johan! love the sharp details and the sky is fantastic!

  44. The sky is great as well the mountains. Great Johan!

  45. Author

    Thanks Shane and Anette !!

  46. Jerry Johnson 4 years ago

    Johan, when I see one of your fantastic photos, I just sit back and gaze at the beauty of your photos. This one was no exception and the details are so sharp I could cut my finger on them! :-) Well done!!

  47. Nakeva Corothers 4 years ago

    Beautiful Image and B/W!

  48. Incredible image! I love the strength of the lines and the great drama in both the sky and the mountain. Your B&W treatment adds to that drama. Awesome Johan! Absolutely awesome!!

  49. Author

    Thank you Nakeva and Margaret :-)

  50. Mark Esguerra 4 years ago

    Amazing shot Johan! Every single part of the frame is so interesting. 😉

  51. Paul van Loo 4 years ago

    Wow, impressive view Johan ! Love the crop too 😉

  52. Robby Bowles 4 years ago

    Gorgeous black and white Johan!

  53. Beautiful winter scene Johan. Great job!

  54. Author

    Mark an Paul: thanks and thanks fo the visit!
    Thank you as well Robby and Dawid !

  55. Mykal Hall 4 years ago

    Very nice mate, my eyes have so much to take in.

  56. Stuart Williams 4 years ago

    Amazing rock face details and nice strong tones to show them well. :-)

  57. Mikael Sh 4 years ago

    looking great Johan

  58. Author

    Thanks for the kinds words and for stopping by Stuart and Mikael !!

  59. Randall Sanger 4 years ago

    Amazing scene and image, Johan!

  60. Neil Camara 4 years ago

    Incredible black and white shot! Love the composition! Excellent!!!!

  61. Johan Swanepoel 4 years ago

    A real beauty Johan

  62. Athena Carey 4 years ago

    Love that dark ridge and those fluffy clouds Johan :)

  63. Author

    Randall, Neil, Johan and Athena: thank you all for the kind words. I appreciate it!!

  64. Charles Lupica 4 years ago

    I really love the contrast and detail in this. Your images always make me wish I were closer to the mountains where I could be out shooting in an hour or so :-))

    • Author

      Thanks Charles! I will re-visit the processing a bit though, as I think I should light it up just a bit.
      Yes, you should come out the mountains more often. You are very close, so there is no reason no to!

  65. Eric Rousset 4 years ago

    Nice landscape Johan , all textures brings so much impact.Well done

  66. Dane Clingan 4 years ago

    awesome works for me, too! You got a great sky and composed a magical scene with lots to look at. Outstanding!

  67. Author

    Eric and Dane: thanks for the kind words and for stopping by again !!!

  68. Franka M. Gabler 4 years ago

    B&W really works great for this image and brings out the different textures.

  69. Nguyen Minh 4 years ago


  70. Author

    Thank you Franka and Nguyen !!

  71. Vitor Ferreira 4 years ago

    A very dramatic grayscale picture, nice one.

  72. Cho Tang 4 years ago

    Wow Johan ! Wederom een absolute topper! Schitterende tonen en compositie :)

    • Author

      dank je wel !!! Alles goed?

      • Cho Tang 4 years ago

        Alles lekker hier in het zonnige Holland Johan ! Met jou ook?

        • Author

          alles goed. “Rotklusjes” afgewerkt de afgelopen weken en nu mag de lente komen … en de nieuwe cams :-)

  73. Radek Vik 4 years ago

    Beautiful Johan Love the strong contrast and the composition

  74. Don Spenner 4 years ago

    masterpiece of photographic excellence! Johan

  75. Eva Bertozzi 4 years ago

    great panorama !!!

  76. Such an impressive and immense landscape. Lovely work Johan.

    • Author

      Thank you Andrew! It’s my favorite mountain range here in Switzerland :-)

  77. Ada M 4 years ago

    every time I look at these pictures I realize how much beauty is on this planet and how grateful I am that artists like you show it to us. Wish you a great day!

    • Author

      Very nice words Ada! I feel very priviliged to be able to shoot these scenes. I can only hope I do it justice :-)

      • Ada M 4 years ago

        You do justice to it very well!!!

  78. markus rienzner 4 years ago

    great sky! beautiful image!

  79. Markus Rienzer 4 years ago

    Nice contrast on this one my friend! ;-)

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