Walk on Water, a rocky breakwater in Lac Léman

A photograph in B&W featuring a line of rocks acting as a breakwater in Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). The rocks lead the eye towards the clouds on the horizon.

Préverènges, Switzerland
May, 2014
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Camera & lens

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G

Camera settings

ƒ/16, 356s, ISO 100 and 24mm

Size original

4503 x 6747 pixels


This line of rocks, acting as a breakwater in Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), is one of the many compelling foreground subjects found on the beach near Préverenges in the Swiss canton of Vaud. Préverenges beach is one of the few sandy beaches on the shores of Lac Léman. Hence, the need for breakwaters like this. Breakwaters keep the sand from washing away.

This breakwater in Lac Léman is interesting because it guides the eye of the viewer towards the clouds and faint silhouette of mountains of the French Alps on the horizon. It also gives the impression that you can use it to start walking on water towards the horizon. This lake landscape photograph, titled “Walk on Water”, is a long exposure photograph. The shutter time was six minutes. As a result, the water is smoother, and the clouds in the sky are more attractive. Besides that, it makes the line of rocks stand out more against the water of the lake.

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  1. Bill Baines

    Still a nice one! I remember this one from Google+ 😊
    I really like the composition and low perspective!

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