A minimalist fine art photograph in black & white, showing a countryside winter landscape with six snow-dusted fruit trees on a foggy and moody day.

Gruyères, Switzerland
May, 2020

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Camera and lens

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/4G ED VR III


ƒ/10, 1/500s, ISO 64 and 175mm

Size original

7360 x 4912 pixels



This winter landscape photograph with trees was captured in the Swiss countryside near the town of Gruyères (Greyerz) in the canton of Fribourg. You will run into many fruit trees like this there. They are excellent photography subjects, especially in wintertime. This setting with trees against a background of fog and snow creates an attractive minimalist look and feel. The black and white presentation adds to that. Less is often more! The dusting of snow on the trees is a nice bonus because it makes the trees stand out a bit more.

This specific scene immediately caught the eye because the six trees appear to be a family. Mom, dad and the kids. Hence the title “Family Ties” for this photograph. Make sure to also check out the photo titled Winter Tranquillity. It features the same six trees but with a different composition.

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