Smooth as Silk, a milky river rapid in B&W with rocks

A minimalist black and white fine art photograph, with granite rocks surrounded by the milky and misty water of a glacial mountain river rapid.

Pontresina, Engadin, Switzerland
May, 2012
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Camera & lens

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED

Camera settings

ƒ/11, 49s, ISO 100 and 66mm

Size original

5921 x 3947 pixels


River rapids in B&W are gorgeous. Especially when a longer exposure time is used to invoke motion blur like in this one. Depending on the actual length of the exposure time, the water will magically become smooth as silk. In the case of a glacial mountain river, the water will often seem milky and misty as a result as well.

This minimalist fine art photograph, suitably titled “Smooth as Silk”, features a river rapid in the Morteratsch glacier river in Pontresina. Pontresina is a small town in the beautiful alpine Engadin region of the canton of Graubünden in the Swiss Alps. The rocks in the water are granite rocks.

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2 comments for Smooth as Silk, a milky river rapid in B&W with rocks

  1. Shane Dawson

    The first time I saw this one is about 6 years ago. Still appreciate it a lot! The contrast between the rocks and the silky smooth water makes this one stand out!

    • Johan Peijnenburg

      And I still remember your initial feedback Shane! 🙂 How are things in Canada?

  2. Mona Youssef

    Breath taking and a piece of art Johan!!

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