A mountain lake landscape photograph, showing a peaceful sunrise at Lai da Palpuogna with Piz Ela and other Swiss Alps reflected in the lake.

Albulapass, Switzerland
October, 2013

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Camera and lens

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G


ƒ/11, 1/15s, ISO 100 and 24mm

Size original

7124 x 4755 pixels



This autumn sunrise at Lai da Palpuogna, or Palpuognasee in German, was very soothing and peaceful. Therefore, “Alpine Serenity” seemed to be a fitting title for this mountain lake landscape photograph. The photograph illustrates the beauty of the Swiss Alps and lakes in Graubünden, a canton in southeast Switzerland. Lai da Palpuogna lies at an altitude of 1,918 metres (6,293 ft).

Alpine Serenity was captured during sunrise at Lai da Palpuogna. This mountain lake is situated at Albula Pass near the town of Bergün. The sun just started to rise above the mountains when the photograph was taken. As a result, the light was still soft and balanced. The mountains catching first light in the back are Piz Ela (left) and Piz Üertsch (right).

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