Fearless, a white water tower in a rapeseed flower field

Fine art landscape photography in B&W, showing a white water tower standing tall in a rapeseed flower field just before the storm in the Swiss countryside.

Goumoens-la-Ville, Switzerland
May, 2017
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Buy a licence or print


Camera & lens

ZEISS Otus 1.4/55 APO Distagon

Camera settings

ƒ/11, 15s, ISO 64 and 55mm

Size original

4755 x 7124 pixels


The water tower in this fine art black & white photograph is a striking feature in the Swiss countryside near Goumoens-la-Ville in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. In springtime, it is often surrounded by fields with yellow rapeseed flowers or fields with wheat. In this photograph, you see a rapeseed field.

It was a windy but sunny day. The sun subtly lights the water tower and flower field as a result. The flowers are blurry because of the intentional use of a long exposure time. Also, the photograph is in black & white. The flowers are white instead of yellow as a consequence. The combination creates a fine art photograph that is a bit different than usual. The clouds in the back are quite dark and moody. This makes the white water tower stand out beautifully against the moody sky.

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1 comment for Fearless, a white water tower in a rapeseed flower field

  1. Frits Duindam

    Mooi licht tegen een donkere sfeer! Is dat bewegend gras in de voorgrond?

    • Johan Peijnenburg

      Dank je! Nee geen gras. Het is “rapeseed” … weet even niet de Nederlandse benaming. In kleur is het veld in ieder geval geel 🙂

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