Ready to set sail

A duck that is just about to set sail

Ready to set sail
October 1, 2011 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
A duck that is just about to set sail. (Johan Peijnenburg)
98mm – f/8 – 1/400 – ISO100

No anecdote this time. Just an image I happen to like. Why? A well-timed click I think and as a result a story. A story about a duck that is going places. Where? No clue? Why? You tell me. With whom? I saw paparazzi nearby, so we’ll probably read about it soon. When? That one I know … now! Did she or he have a plan? I am pretty sure! Someone with enough imagination (or drugs) could write a whole book about the adventures of this duck 🙂

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  1. Myrna Weinreich 8 years ago

    Beautiful Johan !

  2. Dennis Rivera 8 years ago

    I love it. One foot up and ready to go….somewhere. Great capture.

  3. Moritz Homann 8 years ago

    Lovely. Nice moment you captured there. Love ducks!

  4. Jill Saur 8 years ago

    I like this a lot!

  5. Author
    Johan 8 years ago

    Thanks Dennis, Moritz and Jill 🙂
    Good morning Myrna and thanks!

  6. Sumit Sen 8 years ago

    That is one fat duck Johan. I don’t think he can stand for too long – floating is much less stressful for him:-)

  7. Peter de Rooij 8 years ago

    The decisive moment!
    I think it may have great plans – the first duck on Mt Blanc maybe?

  8. JP NOYES 8 years ago

    The one foot up means so much, gives the picture a feel of mystery.

  9. Author

    @Peter de Rooij: you might be right. Daffy is aiming exactly at where the Mont Blanc is!

  10. Author

    @JP Noyes: exactly. Otherwise I would probably have binned it …
    @Sumit: I think Daffy just enjoyed a delicious Swiss cheese fondue!

  11. Doug Wittrock 8 years ago

    The low camera angle made this photo, otherwise, it’s just a photo of a duck. There’s a great story here, all that remains as you say, is someone to tell it. I’ll just enjoy the image as it is. 🙂

  12. Amelia Wood 8 years ago

    I’ve never parachuted, but my best dreams are of soaring like an eagle. A duck will do as well. & That scenic view s/he’s flying into, I’d stay airborne for . . .

  13. Richard McGibbon 8 years ago

    Love it!!!

  14. Author

    @Doug: I agree … plus that one foot …
    @Richard: Tnx my friend. Do you see parallels between you and the duck?
    @Amelia: … I seem to recall that there was this song in the 70’s “I want to fly like a … duck”

  15. Brian Bishop 8 years ago

    Very cool picture!

  16. Athena Carey 8 years ago

    So cute – you make me smile Johan.
    I never even saw this duck – I was too busy ogling the castle. 😉

  17. Author

    Thanks Athena and Brian. @Athena: You didn’t mis the duck. This was on another day.

  18. Jeff Wendorff 8 years ago

    Fun image and a great caption!

  19. Donna Shreck 8 years ago

    Love the POV

  20. Neil Camara 8 years ago

    Perfect capture!!!

  21. Author

    Thanks very much Donna and Neil !

  22. Roland 8 years ago

    Telling a story with just a few words… it’s art. So very nice, Johan. I love it.


  23. Daniela Lansink 8 years ago

    Great one!

  24. Mac Boos 8 years ago

    “shut i stay or shut i go” kommt mir da grad in den sinn 😉 tolles photo

  25. Khun Hans 8 years ago

    Well observed and captured, Johan

  26. Ada M 8 years ago

    wow, this is so sweet….great catch!

  27. Christine Cajon 8 years ago

    j’y vais, j’y vais pas…

  28. Hahaha wtaschel watschel und plumps. It is a bliss to have a look at your images 🙂

  29. Author

    Glad to have found you to Anette and glad you like my work.

  30. Ruben Williams 8 years ago

    Nice! Great perspective

  31. subahani haja 8 years ago

    well work,

  32. Catharina Graaf 6 years ago

    Yes indeed!

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