A llama up close and personal: Hey dude! What’s up?

I know, I know … a llama has nothing whatsoever to do with alpine nature and landscape photography. Couldn’t resist posting, so bear with me. I ran into this fellow when I was more or less wasting my time trying to get a few decent shots under the wrong circumstances (disappointing scenery, overcast, rainy, bad light, wind and lack of decent coffee).

A llama up close

A portrait of a white llama up close and personal.

The llama was behind a high fence and could only barely stick his head above it to see what I was up to. To be honest, I am not sure if I was only making him nervous or whether he was sincerely interested or just making fun of me. At some point, he anxiously started to try to really grab my attention by making funny noises and moves (the average rapper would have been jealous) … like he was saying “hey dude, what’s up. Why are you bothering with these landscape shots if you got me?” … He was right! So, while he continued making funny noises and moves, I switched lenses. When I was ready, I aimed the lens at the llama … he instantly stopped what he was doing and posed … click.

Yet another confirmation of the fact that it is always worthwhile to go out shooting. One photograph can make the day! I will most certainly not easily forget this one. This photograph of a llama will forever make me smile!

Cheers, Johan πŸ™‚

32 thoughts on “A llama up close and personal: Hey dude! What’s up?

  1. viviane godenne says:

    Superbe photo !
    Oui en photographie souvent on est surpris et les plus jolies photos sont souvent celle d’un hasard !!

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