Disko Bay Greenland photo tour Sept 2016

The arctic landscape of the Disko Bay area in Greenland: learn, explore and capture

Disko Bay Greenland photo tour Sept 2016
April 23, 2016 Johan Peijnenburg
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I am very happy to announce that I will be co-leading a Disko Bay Greenland photography tour, together with my colleague Anette Mossbacher. The tour will start on September 24th and end on October 2nd 2016. Is Greenland on your bucket list? Join us on this tour to experience the magnificent Arctic landscape of the Disko Bay area and let us help you in refining your photography skills along the way!

B&W impression of a passage through the icebergs in Disko Bay Greenland (by Johan Peijnenburg)
170mm – f/11 – 1/250th – ISO250 – D810 with 70-200mm f/4.0

About the Disko Bay Area in Greenland

The Disko Bay area is situated on the west coast of Greenland, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. We will primarily focus on two locations in this area: Ilulissat and Disko Island.

Ilulissat features the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ilulissat Icefjord. This Icefjord is one of the few glaciers through which the Greenland icecap reaches the sea. It annually calves over 35 km3 of ice. The combination of huge icebergs, beautiful soft light and clear skies makes for a dramatic and awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.

The landscape of Disko Island was created by volcanic activity and is therefore characterized by basalt hills. It features an interesting coastline with black beaches, columnar basalt rock formations and beautiful waterfalls. The island also has unique lush vegetation, with beautiful autumn colors, that cannot be found elsewhere in Greenland.

About the Disko Bay Greenland photography tour

We will explore the Disko Bay area on foot, by boat and by helicopter.

In and around Ilulissat we will:

  • hike to multiple locations to shoot the colorful village and the icebergs from different perspectives and under varying light conditions
  • sail in between the icebergs on a private boat to capture them from a different angle
  • fly around with a helicopter to experience the vast landscape of Greenland and the UNESCO Icefjord from above

On Disko Island we will:

  • explore a spectacular area with basalt rosettes, arches and (sea) stacks as well as lush vegetation
  • hike along a river to a gorgeous area with waterfalls
  • visit a black beach featuring growlers (small remainders of the icebergs)

Anette and myself will be available to teach you, answer your questions, offer guidance and assist you with your photographic needs. In addition to the in-the-field time, we will provide presentations and workshops to help you get the best of Greenland.


The price for this 9-day Disko Bay Greenland photography tour is US$ 9890. Accommodation, breakfasts, dinners, local transportation, two boat trips and a helicopter flight are included. To make sure that we can give everyone proper attention, we will not accept more than eight participants. This however also means that available spots might fill up quickly!

It is no longer possible to register for the 2016 tour. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you want us to let you know once the dates and details for the 2017 Disko Bay Greenland photo tour are known!

All profits generated by this photography tour will be used for the good cause of the NiO Foundation. Please refer to our about page for more information about the NiO Foundation. For more detailed information about the tour and how to make your reservation, please visit the Disko Bay Greenland Photo tour details page.

Happy shooting and see you in Greenland! 🙂

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  1. Anna Rimovska 4 years ago

    Beautiful capture, wonderful Johan. Have a great day !

  2. Shawn Hudson 4 years ago

    Beautiful image,Johan. I’m sure anyone attending the photo tour would profit from the experience. Good luck my friend!

    • Author

      Many thanks Shawn ! 🙂 One of these Icebergs might be floating by Nova Scotia now ;)

  3. Absolutely Wow!

  4. Marina Versaci 4 years ago

    Gorgeous BW work! Yes: the tones and light is magnificent ! I agree with you: who needs color? Cheers:-)) ♥

  5. Barbara BM 4 years ago

    Fantastic image !!

  6. George Marquardt 4 years ago

    Awesome iceberg landscape Johan! Your trip looks really well thought out and interesting! Still coming to Canada this year? It actually snowed again in the mountains, so summer is struggling a bit now :-)

    • Author

      Thank you George 🙂 This year for sure. The question is when still …. sorry about that. Still filling in this years puzzle. Hoping for a few decisions by the end of the week. Will keep you posted George. Chances for this month are unfortunately shrinking …

      • George Marquardt 4 years ago

        That will be great if you can make it Johan! We are just making plans as we go here, so you aren’t holding up anything on our side of things…

        • Author

          Thanks for the flexibility George 🙂 Debby will be coming back from a trip tomorrow and after that I will know more :)

  7. Margeret Wong 4 years ago

    Very impressive ice-scape :)

  8. Sarah Mohammadi 4 years ago

    Wow ! So gorgeous I love it very much Johan 🙂 

  9. Dominique Dubied 4 years ago

    Very nice light Johan! It make me feel cold now ;-)

    • Author

      over there I was well-dressed …. I am more cold here in CH at the moment 😉 

  10. Tom Tran 4 years ago

    Beautiful monochrome Johan. I so would love to join you and Anette Mossbacher on that tour were it a possibility. Maybe one day soon. ?

  11. AJ Lim 4 years ago

    Gorgeous monochromatic processing creates a beautiful canvas for the light as it creates shadows and highlights shapes and free-flowing lines!

  12. Awesome ice landscape, I love it too !

  13. Superb light Johan, the depth in your image makes these iceberg feel like they should, huge!!! Splendid work!
    I still remember one transatlantic flight I took and seeing greenland from above…It was impressive. Nice choice of destination!

    • Author

      Hey Annick 🙂 Thanks. Glad you like it! You would love Iceland as well 🙂 

  14. Shawn McClure 4 years ago

    Beautiful shot…

  15. Fantastic shapes and tones Johan! Really beautiful work!

  16. Meg Rousher 4 years ago

    Wonderful shot, sounds like an awesome place to visit 🙂 

  17. Simos Xenakis 4 years ago

    Super nice, Johan. I’d love to visit Greenland. You captured these icebergs wonderfully. Tour sounds super fun!

    • Author

      thanks for the compliment 🙂 You would love Greenland Simos. The light can be amazing there and to me it felt like a once in a life time experience … and now I am going to go for a second time 🙂 The tour will be fun for sure. Just shoot me a message went you want to know more 🙂

  18. Purdy looking icebergs man, and I like the sense of scale they always manage to produce. A place where people can get to feel like dwarfs amongst titans :)

  19. Anna Ryndak 4 years ago

    Wonderful image! B/W is great!

  20. Ian Good 4 years ago

    Certainly looks impressive here Johan! 

    • Author

      Thanks! It is hard to explain in words, but these fellas do leave quite an impression 😀

  21. Laurent Claire 4 years ago

    very well

  22. It is nice to see your wonderful works again!

  23. The scenery looks very familiar to me Johan, very nicely processed in B&W. I like this very much. Have great eve 

    • Author

      thanks 🙂 And you know what, there was someone shivering next to me that looked exactly like you … just a bit more penguin like 😀 What a coincidence ! ;}

  24. ❤~❤❤❤~❤ :) what an awesome idea Johan and Anette ❤~❤❤❤~❤ :)

  25. Nancy Dempsey 4 years ago

    Hi Johan, Wet and cold! lol:P)) Good to see you back!

    • Author

      Thanks Nancy 🙂

      • Nancy Dempsey 4 years ago

        We should be however I still have to put the wood stove on at night. Only plus 8 this morning. Hoping for warmer weather by the end of the week. Black flies aren’t liking it! awwww lol

        • Author

          actually that sounds a lot like the Swiss Alps at the moment. Cold and wet here as well and anxious to get some sun and warmth now …

  26. Eric Delcour 4 years ago

    Great capture and a beautiful view Johan! 

  27. nope not missing any color at all 🙂 Mooi hoor

  28. I see this image on my iPad and can’t comment not much, because less time. Now watching again in that time the temperatures rising here over 93F with Heath index over 107F… and thinking I need some ICE… like on this image… Stress is the same level, everyday is something going on here. Since I’m here over 6 years by now, not stopping, not even simply ph. calls working here… Frustrated also with this daily bad news. But the life is going on… hanging there. Wish you wonderful rest Tuesday my friend. Johan Peijnenburg and love your photography…

    • Author

      that doesn’t sound too good Leyla! hang in there ! 🙂 Nice that you found the time to come have a look 🙂

  29. A great photo of a beautiful iceberg landscape ! You are brave to go to such a difficult country :-)

  30. Toshi Nakamura 4 years ago

    Amazing beauty and massiveness!

  31. Visit Greenland 4 years ago

    Re-tweeted Johan 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  32. Ralph Mendoza 4 years ago

    Gorgeous photo

  33. Dylan Johnson 4 years ago

    Awesome shot!

  34. Eric Drumm 4 years ago

    Wonderful shapes and really like the contrast that comes out in the B&W treatment!! Beautiful!

  35. Beautiful work.

  36. Author

    Many thanks Eric and Krzysztof ! 🙂

  37. Joan Munford 4 years ago

    Striking and impressive capture.
    You must have stood there in awe, watching this Johan?!

    • Author

      it’s a once in a lifetime experience Joan! 🙂 Very impressive indeed.Thank you!

  38. Beyond all descriptions ..! thanks for sharing with us !

  39. Andreas Levi 4 years ago

    Fantastic shot, beautiful monochrome work!!
    It sounds it will be an excellent tour, but sadly cross some appointments my way …
    Happy Friday! : )

  40. Wow! Johan , this is really outstanding! ;-)

  41. George Fletcher 4 years ago

    Wonderful shapes and details!

  42. Betty Manousos 4 years ago

    great composition, fabulous work, johan !! :))

  43. David Shield 4 years ago

    Not as many photographers go to Greenland Johan, but they may well do, now. Fantastic composition especially, and solid quality processing, here!

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