Recently published: Tranquil dawn at Bow lake

And suddenly it was almost one and a half year ago since I last posted! Oops! I guess life, in general, kept me too busy. Or, maybe I just needed an extended break to get back some focus! Here are some reflections that I captured in the Rocky Mountains just after dawn at Bow Lake in Banff National Park, Canada.

One of the things that kept me busy in the past two years was travelling the world. I visited places like Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Ireland, France, Spain and Italy. I am planning to go even more in the years to come! So, I will have plenty of new images to publish and share in the coming months and years.

This lake landscape photograph is titled Tranquil Dawn. I recently added it to our new Canadian Landscape Photography collection. I captured it during a trip to the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains at the end of the summer of 2014, where I also had the pleasure to meet up with Canadian photographers George Marquardt and Olivier Du Tré.

The photograph is a long exposure landscape that I shot during sunrise at Bow Lake. Bow Lake is a small mountain lake in Banff National Park in western Alberta, Canada. It is located on the Bow River, in the Canadian Rockies, at an altitude of 1,920 metres (6,300 ft).

The photograph features a frosty tree trunk pointing towards the Rock Mountains in the back. Although there were some beautiful sunrise colours in the sky and water, I felt the image worked best in black & white. I hope you like it!?

As a side note and tip for travellers, the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge located on the shores of Bow Lake is a great place to stay. Friendly people and good food as well. And some magnificent sunrise and sunset shooting locations nearby. Make sure to book early, as the lodge seems to fill up quickly.

I used a Nikon D810 and a Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G lens. The settings were: 24mm, ƒ/16, 122s and ISO 64. Click on the photograph if you would like to know more about this photograph or are interested in buying a print or licence.

Cheers, Johan 🙂

Tranquil Dawn, a quiet sunrise at Bow Lake in Canada

Sunrise at Bow Lake in Banff National Park, Canada, with a frosty tree trunk pointing towards the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

148 thoughts on “Recently published: Tranquil dawn at Bow lake

  1. Santosh Subedi says:

    John….i am shocked,truly stunning picture.I suggest u to visit nepal also u will be amazed by there’s nature.

  2. Dominique Hilbert says:

    arrogant, heb ik nog nooit opgemerkt,
    wel ze kunnen nog altijd de duivels supporteren met een ferme Duvel op :D

  3. Johan Peijnenburg says:

    @Jany: merci beaucoup 🙂
    @Dominique: lol, you Belgians are funny 😀 Thanks! 🙂 Jullie gaan toch wel winnen he de komende weken? 

    • Dominique Hilbert says:

      Wel, naar het schijnt is het een topploeg, heb ik van horen zeggen, voor de rest is het de ver van mijn bed show, tiens, waar staat oranje? 

      • Johan Peijnenburg says:

        Oranje ligt ergens onder de palmbomen met een Belgisch biertje … en het is niet in Frankrijk 🙁 Helaas doen we niet mee. Dus we zijn eventjes wat minder arrogant lol 😛 

  4. Grzegorz Piechowicz says:

    Great work and welcome back Johan! You must have hundreds of new images, I can’t wait to see them! Beautiful scenery here and magic mood, new day begins again. Nice hidden message :-D

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      many thanks! 🙂 Yes and now I need to find the creative energy to work on them and actually finish some ! 🙂 A new day indeed. Well spotted !

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      many thanks for the feedback 🙂 hope all is well!? Did it work out with the request for your friend?

  5. Yasmin Simpson says:

    Dear Johan, wow it’s amazing how time flies, all this time away.
    So happy for all your traveling andddd very upset because you came to Canada and didn’t visit Victoria.
    Yes, I know you are a mountain, snow buddy and Victoria is the warmest-floral city in all Canada but please next time come closer ;).
    As always, lovely work.
    Wishing you all the best :)

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      BC is on the bucket list as well. Promise I will let you know when i am around 🙂 Many thanks for the kind words ! 🙂

  6. George Marquardt says:

    Spectacular capture Johan; and welcome back! Your travels all sound wonderful, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your trip photos!

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Thank you and very nice to hear! 🙂 I think you have many images that would work very well in B&W!

  7. David Shield says:

    Welcome back!! Travelling the world is the greatest thing, and you returned with an excellent composition. I agree with the processing, the image looks flawless!

  8. Andreas Levi says:

    Absolutely wonderful work, Johan!!
    It’s great to hear (and see^^) from you and it sounds you have a perfect time my friend?! 🙂
    I hope you are well?!

  9. Christa Niederer says:

    After admiring your latest monochrome, I have been reading all the comments to see what you’ve been up to. You must have loads of great images in the pipeline and enticing new journeys lying ahead. Enjoy the summer and don’t forget to share your discoveries now and again :)

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Thanks! I have. Good thing that I usually don’t shoot much in summer. Gives me time to actually do something with the images 🙂

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Yes the Greenland workshop will be fun and interesting. And it is one of those location where people do not easily go to without some guidance 🙂

  10. Joan Munford says:

    Hello Johan, thanks so much for sharing this amazing and serene image with us.
    Love the composition and this amazing view!

    Your blog looks very professional at first glance, I am going to read all about it in a moment…
    Good luck and see you around : )

  11. Annick Jaquillard says:

    So good to see you back in Johan!
    With a delicious image…From Canada! Superb B&W, full of serenity…

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      … and you should kick my butt if I don’t keep it up Annick! 😀 Thanks for the kind words. And yes Canada. Love your home country! 🙂 Hope to be going back there this year … maybe even twice 🙂 

        • Johan Peijnenburg says:

          Thought of that at some point Annick. But wouldn’t want to be that far away from my family. I do love Canada and Canadians though … even the French-speaking version 😉 

          • Annick Jaquillard says:

            Ha Yes true… then a canadian trip once in a while is great for the spirit!

  12. Leyla A. Roberson says:

    Now I know what’s going on “traveled so many beautiful places” I wish I can do that too. Your image is like a dream, amazing & wonderful. My best wishes for you Johan 

  13. Michael A. Koontz says:

    Wonderful work Johan and well worth the extended break =). Happy to hear that you´ve managed to enjoy your adventures too – and welcome back :).

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      … and missed you too 🙂 How have you been? I hadn’t travelled that much during the years before and am glad that I picked it up again. So much nice things still to be seen 🙂 

      • Michael A. Koontz says:

        Life is very good man :). And you know, we all need and deserve a nice break at times so I think you did the perfect thing, take a break and enjoy the world, that should happen more often than it do. I might take more micro breaks compared to your time off, but It’s the same thing really,and you are right, there is so Much to see and enjoy in life :).

        Do you have anything fun already planned?

        • Johan Peijnenburg says:

          well spoken 🙂 And good to hear life is good! Anything planned: Greenland in September (teaching a workshop). For the rest I need to sit down and make final decisions for the rest of the year. Probably Newfoundland, Iceland again and maybe New Zealand towards the end of the year :)

  14. Don Spenner says:

    Most beautiful image Johan, I think you should take more breaks, if this is what we get to see upon your return. It sounds like some great traveling and more to come. Enjoy the journey & be safe my friend.

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Many thanks Don ! 🙂 Nah this break generated enough worthwhile stuff, so I am good for a while. And I really missed the interaction with people like you 🙂 How have you been?

      • Don Spenner says:

        Always good to be home after a long trip. Glad to hear you gathered some great images. All is well here, Johan. Thanks for asking and great to see you back.

  15. Patrick Metzdorf says:

    On hold for the time being. But not cancelled. However, until then I’d certainly like to visit again. Once I know when, I’ll shout ahead for another early morning with you guys ;)

  16. Rik Kooijman says:

    Good to hear from you again Johan! I am glad to see you didn’t give up photography ☺ . Spent your time well though. Keep your posts coming. 

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      thanks! Yes spent it very well and loads of new image to work on and share now 🙂 Alles goed verder? 

  17. Dominique Dubied says:

    Wow I cannot trust my eyes… a post from Johan! More than 2 years of “radio silence”…
    Very nice details.
    Good to see you back!

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      That’s not fair Dominique ! You are rounding up 🙂 Thank you and I hope I can keep it up again. You might have to kick my butt if I don’t :)

      • Patrick Metzdorf says:

        Good, thank you. Haven’t had as adventurous a time as you over the last years. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of this.
        Are you now back in Switzerland then? Athena Carey has kept us apprised of Lac Leman’s sunrises in the meantime. ;)

        • Johan Peijnenburg says:

          Yes back now. I have a few relatively quite months ahead, so that I can actually do something with what I shot 🙂 Yes, saw Athena’s sunrise. Will hopefully be shooting one with her next Thursday … if weather permits … how are your CH plans?

  18. Jerry Johnson says:

    Great to see you and another one of your gorgeous images my friend! I especially like how the driftwood seems to be pointing towards the rising sun. Hope your travels continue to go well for you!! :-)

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      it’s about time right!? No excuses anymore. I really needed a break, but happy to be back again. Thanks for the feedback! 

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