Above the clouds

The Swiss alps Dom, Nadelhorn and Täschhorn rising above the clouds - B&W

Above the clouds
August 20, 2012 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
The Swiss alps Dom, Nadelhorn and Täschhorn, lit by early morning light, rising above the clouds. (Johan Peijnenburg)
165mm – f/11 – 1/200sec – ISO100 – D800E with 70-200 f/2.8 VRII

The image above features the Swiss mountains Dom, Nadelhorn and Täschhorn. Three beautiful alpine peaks with a height of more than 4300 meters (14000ft). They are amongst the highest in Switzerland. I shot this image early in the morning. The light was still nice and soft and the fog and clouds just started to rise from the valley, adding a nice dose of drama to the scene. I was high up a mountain on the other side of the valley just at the right time.

I captured this image with my Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens. A lens with which I have a love-hate relationship. I almost always stuff it in my bag, next to 2 or 3 other lenses, when I go hike up a mountain. From a physical point of view, I always regret that at the end of a day … it is just too darn heavy. When I come home though and see the quality it delivers, I am always glad I did take it. I would love to own a good light weight alternative lens though. Tips are welcome!

No filters were used upon capture. The image was processed in Lightroom 4.1 and Silver Efex Pro 2. I felt the image begged for a black and white conversion. I opted for a 2:1 crop to make the composition as strong as possible. Hope you like it!

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  1. Peter Maris 7 years ago

    nice those clouds and some peaks peaking through.

  2. Armand Patrice 7 years ago

    nice one… very dramatic clouds… =) nicely processed ;)

  3. Javier Esvall 7 years ago

    I like the clouds and I love the light in the mountains in the background.

  4. Mike Spinak 7 years ago

    Beautiful Johan Peijnenburg!

  5. Gemma Costa 7 years ago

    great shot as usual, wonderful clouds !

  6. Jerry Johnson 7 years ago

    Based on the marvelous quality of this image, I’d say you need to do some push ups and sit ups and keep this lens with you at all times Johan! I know, easy for me to say! 🙂

    It is a beautiful and dreamy photo and I

  7. Author

    @Peter: thanks Peter! Been a while … hope all is well! 🙂
    @Armand: thank you! How are the legs doing?
    @Javier: muchas gracias 🙂 

    • Armand Patrice 7 years ago

      well Johan, not too good… I feel now about as old as you are 😛 jkjk

    • Peter Maris 7 years ago

      Busy as usual. And just returned from Svalbard. Already started uploading photos in stead of waiting for ages. Have a look. So I will make up for not being here for a while ;)

      • Author

        will need to find time to do my rounds here as well …. time flies and I prefer being out there in this time of year as well 🙂 

  8. Debby Vos 7 years ago

    Yeah :-)

  9. Author

    @Mike: Many thanks !
    @Gemma: thanks for the compliment Gemma! 
    @Jerry: I was hoping it would go better over time, but it doesn’t. Usually can’t force myself to leave it at home … wish Nikon would have a good alternative like Canon has! Thanks for the kind words Jerry. Much appreciated! 
    @Debby: indeed 🙂

  10. Wonderful Johan. love the clouds, looks like a nice comfy bed to me

  11. Elizabeth Lund 7 years ago

    Excellent capture of the clouds rolling over the Alps!
    Love when that happens.

  12. Author

    @Anette: it does doesn’t it 😉 Thanks!
    @Elizabeth: many thanks Elizabeth and great that you stopped by! 

  13. if angels see the world so?

  14. Domique Hilbert 7 years ago

    what’s not to like! It’s great! 

  15. Author

    @Dominique: thank you Dominique! Some might find it to dark and moody … but that’s me 🙂
    @Janine: I think so. They always have a nice view at breakfast somewhere 😉 

  16. Brian Spencer 7 years ago

    Maybe you need an assistant to carry the lens for you Johan!!! Because you definetly need this one with you! I love the light on those peaks poking through the clouds! 

    • Author

      thanks a lot Brian! Great idea. I tried sneaking it into my gf’s bag but didn’t work 😉 In some places in Switzerland you can hire a sherpa goat though ! 

  17. Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

    Superb b&w Johann! So crisp!

    • Author

      Hey thanks Dominique! Did your holiday end already or still enjoying some days off? 

      • Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

        Unfortunately I started working today, so no time to relax under the sun or wandering on a glacier hihihi ;-)

  18. Philipp Weimer 7 years ago

    Sweet b&w!
    now I know why you missed some clouds on Saturday :)

  19. Michael Russell 7 years ago

    Beautiful photo Johan!

    • Author

      thank you! Looks like I am making a habit out of that lately 😉 

  20. I like the drama you’ve captured and processed so well. Great one. Thanks, Johan!

    • Author

      glad to be sharing an image of a couple of mountains you climbed Wilfried! Thanks for the compliment. This is a different one then the one I send you earlier btw …. and I was a bit more aggressive in composing and processing 🙂 

  21. Kurt Harvey 7 years ago

    The air is so incredibly clear. I could reach out and touch those gorgeous clouds. Amazing capture Johan!! Its very calming which is always nice on a manic/working Monday. %-)

  22. 1)=>I have the same problem with weight if i go hiking in the mountains 🙂 but after the hiking tour you’re always glad you have brought them with you, but ergonomically it’s a real burden.
    I use Canon, so i don’t know what types Nikon has for lenses, i see that you have a 70-200mm – f2,8 and the weight is => 1540gram, yes that’s heavy!
    If i go hiking, i have two lenses with me if i shoot mountains: a wide angle lens and a telelens, a 75-300mm, i can’t carry more because of my backproblems, the rest of the luggage is for my assistant, euh, my friend and i’m very grateful for that! 🙂
    I can’t give you a lot of advice but maybe you have to look it up which type of Nikon is best for you and please look at the reviews, they can be very interesting!

    2)=> It’s a very powerful, dramatic mountainscape and i love the uprising fog! Great work!!!

  23. Author

    @Kurt: thanks Kurt. Great feedback. I was a bit afraid that I made it too rough 🙂
    @Sophie: thanks for the great input and feedback on the image Sophie! The only alternative Nikon has is a 70-300, which is actually quite cheap and light. Not sure about IQ though. Maybe we both should move to hiking with one lens only. Just pick one (with limited focal length range) and just make it work. Wouldn’t that be refreshing!?

    • Debby Vos 7 years ago

      That would be a very sensible decision Johan 😉

    • Well, if i’m at the rocky sea 😀 I restrict myself to one lens and that’s a nice challenge Johan ! 🙂
      But i have a new one: 50-500mm with an extender till 1000m! so hehe, i will bring it to CH probably in January or february, very exciting and heavy! 

  24. Oh my, this is incredibly beautiful!! I love the wonderful light on those mountains and the wonderful contrast. Those clouds are gorgeous!! This is outstanding Johan !!!

  25. Francis Gagnon 7 years ago

    Splendid photograph, Johan ! I have the same relation with my 70-200mm. I absolutely love it for its quality, but it’s a real pain to hike with it; it’s so damn big and heavy !

    • Author

      Thanks Francis! Did you try alternatives? 

      • Francis Gagnon 7 years ago

        Nope ! I don’t really want to spend money on a smaller and lighter lens that I won’t use because it does not have the same optic performances. Nikon should do a lens like the Canon 70-200mm f/4. If you come with an alternative, I’d be interested to know it !

        • Author

          I had exactly the same thoughts as well so far and agree with the comment on the f/4 lens. Think the 70-300 is too much of a compromise. 

  26. Beverley Aston 7 years ago

    This is one special photo, I love it !!

  27. Aileen Sorenson 7 years ago

    Wow! This is beautiful! Love the compressed perspective! I feel like I am high up above too with the clouds. The covered snow-capped mountain led my eyes to it.

  28. Author

    @Beverley: hey Beverley. Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well !? Thanks for the compliment 🙂
    @Aileen: thanks you Aileen. Great feedback!

  29. jany viala 7 years ago

    very beautiful

  30. Wow. It’s an amazing picture. I love those clouds

  31. Michael menefee 7 years ago

    Fantastic sense of drama with all those clouds!

  32. Incredibly beautiful Johan!!

  33. Spectacular. Wonderful image in excellent b/w. 

  34. Kimberly Hosey 7 years ago

    Fantastic! What an amazing view.

  35. Grant Murray 7 years ago

    What a beauty, Johan, I love the 2:1 crop too!!

  36. Jim Davis 7 years ago

    Great shot Johan. Very powerful scene. Well captured

  37. Author

    @Robin-Angelo: thanks you very much Robin-Angelo!!
    @Michael: thanks! I love drama 🙂
    @Margaret: thanks 😀 

  38. Author

    @Leyla: thanks for the kind words 😀
    @Kimberly: glad you like it Kimberly!
    @Grant: thanks for the feedback Grant! Much appreciated !

  39. Mike Sh 7 years ago

    welcome back Johan 🙂 and a great photo to go did you bring with you :-)

    as for the nikkor – just dont replace it 🙂 – its my favorite nikkor – you just need more muscles so you can both climb and carry the lens all day long :-P

  40. Author

    @Jim: thanks for the feedback Jim! Glad you like it 🙂 That region is great for shooting AND camping btw 😉
    @Mike: many thanks Mike!!! I love the lens to, but I also love the 14-24 … plus 1 or two others give a nice weight total. But I guess you are right … no pain no gain 😀 

    • Jim Davis 7 years ago

      You know it’s on my mind 😉 I will be planning next year soon!

  41. Meg Rousher 7 years ago

    Wonderful capture, it’s such a beautiful view :)

  42. E.E. Giorgi 7 years ago

    wow! you live in a magic place! :-)

  43. Joseph Eckert 7 years ago

    Gorgeous work! Love the clouds and composition

  44. Andy Korolis 7 years ago

    Beautiful Johan … well worth the extra weight :)

  45. Lilia Lin 7 years ago

    WOW!!! Amazing photo… so Dramatic… so beautiful +Johan Peijnenburg It’s a fantastic photo Johan 🙂 Love this photo, dank je wel! :)

  46. Nikola Nikolski 7 years ago

    Wonderful photo (again) Johan. Composition is just great and b/w conversion is perfect.

  47. Mikko Tyllinen 7 years ago

    Oh Johan this is Absolutly stunning view! So beautiful and full of poetry of life! Magical!

  48. Peter Maris 7 years ago

    They say the 28-300 is a nice lens. Personally I also own the 70-300 VR which I take on “exploration trips”. But that usually needs f/8 to get the best results. But its light and simple. Personally I say stick with the 70-200 it rocks, but then I also take heavier lenses and using the 70-200 is light for me ;)

  49. Andreas Levi 7 years ago

    fantastic clouds / image! :)

  50. @Johan – Of course it is a different one… I’d be a bad photographer if I wouldn’t notice :-). I really like the 2:1 aspect.

    @Sophie and @Johan – Funny to see the discussion about carrying weight. For every mountaineering photographer it’s an issue from the start. I choose my lens to bring depenfing on the trip. Wideangle for ridge climbing, moderate 105mm long lens for the rest. Shooting fixed lenses trains too, as you know ;-)

  51. Pranab Banerjee 7 years ago

    Amazing image! Love the monochrome processing.

  52. Author

    @Meg: thanks Meg. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!
    @E.E. Giorgi: many thanks Elena 🙂 I will probably keep carrying it around yes :-O
    @Joseph: thanks Joseph! Thanks for stopping by! 

    • Meg Rousher 7 years ago

      any summer without a hurricane is wonderful Johan. Hope your having a wonderful summer also :)

      • Author

        I can imagine that! It is a phenomena we in Europe are not very familiar with. It always looks like a real nightmare on the news though! Mine has been splendid so far. Thanks Meg !

  53. Author

    @Andy: thank you Andy!
    @Lilia: dank je wel Lilia 😀
    @Nikola: great feedback Nikola! Thanks 🙂

  54. Author

    @Mikko: always love your comments Mikko! many thanks 🙂
    @Peter: 28-300 doesn’t perform very well on my camera’s Peter. Think the 70-300 is the only Nikon alternative. F/8 wouldn’t be a problem for me in most cases. How ist the image quality? By the way: the problem is the long distances and the ascents and descents here … 

    • Peter Maris 7 years ago

      I could send you some examples. Shot on my D300. I do not have FX bodies. If you look on my flickr page you can also find some shots with the 70-300 I reckon (downsized ofcourse). 

      • Author

        that would be great Peter. I hear the lens is not great between 200-300, but excellent until 200. Would love to see an image in the 100-200 range! 

  55. Author

    @Andreas: glad you like it Andreas!! 🙂
    @Wilfried: going to process the other one with a slightly different approach. Not sure which one I prefer. Re lenses: tried the 105, but don’t like it for stuff like this. Maybe I should get the 135DC. The 85 is nice as well. but a bit too short.
    @Pranab: many thanks Pranab. Thanks for stopping by!

  56. Love this early morning light over these snow capped summits in the background. The light over the clouds is
    also very nice. Bravo l’artiste !

  57. Baldur McQueen 7 years ago

    Superb image, Johan! The light hitting the mountains is beautiful – and the 2:1 crop, showing all the clouds before you hit the mountain, is extremely powerful.

  58. Author

    @Jean-Michel: very kind of you again! Merci Jean-Michel 🙂
    @Baldur: great feedback Baldur! Thanks! 

  59. kevin Baker 7 years ago

    Wauw! Geweldige foto, de scherpte van de bergtop trekt je er over de wolken naartoe. Erg mooi!

  60. Rohan Reilly 7 years ago

    Simply fantastic, what a stunning scape, Love your work Johan

    • Author

      Great to hear that from you and thanks for the compliment Rohan! I was a bit nervous about this one …

  61. Dylan van Graan 7 years ago

    A belter as usual Johan . The offset to the right keeps the interest.

    • Author

      that the first time I hear the term “belter” Dylan. Had to look it up 😉 Thanks. Hope all is well over there ! 

      • Dylan van Graan 7 years ago

        🙂 Glad I could widen your horizons. Just got back from a hike in the Drakenberg in preparation for Kili, just over a month to go! All gear sorted and fitness levels not too bad. Got some images on the hike I wanted to share with you, will post as soon as I’ve worked on them.

        • Author

          Fitness levels are increasing rapidly here as wells. Long hikes with a lot of altitude difference do that. Ain’t photography great 😉
          Looking foward to your images Dylan!

  62. Sharon Thomas 7 years ago

    Breathtaking and wonderful toning!

  63. David Shield 7 years ago

    Another touch of the dramatic Johan. Those Swiss peaks peeking out are awesome!

    • Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

      Not only the Swiss peaks David, but also the swiss photographers hahaha lol ;-)

  64. Ian Gazzard 7 years ago

    Take it no altitude problems Johan lol 😉 Serious shot man! love it!

  65. Author

    @Sharon: many thanks Sharon!
    @David: yup 🙂 Thanks David!
    @Dominique: very true 😉
    @Ian: nope! I actually did my first climb up to a peak of 4200 meters Ian … bloody amazing! Thanks for the compliment! 

  66. David Shield 7 years ago

    I see what you mean Dominique! Their heads are in the clouds 🙂 But you gotta love em!

    • Author

      once you feed us cheese and beer we are quite ok 😉 

      • David Shield 7 years ago

        Yes, I remember it well from living their when I was young Johan. Back then, I seem to remember a little thing called CHOCOLATE too.

        • Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

          And chocolate Johan and David !!

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            Oh yes chocolate! Can’t live without David! Dominique starts the day with a thick bar every morning 🙂 Nice coincidence that you lived here David. For how long and where?

          • Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

            And one bar with the evening coffee Johan!!

  67. David Shield 7 years ago

    I lived in Lausanne Johan. For about 6 months when I was 9. I wish I was into photography back then. I still remember the beautiful scenery.

  68. Author

    @Dominique: did you know that some Swiss residents like Athena Carey just refuse to function in a coherent manner without having been given their shot of chocolate! 

  69. Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

    Hey David, why not come back here for a photowalk??
    Yes Johann but she is not a real Swiss haha!!

  70. Author

    @Dominique: me neither remember 🙂
    @David: I know the area very well. The lake there is a great location for long exposures. 

  71. David Shield 7 years ago

    I would love to Dominique And, I would make it a priority to contact both you and Johan. Probably not Athena Carey though since she does not like chocolate! :-)

    • Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

      haha lol David ! But you know to pass the Swiss exam, you have to like Fondue like Athena …

  72. Athena Carey 7 years ago

    @Dominique Dubied Faire attention! I am actually a full 50% real Swiss. My family are over on the German speaking side. 🙂

    But Johan, I think you mean my shot of coffee. My chocolate drink has to come a bit later if I am to continue. ;)

    • Author

      yes coffee first, then hot chocolate and then chips 😀 

      • Athena Carey 7 years ago

        don’t forget my peanut butter, cucumber, sambal sandwich with the chips. And later a BEER. – We do have fun photo days, don’t we?? :D

    • Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

      Oups Athena sorry… But then you should like chocolate at 50%… ;-)

      • Athena Carey 7 years ago

        think you misunderstood Johan. He didn’t say I don’t like chocolate. He said I refuse to function unless I get it. 😉 But I am not a big fan of fondue. I only like la religieuse. :)

  73. Athena Carey 7 years ago

    Lovely dramatic shot btw Johan. You know I feel your pain regarding the 70-200 F2.8. Fortunately for me there is a smaller, F4 option. Maybe I should rent it to see if I can deal with that…

    • Author

      I hear that that f/4 is a great lens for landscape so I wouldn’t hesitate switching over. f/4 is plenty enough! Thanks for the compliment :)

  74. Sumit Sen 7 years ago


  75. The way the light is hitting the peaks on the right is sublime. Another gorgeous image!

  76. Vitor Ferreira 7 years ago

    Amazing shot and BW processing!

  77. Joel Tjintjelaar 7 years ago

    That is quite dramatic and a very good B&W PP too Johan ! Great contrasts!

  78. Author

    @Sinead: glad you like it Sinead !! 😀
    @Vitor: thanks you Vitor!
    @Joel: many thanks Joel for the feedback ! 🙂

  79. Peter de Rooij 7 years ago

    Oh yes do I like this. My kind of landscape. Great conversion, great clouds, love the mountains. 

  80. Fantastic light in a superb composition.., Johan!

  81. Author

    @Peter: … and great feedback Peter 😉 Tnx!
    @Peter Paul: many thanks Peter paul! 

  82. What a superb view of these mountains lost in the clouds Johan! When I see your images the only thing I want is to be there and see that with my own eyes. Wonderful strong b&w processing! :)

  83. Stuart Williams 7 years ago

    Stunning sunlight angle on the peaks. :o)

  84. Author

    @Julia: many thanks for the great comment and looking forward to seeing you in CH Julia!
    @Stuart: thanks Stuart :o)

  85. Beautiful Johan! Majestic!

  86. Sudip Ghate 7 years ago

    Wow this is just incredulous! Lovely work as always Johan!

  87. Debby Vos 7 years ago

    Congratulations on your Jarek Klimek’s top 8 position!

  88. Congrats Johan!

  89. Author

    @Sudip: incredulous!? I like that 🙂 Thanks Sudip. Hope all is well!
    @Deborah and @Wilfried: thank you 🙂 

  90. This is breathtaking, Johan!
    (and I don’t mean because the oxygen is more sparse at 14,000 ft)

  91. Markus Landsmann 7 years ago

    I have missed this but I have seen it in the Plusphotoextract magazine. Congratulation.!

  92. Dane Clingan 7 years ago

    You do capture some of the most amazing clouds, Johan . Wonderful!

  93. Author

    @Markus: how could you 😉 Thanks Markus!
    @Dane: I love clouds in my images Dane, especially in combination with mountains 🙂 Thanks! 

  94. Morkel Erasmus 7 years ago

    simply stunning Johan Peijnenburg – lovely drama/mood here…
    an honour to be featured this one in PlusPhotoExtract!

  95. Martin Rak 7 years ago

    very nice!

  96. Davorin Mance 7 years ago

    Very dramatic. Great clouds. Congrats on the inclusion in PlusPhotoExtract

  97. Kurt Harvey 7 years ago

    Congrats back to you Johan. A magical capture that inspires my imagination. :)

  98. This is just a majestic scene Johan, drama, mood and the land of dreams in the distance.

  99. amazing shot!

  100. Tom Tran 7 years ago

    I love your choice of cropping for this image, Johan. It is quite a scene!

  101. Congratulations Johan on photoextract!! :-D

  102. Lilia Lin 7 years ago

    Congratulations! Johan :D

  103. Nora Carol 7 years ago

    wowow, love this Johan , i;m going to post similar shot today :)

  104. Congratulations… I guess you don’t know nothing right now… 

  105. jens Ceder 7 years ago

    Stark clouds!!

  106. Author

    @Davorin: many thanks Davorin!
    @Kurt: thanks Kurt!!!
    @Andrew: glad you like it Andrew!
    @Agustin: thanks for the feedback and stopping by!

  107. Author

    @Tom: thanks Tom 🙂
    @Sophie: no song today? Tnx 🙂
    @Lilia: thank you Lilia! 

  108. Author

    @Nora: going to check it out now! Thanks for the “wowow”! 😉
    @Leyla: tnx! Not sure if I understand the last part of your comment …
    @Jens: hey Jens! Tnx!

    • I just say “Congratulations” because this pic was on PhotoExtract… I guess you know that already.

  109. Magistral 7 years ago


  110. Milena Llieva 7 years ago

    Wonderful detail and B/W processing here!

  111. Author

    @Magistral: merci !
    @Milena: many thanks Milena 🙂 

  112. Stefanie Loges 7 years ago

    Outstanding black&white work Johan, love the white of the snow and the double square works great!!

  113. Dalibor Pačić 7 years ago

    Great photo Johan!
    I was yesterday on Nadelhorn! 😀
    My friend and me climbed it in 3,5 hours with strong wind.
    I was on 6 days vacation in ‘your’ Swiss, just returned few hours ago. 🙂
    Climbed Weismiess, Allalinhorn and Nadelhorn.
    It was fantastic! 

  114. Author

    @Stefanie: nice to see you around again Stefanie! Thanks for the great feedback. And I know you love double squares 🙂
    @Dalibor: that sounds like great fun. Too advanced for me still. I did my first 4200 ascent a few weeks ago under guidance of Wilfried Haferland. He knows the mountains you mention very well 🙂 

  115. Patrice PVK 7 years ago

    I guess everyone is almost back from his trip… Nice to see some of your work again Johan :)

  116. Neil Camara 7 years ago


  117. Ed Bannister 7 years ago

    Fantastic high altitude photograph!

  118. Johan Swanepoel 7 years ago

    Fabulous Johan, Really dramatic work – love it!

  119. Claudia Veron 7 years ago

    Johan, you captured a big slice of heaven, thank you for bringing this to me, VaronArtistry . . .

  120. Annegret Harms 7 years ago

    Very impressive!

  121. it’s really amazing. I think more than 50% make it to the plusextract. this is an unbelievable quote 🙂 … it’s even more amazing that it is fully deserved 😉

  122. Rikard Lindby 7 years ago

    I like how you managed to isolate the subjects in this one. Not an easy task in these types of shots. Having the clouds leading the eyes towards the mountains is also quite extraordinary. Well done.

  123. Author

    @Patrice: thanks! Still out in the Alps a lot 🙂
    @Neil: thanks a bunch Neil!
    @Ed: glad you like it Ed! 

  124. Author

    @Johan: hey thanks Johan!
    @claudia: many thanks Claudia. That is a very nice compliment 😀 Nice to meet you!
    @Annegret: thank you! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 

  125. Author

    @Rikard: glad you like it Rikard!
    @Athena: la Religieuse? 

  126. Author

    @Matthias: cool ejh 😉 Thanks for the statistics 🙂 Hope you are doing well ! 

  127. Hope OHara 7 years ago

    HI Johan. I honestly love this capture.. here you have beautiful clouds with the light softly touching them.. then in the background you knock it off brilliantly .. with those peaks.. standing so tall and proud above the clouds.. and the light caressing them is totally outstanding.. one of those OH MY.. moments..

    • Author

      Thanks for stopping by and for the very nice comment. Take care! 

  128. Markus Rienzer 7 years ago

    dramatic image..wonderful..i know you’re feelings about the Lenses ..it is similar to me 🙂 

  129. Great work +Johan Peijnenburg ! Beautiful combination of this dramatic sky and light on the peaks. 

  130. Author

    @Markus: thanks Markus. Nice to see you around again! Hope all is well!
    @Emanuele: many thanks Emanuele! 

  131. Cameron Siguenza 7 years ago

    !!!!!!!!!!! That is an amazing piece of work – that light is just perfect.

  132. George Marquardt 7 years ago

    Fabulous photo Johan! I feel your pain on the lenses. We did a 9 hr scramble up Mt Lougheed a couple of weeks ago, and I left the long lens behind for weight savings. Although the non-IS version of the 70-200 Canon is quite light, it still felt like too much along with the water and extra gear.

  133. Author

    @Cameron: glad you like it! This one I am going to print big!
    @George: Tnx! am going to lug it around on long hikes the coming days again George. Can’t live without 🙂 Canon has a nice f/4 alternative. Nikon only has a 70-300 f/4-5.6 … might go for that one. Hoping for new lens introductions in the coming weeks 🙂 

  134. Geweldig Johan , ik zou willen dat wij zulke uitzichten hadden, dan zou hopelijk mijn mijn landschaps fotografie beter worden.

    • Author

      dank je wel Walter! NL is inderdaad wat anders, maar genoeg mogelijkheden voor landschapsfotografie toch!? 

      • zou een stuk beter kunnen 🙂 of ik kijk er overheen

        • Author

          zou kunnen Walter … kan ook zijn dat je focus op andere dingen ligt 🙂 

          • Walter Soestbergen 7 years ago

            Ongetwijfeld Johan :), maar ik wil het zo graag zien. Komt vast nog wel een keer. Ben er mee aan het werk.

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            Dat laatste helpt al veel Walter :)

  135. shane holsclaw 7 years ago

    I think I see Gandolf… this is so beautiful. love the mood.

  136. Laurent Coppée 7 years ago

    This is a stunning photo Johan! Love the tones and contrast, perfect composition and processing. Majestueux!

  137. Author

    @Shane: that’s what I thought when I captured the scene 🙂
    @Laurent: many thanks again Laurent! 

  138. Regina Juen 7 years ago

    Amazing B/W pic,really great:-)))

  139. Daniel Ewert 7 years ago

    Love the drama in the clouds here! 

  140. Kerry Murphy 7 years ago

    Ohh fantastic! This looks so ominous!

    • Author

      Thanks, just what I wanted to hear 😀 Thanks for catching up Kerry !

  141. =^.^=

  142. Chris Miller 7 years ago

    Lovely shot Johan. Sounds like you had an early start to get this one…

    When lugging heavy camera gear around starts to get me down, the way I deal with it is to tell myself that the exercise is good for me! That’s usually enough to make me grin and bear it :)

    • Author

      about 5 AM I think Chris 🙂 Has to happen sometimes. Your way of dealing with it is about the same as mine. It’s aweful but in the end mostly useful!

  143. When do you post a new image Johan ? I am waiiiiiting :))) come on, the good weather is over, the bad weather for great pix too, now we have medium weather – not good !!! :)))

    • Author

      I know Anette, it’s time again. I am actually busy working on my summer and autumn images. I’ll post one tomorrow 🙂 An indeed, we are now in mud season. Colors are almost gone and the snow as well. Means I’ll have to go higher up to shoot :)

  144. Barbara Mi 7 years ago

    Beautiful work.

  145. it is nice!

  146. Laurie Wade 7 years ago


  147. Stefan Scholtz 7 years ago

    amazing landscape! wish i was there Johan

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