Are flies ugly? Close-up of a fly on a flower

Are flies ugly? Opinions probably vary, but I think they are not the most handsome fellas. Here’s one up close that landed on the lovely small white flowers of a viburnum plant. Interesting contrast, huh! I shot this at f/8 and cropped the original to zoom in on the fly and the flower a bit.

Fly on a flower

Macro shot of a fly sitting on white spring flowers.

Taking a photograph of something ugly. What was I thinking 😉

Cheers, Johan 🙂

27 thoughts on “Are flies ugly? Close-up of a fly on a flower

  1. Michael Menefee says:

    I say no, they are fascinating and particularly so in a great closeup like this. Hover flies even transcend to elegant for me, such cool bugs (I know this isn’t one heh).

  2. Mark Hennessey says:

    Outstanding! I’m trying to learn macro photography but find myself getting lost in the technique and forgetting the basics. This picture is the reverse. Composition is king.

  3. Michelle Simpson says:

    Agreed, there is definitely a certain beauty to almost everything. I like shooting macro shots of insects just to see how completely different they are when the details can be seen!

  4. Harald Walker says:

    They might have a bad reputation but I don’t think they are ugly but in general there are not many animals I would call ugly. That’s not a nice thing to say to any being.

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Glad you like it 🙂 you are right about the “ugly”. Don’t think they are ugly. They are not handsome, but have a certain beauty to them if you look good enough ( which is the case for most things ).

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