Come fly with me

Aerial view of the Mont Blanc Massif in black & white

Come fly with me
February 16, 2012 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
Aerial view of the Mont Blanc massif as seen from Orsières in Switzerland (Johan Peijnenburg)
52mm – f/11 – 1/400 – ISO160 – D3x with 24-70 f/2.8

One of the places I visited this winter for a snow shoe hike is Le Chapelet. This is a small skiing area just of the Grand Saint-Bernard pass in the Swiss canton of Valais. There is a snow shoeing trail there, that takes you out of the skiing area up to a mountain summit, where a 8 km panoramic trail starts. From there onwards the views are a real treat, with the Mont Blanc massif on one side and high peaks of the Alps of Valais on the other side.

The image above was shot during this hike and features the mont Blanc Massif. I framed it quite aggressively to try to draw you into the image and to give the impression that you are flying towards them. I processed the image in black and white to emphasize the raw nature of these mountains. Most of the peaks you see have an altitude between 3500 and 4810 meters (11500 to 15750 ft), with the Mont Blanc (4810m/15750ft) being the highest. Other mountains you see are: Aiguille d’Argentière, Aiguille du Chardonnet, Grand Darray, Le Châtelet and the Tour Noir. I shot the image from an altitude of 2105 meter (7000 ft).

More images taken during this trip will follow later!