Chillon castle at Lake Geneva

Dark clouds above Château de Chillon and Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) in Montreux (Johan Peijnenburg)

Dark clouds above Château de Chillon

[ 24mm – f/10 – 1/250 – ISO200 ]

I love castles, lakes, changing weather and twilight. Here’s a combination. This is a photograph of Château de Chillon, which is located at the borders of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) near Montreux in Switzerland. The image was captured close to sunset.

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184 Responses to “Chillon castle at Lake Geneva”

  1. Great shot, I like the overcast sky as it adds to the mood of the shot!!!

  2. Wow, you are quick Marco!

  3. Daan Berg says:

    wow, mooi prentje zeg!!

  4. Fantastic Johan. Looks like a wonderful place

  5. What a fantastic shot, besides the overcast sky, I very much like the slightly upward angle. WHat lens did you use?

  6. Chillon is one of my favorite châteaus en Suisse-Romande – great shot!

  7. Awesome shot…. the sky looks beautiful. Keep ’em coming… :-)

  8. I love this shot. The sky is so complex, yet the overall effect is peaceful. Beautiful!

  9. Wow! Very Harry Potter-ish. Care to share details? Lens, exposure.

  10. This is a very nice photo. Its calm and relaxing.

  11. Great capture, Johan! Excellent composition!

  12. Fabulous looking sky. Great composition!!!

  13. Johan,perfect framing and light control..well done!

  14. Super vette foto! Super cool photo!

  15. Thanks again Francesco. Dank je wel Gerben!

  16. Great shot, very dramatic clouds. How did you get such a strong contrast? Are you using a special filter?

  17. Thanks all! @Bastien Vaucher: no special filter applied.

  18. So beautiful, I live next to Chillon and I never seen this castle like this, it seems we’re in a video game like The legend of Zelda :-)

  19. awesome composition & perspective

  20. Very beautiful!… love the castle

  21. Wonderful photos. Yes, I was inside Château de Chillon on Lac Leman in Geneve (as our maps called the areas). One of the best civilized locations on the planet.

  22. Joe Azure says:

    Man – another place I have to visit… :)

  23. Thanks Joe … if you’ve never been to Switzerland or the Alps you really should :-)

  24. I enjoyed wandering around this castle. The freeway on the hill up above it is a bit surreal when compared to the castle’s age and surrounding :)

  25. The contrast is indeed surreal. Did you visit? The castle itself is in pretty good shape. Cheers

    • Yes, I’ve got quite a number of pictures from the castle. None as good as yours though. I’ll try to dig some out of the archives. My ancestry is Swiss (and I am, sort of…long story) so I like visiting Switzerland as often as I can :)

      • you should upload some. Would be interesting to see how you “attacked” it. I found it not the easiest object to photograph in a way that does the castle right. In the end I decided to move away from it and get more of the sky and lake in.

  26. Love this one. Great composition and light.

  27. I am living in the wrong part of the world, I don’t have anything like this, its beautiful, but I can come up with something.

  28. Thanks Rutger! @Bruce: I somehow doubt you can’t find beautiful things over there as well :-)

  29. thats a great looking location!

  30. Nice composition. It is always more pleasing when the subject is placed on the right hand side (depending on your strong side of the brain).

  31. Thanks Ronnie, Cynthia and Fraser! @Fraser: very true!

  32. beautiful scene! awesome capture!

  33. Oooh Chateau de Chillon will remain one of my favorite places <3 I love how you can wander everywhere inside! :)

  34. Wow Johan. Beautiful work.

  35. I wouldn’t mind living there for a bit. 😀

  36. great image. I’ve been there a couple of times but I’ve never been able to get a picture that I like. BTW: I live in Neuchatel; Switzerland (speak passable French) and recently published a photobook with alphil editions, “Grand angle sur la Collégiale de Neuchâtel” – shameless plug.

    • thanks and very nice to meet a fellow Swiss here … although I am actually Dutch! I was a bit lucky with this shot. The weather was a bit challenging :-) I don’t mind the plug. You should have included a link to it :-)

  37. Nice shoot and weather mood impression

  38. piet Flour says:

    Gorgeous photography you present Regis … magnifique

  39. Nick Lewis says:

    Would love to visit this Chateau and the area

  40. Brilliant photograph.perfect composition

  41. magnificent capture.. the exposure and tones are fantastic..

  42. It’s a nice shot. The weather and the look of the castle match :)

  43. Beautiful castle. It’s been a favourite of mine for a very long time. I think i’m due back there to shoot it.

  44. This is such a lovely photo Johan. I wish we had had clouds like that yesterday!

  45. Wonderful! Too bad I could not be with you!

  46. Thanks Pedro, Main and Arvid Bux!

  47. Wow! I absolutely love the mood of this shot. That’s fantastic Johan!

  48. Very nice photo. Perfect composition and interesting sky. Would love to see a photo containing low dense mist on the lake as well. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Really like the dark clouds here over the castle…..great image….

  50. Sumit Sen says:

    Comes across as a very dreamy and lonely image to me. It has mood which is so critical in defining an image. I love it.

    • Thank you very much. The castle is such a lovely subject in combination with the lake. I will go back regularly as I am anxious to shoot it with a nice sunset, lit at night, with a snow cover, etc, etc :-) Good that it is only half an hour away!

  51. Appropriately gloomy (this is the place famous for locking up people as described by Byron, right?)

  52. I can feel the dark age in the air, great.

  53. Nice one, like the dramatic sky behind the castle

  54. I love the place where I live. This photo it’s one the best I’ve seen of “Château de Chillon”.
    (…sorry for my english)

  55. This has a beautiful mood to it!

  56. Outstanding my friend!!! :)

  57. Piet Flour says:

    superb mood and compo

  58. Beautiful shot Johan – I really miss Europe at times, what with all it’s history and stunning architecture… don’t get me wrong, the South Island of NZ is stunning too, but I sometimes think my heart is still back in Europe – particularly France! :-)

  59. beautiful beautiful composition.

  60. You imagery is superb and your country quite beautiful Johan!

  61. …A Dreams Place…(secret in my mind)…Thanks…

  62. What a gorgeous landscape!

  63. Grüzie wohl, das sind tolle,
    phantaische Bilder ***
    Gruss in die Schweiz

  64. Ja Montreux wird sich freuen über diese Bild.

  65. I like very much ! It’s your country ! :-)

  66. C’est le lac Léman, pas de Genève.

  67. Sehr schöne Aufnahme!

  68. Johan did you use the ACR technique? Or just the normal pic with the Adobe enhancement? It’s gorgeous. 


  70. The castle looks like a toy castle… I like the composition of the picture very much. There are edges and curves in harmony.

  71. Many thanks for your comments Hartmut, David and Joseph! :) Sorry I missed them earlier …

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