Swiss Alpine Meadow in Winter Time

An alpine meadow in winter time, featuring snow-covered spruce trees, a barn, a chalet and Grand Muveran mountain in the background. (Johan Peijnenburg)

Fresh snow in the Swiss Alps

[ 28mm – f/11 – 1/200sec – ISO200 – D3x with 24-70 f/2.8 ]

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius. ~ Pietro Aretino

It’s been a while since I last posted. I have been enjoying the Winter season with family and friends in the past few weeks and spent a lot of time outdoors for shooting as well. Been doing that on snow shoes a lot: a terrific way to get to places you would otherwise not discover!

The image above was shot during a Winter hike near Villars-Sur-Ollon in Switzerland, close to the Col de la Croix in the canton of Vaud. It features an alpine meadow in winter time with snow-covered pine trees and two typical Swiss barns. In the background you see a mountain called the Grand Muveran (3051m).

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135 Responses to “Swiss Alpine Meadow in Winter Time”

  1. Well-dressed firs!..Attractive place

  2. Yıldırım, Елена and Emanuele: thanks. Glad you like it :-)

  3. Cho Tang says:

    Schitterend Johan! Is het koud in Zwitserland?

  4. Johan beautiful scene time for winter Holliday

  5. Wonderful shot Johan – it’s good to see you back

  6. Wow Johan – magic scenery and perfect capture

  7. Bill Wood says:

    Very nicely composed. Idyllic. Thanks for sharing, Johan

  8. Beautiful, Johan. Framing is great, all the lines leading the eye through the scenery. Thank you!

  9. Johan: thanks. I love Winter … and Rhino’s 😉
    Bill: thanks for the compliment Bill!

  10. Sangeeth, Ulrike and Sarra: thank you!
    Wilfried: thanks :-) Would be a great location for a Swiss photo walk as well!

  11. Great leading lines and composition!!! Fantastic image!!!!

  12. Nice one Johan. Would love some snow like that here! 😉

  13. Thanks David !
    John: I’ll send some over. We had loads :-)

  14. Tis wonderful, making me wish I was there to enjoy a nice hot chocolate and the view over a good book. ;-))) Great image my friend!

  15. Hi Johan, good to see you back! Now that’s a beautiful winter shot! Great way to make a comeback.

  16. Lovely winter scene Johan :)

  17. It has been years since I hiked in the Swiss Alps…thanks for sharing them!

  18. So beautiful! I would really enjoy snow shoeing too!

  19. @Joel: Good to be back :-) Thanks for the compliment. I might post the B&W version of this later …
    @Athena: thank you :-) This area is great for combining skiing and shooting btw !
    @Daniel: you’re welcome! You should do it again one day!
    @Patricia: thank you very much! Snow shoeing is fun and great for photography :-)

  20. Gorgeous Winter scene Johan! So fresh and crisp. Our poor mountains are still naked here but hopefully some snow starting tomorrow.

  21. Nice shot. The snow looks soft & fluffy. Yup, Switzerland is in the bucket list too!

  22. Good to have you back Johan. Looking forward to seeing those snow shots!

  23. @Nicholas: thanks, yes Switzerland and the Alps are definitely worth a visit :-)
    Thanks Dene’ and Sumit!
    @Gerard: thank you and likewise!

  24. John Dunne says:

    Wow, that is picture postcard stuff Johan. We unfortunately saw no snow this year in Ireland. I was so hoping for a repeat of last years weather,

  25. Ben Locke says:

    stunning scene. I haven’t been to the Swiss alps since my teens, but I loved it. Send some snow this way :)

  26. This is beautiful and bright, Johan. It looks like a fabulous day. I’ve always wanted to snow shoe. I would have to travel to find snow worthy of it. Especially this winter.

  27. Another excellent winter shot my friend!!!

  28. Johan beautifully captured. Easily a postcard, brochure, or ad for the winter beauty of Switzerland.

  29. 100% Winter, gut getroffen :)

  30. Thanks Charles! I guess you don’t have snow in Neuchatel at the moment?
    @Philipp: danke! Es war eine sehr hübsche Umgebung dort in Villars-Sur-Ollon mit sehr viel Schnee :-)

  31. Tim McAdam says:

    Congrats Johan !
    Beautiful view!

  32. Congratulation on top12 Johan . You deserve it.

  33. Tim and Davorin: thank you both!!!

  34. What brilliant, beautiful light. Excellent work!

  35. Very nice! Looks like a great place to play in the snow.

  36. Great winter shot Johan! It’s 30 degrees here and I already miss the snow :) Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  37. @Craig: thank you! I was tempted to add a snowman for foreground interest, but decided I liked it how it was 😉
    @Harry: you’ll get plenty of white stuff in 4 to 5 months no? Glad you liked it!

  38. I love your beautiful shot and the quote is a perfect combination! Wishing I was there too, perfectly wonderful!

  39. Hope OHara says:

    love this Johan..what a beautiful winter play ground.

  40. gorgeous! love the grand trees and the beautiful mountains in the background! that looks like some deep snow!

  41. Fantastic fairy tail! amazing view! very beautiful!

  42. Thanks Hope , Scott and Mikko and thanks for stopping by!
    shane: yep, we got loads of white stuff around here at the end of 2011 :-)

  43. Well as I’m now over here in hot Sunny Cape Town seeing this beautiful scene of snow brings a welcome chill, beautiful clear, well composed shot showing the scenery off to it’s best Johan..:)

  44. Looks like a place I want to be!!!

  45. Thanks Beverley and Dan !!!

  46. jens Ceder says:

    Lovely snowscape Johan!

  47. Thanks Carsten and Jens. Hope all’s well!

  48. I love the view and the pristine snow!
    We just had a few short days of snow. I did get out to photograph it thankfully as it rained right after the trip. worst winter for lack of snow I recall:(

  49. Love this image, looks like a peaceful and relaxing place. Nice work Johan!

  50. Beautiful composition, so lovely there!

  51. @Ron: thanks my friend :-) Winter is rough here depending on how high you are.
    @Vicki: thank you for the compliment!

  52. I haven’t see a real snow flake this year (yet)… Nice photo Johan, I like the framing.

  53. Your portrayal of winter is indeed beautiful, Johan! What a fantastic scene and image! Love the view of the Grand Muveran in the background.

  54. Wow! This is indeed how I picture winter in my mind – far from my reality of winter in Los Angeles. So beautiful and peaceful. Great work!

  55. Beautiful Winter photo…Love it!

  56. Какая чудесная зима! Качество снимка великолепное! Каким фотоаппаратом Вы снимали это?What a wonderful winter! Picture quality excellent! What camera you filmed it?

  57. Thank you Milena :-)
    @Ирина: thank you. I shot this with a Nikon D3x.

  58. This is a very beautiful landscape photography Johan.

  59. David Burns says:

    Love you winter scenes Johann, do you go to these areas year round? I can also imagine this shot in spring with green grass and wildflowers in the meadow,I bet the air is so fresh up there.Really nice,thanks for sharing.

  60. i am a bit jealous of you living in the mountains. 😉 wanna go there and have a nap in that hut.

  61. Que maravilla ver este paisaje nevando , es espectacular y muy buena foto .Un cordial saludo .

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