New autumn photography: Alpine autumn reflections

I haven’t found the time to work on my new winter photographs just yet. Luckily enough, I still have some autumn photography up my sleeve. This photograph was captured at the end of last October. This small mountain lake is located in the Derborence valley just behind the Diablerets mountains. It can be reached via the Swiss canton of Valais. The surroundings of this small lake are quite typical. There is a large variety of trees, which makes it look quite extraordinary in Autumn.

Alpine autumn reflections

An alpine lake with the reflection of the Swiss Diablerets mountain and trees in fall colours.

I captured this photograph using my 14-24 f/2.8 wide-angle lens on a Nikon D3X. I used the following settings: 17mm, ƒ/16, 1/40s and ISO 100.

Cheers, Johan 🙂

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133 thoughts on “New autumn photography: Alpine autumn reflections

    • Lilia Lin says:

      Well, I speak a few languages and I’m interested languages 🙂 I managed to remember a few words from my holiday in Holland, I definitely think if i stayed longer, I would make better progress ;)

  1. David Burns says:

    Very nice,reflections are one of my favourites Johan,I particularly like how the colour of the mountain and snow and green of the trees are toned down in the water reflection,really draws me into the image.

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Thanks Jessy! I am doing terrific. Hope all’s well with you as well. Looking forward to you work in the New Year!

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      Thanks Wilfried 🙂 I’ll do my best! Best wishes to you as well and looking forward to your high alpine work! See you on the 15th!

  2. Johan Peijnenburg says:

    @Louis: thanks and best for 2012 for you as well!
    @John: thanks John!
    @Charlotte: thank you. How long ago have you been there?

    • Charlotte Therese Björnström says:

      I’m not sure, the years kinda float together nowadays, I don’t find the info right now, must have been somewhere between 1995-1999, in the summer, just a few weeks. The scanned mountain pic I posted awhile ago was from there.

        • Charlotte Therese Björnström says:

          Yes. I hope to do that! Which season is the most beautiful photowise….? Oh – almost forgot – wishing you a beautiful new year!

          • Johan Peijnenburg says:

            all seasons have their charm. Personally I like Spring and Winter best. Mid-Summer can be challenging for photography. Autumn is usually very short and you need a bit of luck with first snow 🙂 All the best to you as well for the New Year!!!

  3. Charlotte Therese Björnström says:

    You make me nostalgic here, I kinda recognize the word Diablerets cause it’s so unusual, and it also gives me associations – and I’ve been to Valais… 🙂

  4. Sinead Sam McKeown says:

    A real beauty! I love how the line of trees on the left leads the eye right to the mountain peak. Very nice work.

  5. Joel Tjintjelaar says:

    That is a great location and you’ve captured it very skilfully Johan! The blues in the sky and water are awesome:)

    • Nathan Wirth says:

      As you know Athena, I am a proper gentleman, so my thoughts were all rated G. However, the back pocket is probably a bad idea for filters — even in their cases– just in case you should stumble and fall on your arse! And you have square and rectangular filters … should I go there … or should we call a cease fire for a few days?

        • Athena Carey says:

          roflmao you two!! Yes Johan, but this time I meant the Christmas stocking!

          Nathan Wirth: I have to explain now I think because otherwise who knows WHAT you will think of!

          I am a bit of a tom boy. And lazy about carrying my camera bag. So sometimes when we get to a shooting location, I’ll leave the bag in the car and take my tripod and camera in my hands and shove the square and rectangular filters (in their cases) into the back of my jeans. 🙂

          I guess if I switch to circular filters I can just shove them into my jeans pockets. 😉

  6. Johan Peijnenburg says:

    @Athena: didn’t need the lesson really, but it is a good reminder indeed 🙂 Snow to the rescue for the filter … good move. Where were you shooting?

    • Athena Carey says:

      I was down by the lake towards la ville. We had an entire park to ourselves. Apparently other people don’t like to go out by the lake in blizzard like snow. 🙂

  7. Johan Peijnenburg says:

    @Shelly, @Dene’, @Lance, @Richard and @Davorin: thanks for the compliments 🙂
    @Jörn: thanks. I can imagine. Hope to visit Norway one day!
    @Beverley: thanks 🙂 How is the B&W project going?

  8. Johan Peijnenburg says:

    @Dane: thanks! I was lucky that part of the lake was still in the shadow 🙂
    @Wilfried: thanks and glad you like it! I will be shooting a lot in the next few weeks, so hopefully I will run into some nice scenes. I won’t be posting a lot until early next year though, as I have family over for a few weeks for Christmas and New Year. Enjoy the coming weeks!

    • Johan Peijnenburg says:

      yes, the picturesk (?) place to have lunch 🙂 I shot this with my (now broken) wide angle from the shadow just after that small bridge.

          • Athena Carey says:

            Ouch is right Johan. I’m so sorry. But I bet it will help you remember to zip that zipper on your bag. Some lessons are painful. I dropped my 10stop filter yesterday – thankfully it landed in the snow (was a pain to clean) and there was no damage.

  9. Wilfried Haferland says:

    Johan, I like this one very much. Great reflection, beautiful dark sky in there, eye-leading line to the summit. A very good composition. Thank you for sharing, Johan! Looking forward to your winter shots!

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