Lake Sils at Sunrise

Landscape with Piz da la Margna and the Silsersee at sunrise

Lake Sils at Sunrise
May 6, 2013 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
Piz da la Margna (3158m) reflected in lake Sils at sunrise. Lake Sils is located in the Swiss Engadin region. (Johan Peijnenburg)
24mm – f/10 – 4 minutes – ISO200 – D800E with 24mm f/1.4

This image features Lake Sils (Silsersee) and a mountain called Piz da la Margna at sunrise, just after a stormy night. They are located near St. Moritz in the Swiss Engadin region. Engadin is one of my favorite regions in the Alps, because Mother Nature tends to be very generous over there with key photography ingredients like color (in trees, sunsets and sunrises), fog and fast changing weather, especially in Autumn. This is one of the reason why I will be organizing a workshop / photo tour in Engadin next October!

This sunrise image is a 4 minute exposure that was intended to be in color. The sunrise was giving the peaks to the left a nice orange glow and I liked the yellow in the sky at the end of the lake. In this case I didn’t use a long exposure to smoothen the water though. I opted for a long exposure to make the sky less busy. The sky was full of dots of clouds which made the sky (and reflection) a bit too overwhelming.

I often convert my long exposures to black and white. Partly because I tend to like them better in black and white and partly because long exposures in color are rather tricky to get right. The ND filters mess up the white balance and also add a bit of a color cast. These things can be fixed in post-processing, however that is often not an easy task. It wasn’t easy in this one either.

Hope you like my choices and how it came out ?!

A combination of a Lee 10-stop and 2-stop ND filter was used to get an exposure time of 4 minutes. I processed the image with Adobe’s Lightroom 4.4.

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  1. Jim Denham 7 years ago


  2. Patrick Metzdorf 7 years ago

    That is gorgeous! Love the soft blues here.

    • Author

      hey Patrick! Thanks 🙂 Hope all is well. When will we see you in CH again?

      • Patrick Metzdorf 7 years ago

        Hi Johan! Well, I have postponed a move to the country for the foreseeable future, but I am planning to take a few days in the mountains in summer. No date yet or specific place, though. Any suggestions?

        • Author

          ah ok. Hope for good reasons 🙂 Well, there many beautiful places to visit here. Depends a bit on what you already have seen. The region where I took this shot is quite nice 🙂 

          • Patrick Metzdorf 7 years ago

            I haven’t seen much, nothing in the Swiss Alps yet. I’ll have to do some homework first and see when I can take some time off etc.

            But once I know more I’ll hit you up. Maybe we can arrange something.

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            Sounds like a plan ! 🙂

  3. Rutas Andinas 7 years ago

    Nice color::

  4. Debby Vos 7 years ago

    Literally cool :-)

    • Author

      Thanks 🙂 Think you were still sleeping when I shot this, so not so cool for you 😉 

  5. beautiful work!

  6. Grant Meyer 7 years ago

    The tones are fantastic, Johan!

  7. When the reflections are as real and superb as the reality they are reflecting, there comes the art… Lovely tones and scene, dear Johan 

    • Author

      for real for sure Naghmeh. It is a beautiful lake. Spent quite some early mornings and late evenings there last year to enjoy it and capture it :)

  8. Sudip Ghate 7 years ago

    That is quite literally a very cool sunrise 🙂 Lovely shot Johan!

  9. Mitchell Prout 7 years ago

    beautiful, Johan! the colors are just great!

    • Author

      many thanks Mitchell. Glad you approve 🙂 

      • Mitchell Prout 7 years ago

        … i’m caught up…. 🙂 I just went through your galleries again ;)

        • Author

          Haha Mitchell. Well hope seeing a lot of them for a 2nd time didn’t bore you ;)

          • Mitchell Prout 7 years ago

            bore me? HA… i got to see my favorite one again too… 🙂

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            lol. Which one is your fav?

          • Mitchell Prout 7 years ago

            Matterhorn. I just messaged you with a couple of questions if you have time to look at it. :)

  10. Annie Petrick 7 years ago

    The whole gallery is so good!

  11. Milena Ilieva 7 years ago

    Absolutely Spectacular!

  12. Anna Rimovska 7 years ago


  13. Davorin Mance 7 years ago

    Very beautiful!

  14. Dorma Wiggin 7 years ago


  15. Sumit Sen 7 years ago

    Beautiful shot!

  16. Jany Viala 7 years ago

    Magnifique reflet !

  17. Andreas Levi 7 years ago

    A fantastic work, Johan!! I think it was indeed a great choise not to convert in b/w ; amazing colors here! 🙂
    Happy Monday, and a great week for you :)

    • Author

      Thanks Andreas! You have probably found out by now that getting the colors right with long exposures is quite a challenge 🙂 have a great week as well! 

  18. Kevin Rowe 7 years ago

    Very nice!

    • Author

      you are very welcome and thanks! Nice to meet you by the way 🙂 

  19. Shelly Gunderson 7 years ago

    Beautiful view!

  20. Awesome shot Johan! Love this one, the colors, the reflections, just awesome!

  21. kurt Harvey 7 years ago

    Gorgeous and refreshing image Johan! I hear what you’re saying about color LE. I haven’t been happy with my own experiments with it but I sure love this.

    • Author

      thank you! Yes, it is tough. I think I re-did this one about 20 times and I will probably re-do it again at some point. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be perfect reality. With sunrise and sunset colors there is a lot of artistic freedom :)

      • kurt Harvey 7 years ago

        Johan, I totally agree on the color choices for that time of day (and night shots). Its kind of a relief actually. :)

        • Author

          why a relief? 

          • kurt Harvey 7 years ago

            I’m somewhat color blind so fine tuning color is sometimes a real task for me. If there’s creative leeway its easier. Does that make sense?

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            yes it does make sense Kurt. I slightly have the same “problem” :)

  22. Thierry Bouriat 7 years ago

    That is gorgeous !
    The tones are incredible…
    and thank you Johan for your technical explanation :-))

  23. Jim Davis 7 years ago

    Very cool shot Johan, love the colour and feel

  24. Eric Delcour 7 years ago

    Great reflections !

  25. FANTASTIC Johan, Looooove it :)))

    • Author

      thank you! I think I am not done playing with it yet. There is a touch too much green in the yellow to my taste, but that could also be a result of the sRGB conversion …

      • you can check that green in Photoshop in profiles, there you can switch and see if it turns green when converting to sRGB? Before you hang again hours on this one. I love it the way it is done. As well sign myself already up for the Workshop, but still want the one on one as well :)))

        • Author

          I don’t mind hanging with an image for hours Anette 🙂 I can see it in LR as well. sRGB makes it more obvious. It is not a big issues though. I like it as is anyway :)

  26. Fantastic, Johan ! Thanks a lot !

  27. Andi Rivarola 7 years ago

    Outstanding image. What’s not to like, beautiful colors, reflections and shapes. Thank you for sharing a wonderful image and great description!

  28. Author

    Thank you Елена !! 🙂
    @Andi: thanks for the very kind words Andi!! 

  29. Martin Richi 7 years ago


  30. Kerry Murphy 7 years ago

    Oh those colors and smoothness. This is stunning Johan!

  31. Author

    @Martin: thank you Martin! Will we meet on a photo walk soon?
    @Kerry: glad you think so Kerry! Thank you! 🙂 

  32. Rikard Lindby 7 years ago

    Yes! Great shot. The light is really something else.

  33. Gemma Costa 7 years ago

    wonderful shot, tones and wonderful reflection!

  34. John Dunne 7 years ago

    I do, I do like your choices Johan 🙂 Its a beautiful image. Just that hint of dawn light on the tips of the mountains is exquisite.

    • Author

      Thanks John. That’s my favorite part! You should keep this place in mind when you decide to come to CH! 🙂 

  35. Paul Paradis 7 years ago


  36. Bill Pevlor 7 years ago

    Beauty to behold!

  37. Anne McKinnell 7 years ago

    Very dramatic, love the colours in the sky and reflected in the water.

  38. Author

    @Bill: well thank you Bill 🙂
    @Anne: glad you do Anne. Thank you! 

  39. Pure serenity – love it!

  40. Martin Frye 7 years ago

    Nice feeling to this one.

  41. Dalibor Pačić 7 years ago

    so wonderful Johan 

  42. Author

    @Michael: many thanks Michael!
    @Dalibor: glad you luke it Dalibor! 🙂

  43. Mark Esguerra 7 years ago

    This turned out great! Awesome work!

  44. Maggy Meyer 7 years ago

    Awesome tones and reflections!! Great work, Johan!! :)

  45. So beautiful! Dat is wel heel prachtig. Zo sereen en zacht. 

  46. Author

    @Maggy: thanks Maggy! 🙂
    @Dominique: thanks! Zwitserland is best mooi 😉 

  47. Baki Karacay 7 years ago

    Great work and amazing colors!

  48. Claudia T. 7 years ago

    Spectacular shot, love the blue!
    (und ich dachte immer, die Schweiz sei flach!)

  49. Author

    @Baki: you are very welcome Baki. Thanks for the kind words 🙂
    @Claudia: many thanks! Lol, du meinst die Niederlande 😉

  50. Dermot Russell 7 years ago

    The colours are remarkable Johan and the gentle light on the mountain peaks are a beautiful detail. Wonderful shot!

  51. CJ Cox 7 years ago

    really beautifully done, Johan!

  52. Author

    @Dermot: thanks for the compliment Dermot!
    @CJ: many thanks CJ! 

  53. david Shield 7 years ago

    Really nice silhouetted symmetry, and long exposure Johan 

  54. fantastic, love the soft sky and the last glimpse of light on the peaks.

  55. Author

    @David: thank you David!
    @Matthias: many thanks Matthias! 🙂 

  56. Armand Dijcks 7 years ago

    Perfect location for a workshop indeed 🙂 I like the glow on the mountain tops.

    • Author

      Thought so Armand. Btw that glow only lasts for 1 long exposure 🙂 

  57. Meg Rousher 7 years ago

    Wonderful work Johan, I’m happy you chose color for this instead of black & white. Those deep colors are beautiful :)

  58. Victoria Etna 7 years ago

    you make of the waiting something worth !
    such a magnificent photo Johan !
    love the mirror reflections as the light and shadows, wonderful colours and that subtle sunlight on the top of the mountain is really beautiful !
    <3 it ! 😀 

  59. Didier Demaret 7 years ago

    very nice work!

  60. Moody and mysterious Johan. Love the little hint of golden light on the mountain tops. Beautifully and creatively processed!

  61. Michael Russell 7 years ago

    Awesome photo Johan !

  62. George Marquardt 7 years ago

    Terrific Johan! The 4 minutes worked really well here.

  63. Carolyn Lim 7 years ago

    Lovely! I like the tonality and the mood of the scene. Thank you for the backgrounder on where and how you shot the image.

  64. Margaret Wong 7 years ago

    Really peaceful scene with lovely colours, enhanced by the reflections and gold tips on the peaks :)

  65. something quite painterly to it Johan , cant put my finger on it but it, in a pleasant way :), reminds me more of a realistic cgi render then a photograph.

    But, yep i like it =)
    So job well done once again Johan

  66. Johnny Minor 7 years ago

    Stunning image all around Johan. 

  67. Stunning Johan !! I absolutely love this!!

  68. E.E. Giorgi 7 years ago

    wow, I really love the color and teh abstract feel of this, beautiful !

  69. mike Dooley 7 years ago

    Wow this is really stunning!

  70. Rodolfo Seide 7 years ago


  71. Jerry Johnson 7 years ago


  72. Tuan Le 7 years ago

    Beautiful capture Johan. Love the strong shadows and the early morning blues.

  73. Markus Landsmann 7 years ago

    a wonderful light

  74. Mikko Tyllinen 7 years ago

    Absolutly stunning view, so beautiful abs powerful! 

  75. Anna Ryndak 7 years ago

    Brilliant work! Looks like a magical place! ( Without the part waking up so early) 

  76. Jim Lundgren 7 years ago

    So much mood in this one Johan. Like being somewhere between a dream and reality. Love it!!

  77. Zielone Mila 7 years ago

    Amazing view:)

  78. Ada M. 7 years ago

    I am in love! :)

  79. Christof Simon 7 years ago

    Great long exposure Johan. The fine lines in the clouds is what I like most. And I agree with you, the Engadin is one of the most beautiful parts of mother earth :-)

  80. Author

    @Victoria: you make me smile 😀 Thank you! I will try to not let you wait so long next time 🙂
    @Didier: merci Didier!
    @Barbara: thank you 🙂

  81. Author

    @Michael: thanks Michael and thanks for the re-tweet as well! 🙂
    @George: thanks! Yes, think it worked out well as well 🙂 

  82. Author

    @Carolyn: many thanks for the kind words and share Carolyn! 🙂
    @Margaret: many thanks Margaret!

  83. Author

    @Michael: thank you Michael. Yes the LE had an interesting effect, especially in the sky. There is quite some stucture in there 🙂
    @Johnny: thank you Johnny! 

  84. Author

    @Margaret: well thank you. Guess you can’t be the first every time 😀
    @E.E. Giorgi: thank you Elena !
    @Mike: thanks for the wow Mike and nice to meet you! 

  85. Author

    @Rodolfo: you are very welcome Rodolfo and thank you!
    @Jerry: lol thanks Jerry!
    @Tuan: thanks Tuan! 

  86. Author

    @Markus: danke dir Markus! Have a great week!
    @Mikko: like a painting 😉 Thank you!
    @Anna: waking up early is so worth it in photography Anna! Thank you 🙂 

  87. Author

    @Jim: great comment. Thanks Jim!
    @Zielona: thank you 🙂
    @Ada: lol thank you Ada! 🙂 Me too 😉 

  88. Author

    @Christof: thanks for the compliment! Figured you knew Engadin 🙂 

  89. David Orr 7 years ago

    fabulous LE, that reflection is perfect !

  90. Johan, always come back to this one, love it. Btw, my mail work mail works again :))

    • Author

      Thanks again Anette and that is good news! 🙂 Btw did you know that Engadin is also the place where I “shot” that group of steinbocke ? :)

      • nope, did not know. Want to go in June/July to find some of those. People tell me all kind of places in Swissy where to go :)) 

        • Author

          yeah, I think you need some luck. Often they are there, but you not always notice. I ran into them in various locations. Usually the big problem is that the angle you get on them is not very nice. At least I don’t like to shoot them from a lower position 🙂 

  91. Betty Manousos 7 years ago

    omg, totally impressive! this is one of the most spectacular pictures i’ve ever seen. excellent capture and processing technique. absolutely breathtaking, dear johan:))

  92. Beauty and Serenity ! I like the colours of the sky, the reflections over the lake and the delicate light over the summits on the left. A great work ! Thanks for this spectacular view :-))

  93. Marilou Aballe 7 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful and magical and love the tones Johan! 

  94. Jamal Alias 7 years ago

    That’s a lovely photo Johan :-)

  95. Subra Govinda 7 years ago

    Beautiful imagery mate!

  96. Author

    @Marilou: many thanks Marilou! 🙂
    @Jamal: glad you think so Jamal. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
    @Subra: many thanks Subra! 🙂 

  97. Diego Cattaneo 7 years ago

    Love the colors and the reflection! Wonderful Johan 

  98. Mona Youssef 7 years ago

    Very subtle and serene thanks John

  99. Shawn McClure 7 years ago

    Wow. Gorgeous deep colors in this, Johan… Love the low key and the dark reflections/silhouettes…

  100. ke Zeng 7 years ago

    Wow! Wonderful colors and silhouette !

  101. Anna Ryndak 7 years ago

    Of course is worth it when it pays with such an amazing image! Thank you!

  102. Marc Vermeulen 7 years ago

    very sharp picture and nice colours!

  103. Chris Miller 7 years ago

    This is sublime, love it! I know how hard it can be to correct the colour casts from 10-stop filters but I think that what you’ve ended up with here looks great :)

  104. Alex Filatov 7 years ago

    Fantastic long exposure, great capture Johan!

  105. Author

    @Chris: thanks for the compliment Chris! It is not easy indeed. Hopefully one day someone will come up with the perfect ND filter 🙂
    @Alex: many thanks Alex! 🙂 

  106. Tania Sonnenfeld 7 years ago

    Those colors remind me of a Rousseau painting, beautiful and dreamy :)

  107. Olga Rook 7 years ago

    Awesome deep color and light variation. Magical!

  108. just checking back to see this one. This is one of my favs of yours Johan !

  109. Author

    @Olga: dank je wel 🙂
    @Sairam: thanks for that Sairam! I like it a lot as well. It still need to grow a bit on me compared to some of my other work 🙂

  110. great light and reflection here Johan 

  111. an image you kind of fall into. Delightful.

  112. Oh my, oh my!! This is fantastic Johan! Doesn’t happen often, but I’m speechless! 🙂

    • Author

      finally I manage to make you speechless 😉 Thanks for the kind words!

  113. Jim Davis 7 years ago

    Johan things have been busy, travel plans have been set back a year. CH?

    • Author

      CH = Switzerland 🙂 you mentioned once that you were planning to come over this year.

  114. Stunning! Wonderful beauty!

  115. Asa Gislason 7 years ago

    Wow Johan, this is really quite something!

  116. Michelle Potter 7 years ago

    So wonderful with a vision of wonderful beauty Johan 

  117. Mady Sach 7 years ago

    wonderful picture,nice reflection and colors

  118. Ed Bannister 7 years ago

    marvelously peaceful, perfect comp, yummy!

  119. Joan Munford 7 years ago

    Sublime shot, great information as well, thanks Johan !

  120. Robert Skreiner 7 years ago

    Great photo and work Johan!

  121. cafrin k-hone 7 years ago

    Your photos are stunning!absolutel glassy water&the light, magical!!

  122. Tom Tran 7 years ago

    This is silky and wonderful Johan. The sunshine peak gives me enough reason to want it in color. :)

  123. Christa Niederer 7 years ago

    A dramatic sky, the reflections in the water and the mountains with that streak of sunlight starting to illuminate the peaks all contribute to a veritable eye-catcher!

  124. Author

    @Оксана: glad you like it Oksana 🙂
    @Asa: it is isn’t it 😉 Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by!

  125. Author

    @Michelle: thank you Michelle 🙂
    @Mady: thanks for the kind words Mady! 🙂
    @Ed: thanks for the “yummy” Ed ! 🙂

  126. Author

    @Joan: dank je wel Joan! Hoe is het in Nederland. Al zomer?
    @Robert: danke vielmals Robert! 🙂
    @cafrin : many thanks Cafrin! 🙂

    • Robert Skreiner 7 years ago

      You are welcome!

    • Joan Munford 7 years ago

      We hebben deze week heerlijk lenteweer. Alles schiet de grond uit en dan is Nederland echt mooi! Een fijne week verder Johan :)

  127. Author

    @Tom: hey Mr. Entertainment! You know I do expect an Elvis selfy from you soon now don’t you?! Thanks for the compliment Tom!
    @Christa: hi Christa! Many thanks for the kind words! Hope all is well with you!?

    • Tom Tran 7 years ago

      But that would require an Elvis outfit at the very least, and I have none. 😛
      Congrats on the cover feature, Johan!

      • Author

        hey you have the wings already. Grow a pair of huge sideburns. Add some dark glassed, lift one side of your upper lip and you are almost there 😀
        And yes thanks!

        • Tom Tran 7 years ago

          You got this all figured out and have my vote. I’ll send you the wings. :D

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            darn, you are way too smart 😀 

          • Tom Tran 7 years ago

            If you’ve never been wrong before then this is the first. :D

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            I don’t believe you 😀 

  128. Stunning shot ! Good afternoon to you my dear Johan 😀

  129. Ypille Mia 7 years ago


  130. Nikola Nikolski 7 years ago

    Wonderful mood here Johan, great shot!

    • Author

      thanks! Now this is one of the reasons I moved from NL to CH ! 🙂 

  131. Sandy Schepis 7 years ago

    Stunning Johan! 

  132. Hi Johan! Beautiful job, as always btw :))) What I like here… fantastic landscape, great colours, intriguing lights and the movements on the clouds. Everything play here perfectly! How did you back from this place? Did you sleep in the tent? I going to do some couple trips like that… Amazing work my friend! Best Regards!

    • Author

      Thank your very much for the kind words and compliment! I stayed in a hotel nearby, so no tent this time. I shot this in October so didn’t even have to get up that early. Think I got up at 5 and shot this close to 7 🙂 Hope all is fine in real life with you as well! 

      • Lol :))) One day I want to take my version of the Milky Way and tent somewhere in the mountain ;))) But still need f/2.8 lens ;))) So this photo was taken in October??? You should have extended library of the most current photos! I hope to see them soon ;)

        • Author

          can I join? 🙂 Ow, I still have many images from the past few years that I haven’t shared here. I jump back and forth in my library and pick one dependent on the time of year and my previous posts. I try to offer a bit of variety 🙂 

          • Grzegorz Piechowicz 7 years ago

            😀 No problems Johan! You are welcomed! :))) I know what you mean, I try avoid to repeat the same theme twice in short time too. But we (want to see more often your photos! We love them… we want to comments them… ;))) One photo per 2 weeks is too little ;))) Just joking… Best Regards! 😀

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            seriously, I would love to shoot in Scotland. I might combine it with a trip to Ireland 🙂
            Lol, every time I post I say to myself I should post more often, but then reality takes over. I need to shut myself off from social media to actually shoot, be productive and work on images. 

  133. Mikael Svenson 7 years ago

    Great one Johan 

  134. Andreas Levi 7 years ago

    Congratulation to the #plusphotoextract Johan! 😀
    … it is also a brilliant picture – absolutely deserved!!

  135. So blissfully beautiful Johan! 

  136. Ed Bannister 7 years ago

    Your usual high bar of excellence! Glad you finally got recognized for your superior eye for wilderness beauty, and your craft, hats off Johann!

  137. E.E. Giorgi 7 years ago

    Congratulations, well deserved to be the cover of Photoextract !!! :-)

  138. Mother nature was generous indeed, and you made the most out of it. It’s a very subtle blueish appearance, combined with this orange glow up there. Very nice! :-)

    • Author

      thanks maestro! Have fun in Ticino the coming days. Would love to be there!!

  139. Well done. Next photowalk somebody will take a note what and how you do every photo-spot 😉 Congratulation for this awesome work, mate.

  140. Ralph Mendoza 7 years ago

    stunning landscape

  141. Aline van Weert 7 years ago

    Ow… Johan what a beauty! I love the colours and reflection so much. The light just on top of the mountain…… “genieten”!

    • Author

      Dank je wel Aline! Glad you like it 🙂 Best leuk he Zwitserland 😉 

  142. Yasmin Simpson 7 years ago

    Such a beautiful-dreamy image!. Color or b&w are always welcome to my eyes and soul… BUDDY no body, being so careful that this technology doesn’t change my words, haaa.
    Have a great week, bud!!! :)

    • Author

      Many thanks and have a great rest of the week!

      • Yasmin Simpson 7 years ago

        noooo worries, only smile 🙂 in the beautiful way that you do all the time. Well, it is how your profile pic shows :).
        Hope you are having an excellent week!

  143. Joel Tjintjelaar 7 years ago

    Dark beauty with such subtle colors Johan – I love this!

  144. Carsten Kopp 7 years ago

    Wonderful atmosphere, Johan !

  145. Johan Swanepoel 7 years ago

    Wow – really love this Johan – magic work :)

  146. Hope OHara 7 years ago

    so peaceful…

  147. Author

    @Johan: thanks a lot Johan! Glad to see you around 🙂
    @Hope: many thanks Hope 🙂 

  148. Javier Esval 7 years ago

    I love the blue tones and silhouettes

  149. Gerard Charnley 7 years ago

    Wonderful tones in this shot – love it!

  150. Gail Beerman 7 years ago

    Gorgeous colors, beautiful image Johan

  151. Author

    @Gerard: many thanks Gerard! Good luck with that garden 😉
    @Gail: thank you Gail! 🙂 

  152. Markus Landsmann 7 years ago

    Perfect Johan!!

  153. Beverley Aston 7 years ago

    super capture Johan.

  154. Enrique Palaez 7 years ago

    Woow this is fantastic !!

  155. Maggy Meyer 7 years ago

    Outstanding image, Johan!! How wonderful to experience this moment. You are very lucky!!

    • Author

      Thank you Maggy! I am a very lucky man to be able to travel to these gorgeous places a lot :)

  156. Daniel Diggelman 7 years ago

    An awesome and peaceful picture. I like it a lot Johan 

  157. Rohan Reilly 7 years ago

    Beautiful light Johan

  158. Author

    Many thanks Daniel and Rohan ! :)

  159. Martin Weibel 7 years ago

    Very nice one Johan 

  160. Charles Lupica 7 years ago

    Simply beautiful Johan

  161. Beautiful light and colors! So serenity! 

  162. Daniel Ewert 7 years ago

    Amazing low light scene!

  163. Wow!! The kiss of sunlight makes this image so exciting! And I adore the sky. Really beautiful work, as always :)

    • Author

      Thank you Sinead. Has to be viewed large the appreciate the glow on the mountain peaks 🙂 

  164. Mutita EdiblArt 7 years ago

    So beautiful :)

  165. I am still dreaming of such a shot …

    • Author

      One day you’ll get one Matthias! I am hoping for more as well. Will be going back there in October 🙂

  166. David Herreman 7 years ago

    Great one Johan ! could be my wallpaper ;)

  167. Mamo Delpero 7 years ago

    Magnificent light, superb shot Johan!

  168. Author

    @David: thanks David! It’s yours if you want it! 🙂
    @Mamo: thank you very much Mamo. Thanks for catching up here ! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

    • Mamo Delpero 7 years ago

      Johan, you’re most welcome! it was pure pleasure for the eyes and the soul as always! Cheers!

  169. Encarna Gallart 7 years ago

    Schitterend…heel mooi, groetjes

  170. Christina Pinna 6 years ago

    Very good. Thanks!!

  171. Ramesh Goel 6 years ago


  172. Author

    Thanks Christina and Ramesh ! :)

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