Mystic mountain

Black & white capture of fog rising above La Tsarve mountain covered with snow

Mystic mountain
March 26, 2013 Johan Peijnenburg
In Photography
Mountain landscape in black & white with La Tsavre mountain in winter, surrounded by clouds and fog. La Tsarve mountain is located in La Fouly in Switzerland. (Johan Peijnenburg)
56mm – f/10 – 1/400 – ISO100 – D800E with 24-70mm f/2.8

I love mountains, fog and snow, so I am always happy when I can combine these three elements in an image. I captured this mountain landscape in black & white during a snowshoe hike last January. It was a bit of a dull day with lot’s of fog and clouds … and it was way too cold. Most of the trail was in the shade, so there weren’t a lot of wide-angle opportunities. The fog around the mountains on the side of the trail was rather nice and interesting though, so I decided to focus on shooting them to see if I could get something intimate and dramatic. The only thing I badly needed was a 4th element to play along: the light. And it did!

No filters were used for this image. I already knew that I was going to process this one in B&W when I shot it. I used Adobe’s Lightroom 4.3 and Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 to get to this result. Hope you like this mountain landscape in black & white!

The mountain in the image is called La Tsarve (or Mont Ferret). It is about 3000 meters high (9800ft) and it is located in La Fouly in the Swiss Val Ferret valley. This valley is located in the Swiss canton of Valais, on the southern side the Mont Blanc Massif.

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  1. Mitchell Prout 7 years ago

    Very nice Johan! beautiful as always. :)

    • Author

      Thank you Mitchell! Glad you like my drama. Hope all is well!?

      • Mitchell Prout 7 years ago

        I do indeed. and yes, things are well. the next month looks to be pretty hectic for me, (interferes with shooting) but still good. 🙂 Hope it’s good for you as well.

        • Author

          all’s good here as well. Weather is only so so, but that gives time to catch up on other stuff 🙂

  2. Mark Esguerra 7 years ago

    Truly amazing work! I don’t just like it, I love it!

    • Author

      Hey many thanks Mark! You are always so quick with commenting :)

  3. Oh WOW!! Johan , this is incredibly beautiful!! I love the rich contrast and details. It really draws me in!! Beautiful!

  4. Shelly Gunderson 7 years ago

    This is gorgeous!

  5. Claudia T. 7 years ago

    fantastic shot Johan Peijnenburg 

  6. Diego Cattaneo 7 years ago

    Square crop! Interesting 😀 beautiful image and processing :)

    • Author

      thanks! Yes, I liked it better with the square crop. Doesn’t happen often with landscapes. 

  7. Fantastic photo!!!

  8. Anna Ryndak 7 years ago

    Wonderful capture! I love it!

  9. Author

    @Christer: thank you Christer and nice to meet you 🙂
    @Anna: thanks for the compliments 🙂 

  10. Paul Turkowski 7 years ago

    I like to follow those steps up to the highest peak – so nice encased in fog! fantastic work Johan 

    • Author

      Thanks Paul! That’s a nice compliment 🙂 How are things in Austria? End of season almost? 

      • Paul Turkowski 7 years ago

        Thanks Johan. Season still goes on – new snow arrived so I`m sure to be on skitour until 1st of May :)

        • Author

          I can imagine. Still snow here as well. Waiting until the snow line is at the right height to catch those half frozen alpine lakes 🙂 

  11. beautiful done Johan. Love the light and your comp. Something to sit and just look!

    Might find a mountain goat somewhere :))

    • Author

      Thank you! Actually there is a capricorn in this image! Shot various other images that day at long focal lengths with loads of capricorns and chamois :D

  12. Tom Tran 7 years ago

    Great scene, Johan. The trees in the foreground really give this a grand scale. 

    • Author

      many thanks Tom! Glad you like it. How are things on your side of the globe? 

      • Tom Tran 7 years ago

        It’s still semi-frozen over here, Johan. The Winter dude is extra stubborn this year, but I’m actually OK with it despite some moaning and groaning. :)

  13. Carolyn Fahm 7 years ago

    Oh, my goodness. A mountain shot at it’s most classic. It leaves me awestruck.

    • Author

      Very glad it does Carolyn 😀 But be careful. That’s not a state you wan’t to be in for too long 😉 Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by! 

  14. Jerry Johnson 7 years ago

    You’ve blended those four elements together in exquisite fashion Johan !! 🙂

  15. Andreas Levi 7 years ago

    A fantatsic shot – wonderful mood, a great work Johan! :)

    • Author

      many thanks Andreas! How is it going with the long exposures?

      • Andreas Levi 7 years ago

        The guys from GB are really fast, Johan :)) Now I have all things here and hope to can test it (with better weather) at the weekend 🙂 Thanks again for your help :))

        • Author

          I know. Used them as well in the past. It is either them or B&H for me. By the way: don’t wait until the weather is to good. You need fast moving clouds 🙂

          • Andreas Levi 7 years ago

            Well, this is the problem Johan: we have sun at the moment here and no clouds nothing – boring 😉 :)) 

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            lucky you. I could use some sun here as well 🙂 I will send some clouds over to you 😉

          • Andreas Levi 7 years ago

            🙂 okay – then it is here not so cold: at the moment -6° and the night will be really frosty :)

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            still cold here as well. Me and Dominique Dubied are not lucky at the moment … 

  16. Paul Paradis 7 years ago


  17. Victoria Etna 7 years ago

    WOW Johan ! such a beautiful capture and treatment ! The light is also fantastic !

  18. Author

    @Paul: merci beaucoup Paul. Salut bien 🙂
    @Victoria: hey Victoria 😉 Hope all is well with you! Thanks for the very kind words 🙂 

    • Victoria Etna 7 years ago

      yes Johan everything seems to be ok now ! thank you : )
      and it is a real pleasure 🙂

  19. Dominique Dubied 7 years ago

    A very beautiful capture Johan! The light and fog make the image so powerful!

  20. Bill Pevlor 7 years ago

    Great capture of the drama and majesty!

  21. Vitor Ferreira 7 years ago

    Another brilliant shot!

  22. Francis Gagnon 7 years ago

    Beautiful image, Johan. 

  23. Chris Roll 7 years ago

    Well done Johan

  24. Luca Cesari 7 years ago

    Stunning details here. Superb microcontrast, Johan; Love it!!!

  25. Nicolas Lotsos 7 years ago

    Exceptional work Johan!

  26. Aamir Shahzad 7 years ago

    Wonderful image Johan 

  27. E.E. Giorgi 7 years ago

    wow, this is mystic and magical !!!

  28. Andi Rivarola 7 years ago

    Beautiful image. So seductive and appealing.

  29. Stan Showalter 7 years ago

    Great lighting, and detail.

  30. Alan Majchrowicz 7 years ago

    Nice work, love it!

  31. Jutta Sötje 7 years ago

    great mood

  32. I really like the very dramatic clouds and the nicely worked out counterpart, the light spots. Good one! :-)

  33. Author

    @Jutta: vielen Dank Jutta 🙂
    @Wilfried: you actually managed to miss a post and that is very hard in my case Wilfried 😉 Glad you like this Wilfried! 

  34. Dalibor Pačić 7 years ago

    Fantastic Johan like it!

    Please check my Matterhorn Johan ;-)

  35. Jim Lundgren 7 years ago

    Some serious drama here Johan…Love it!!

  36. Louis Lavoie 7 years ago

    Awesome work Johan. Stunner. Truly. 

    • Author

      @Jim: glad you love my drama Jim! I am a sucker for it as well 🙂
      @Louis: thanks for the compliment Louis! Much appreciated!

  37. Shawn McClure 7 years ago

    Stunning, dramatic image, Johan…

  38. Markus Rienzer 7 years ago

    wow..extremely good..the dramatic in this image is great !!

  39. Author

    @Shawn: thanks Shawn and thanks again Shawn 😉
    @Markus: glad you like it Markus. Danke! 

  40. Mady Sach 7 years ago

    beautyful mountainshot

  41. Markus Landsmann 7 years ago

    Johan, an absolut wonderful bw shot, the light works so good here.

  42. Author

    Thank you very much Mady 🙂
    @Markus: many thanks Markus! Glad you like it 🙂 

  43. Stunning… awesome photography with your three elements… 

  44. Kerry Murphy 7 years ago

    Beautiful! I love the light.

  45. Author

    @Leyla: in the end it was 4 elements Leyla 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!
    @Kerry: glad you do. Thank you Kerry 🙂 

  46. these are pretty much the last pieces of winter I am willing to accept :-)) excellent Johan 

  47. David Shield 7 years ago

    Great layered scene effect, and top quality processing Johan 

  48. Hi Johan! Your photograph presents the glory and majesty of the mountains in their best. The sharp edges soften by clouds make them very interesting, just absolutely impressive photo. I really enjoy this view but it had to be much excited to see it in real life. B&W conversion is absolutely brilliant, I love it. And on the end I have to express my respect for your efforts to get there to show us this beautiful landscape. Thanks Johan!

    • Author

      It’s what I love to do Grzegorz, so it’s my pleasure 😀 Thank you very much for the kind words!! Glad you like it 🙂 Did you get a D800 already, or are you waiting for a D4x? 😉 

      • Yes Johan, I have already D800 🙂 But still I don’t have to much chance to use it, the weather in Scotland is really bad recently for photography. You are right, this is just fantastic camera, I love it, but still need to buy 14-24mm 😉 Well, even with my 12-24mm it works perfectly, the sharpness is incredible. Do you play with time-lapses and movies as well?

        • Author

          congrats. You will love it! Nope. Haven’t done timelapse or video with it yet. Timelapse I hope to do coming summer 🙂 You? 

          • Grzegorz Piechowicz 7 years ago

            Not yet but it is my plans. Enjoyment with my photos is always my first priority but it may be quite good business as well. One friend of mine just sold a 5 mins time-lapse to BBC. Worth to consider. Now I am hungry for astro-photography and catching Milky Way, I did my first approach and I was just amazed what D800 can does. 

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            Yes, the same things are on my list for the summer. Haven’t done milky way’s yet 🙂

  49. Very beautiful photo, and very very beautiful tones :)

  50. Wes Lum 7 years ago

    Great shot Johan!

  51. Margaret Wong 7 years ago

    You certainly achieved a beautiful result :)

  52. Andy Lee 7 years ago

    Wonderful light & epic scenery!

  53. such a majestic scene

  54. Sandy Schepis 7 years ago

    Fantastic Johan! 

  55. Michael Russell 7 years ago

    Wow – epic photograph Johan !

  56. Author

    @Jorunn: thank you Jorunn! 🙂
    @Sandy: long time no speak Sandy. Is all well with you? Thanks for the compliment!
    @Michael: glad you like it Michael! 🙂 

    • Sandy Schepis 7 years ago

      All is well. Sold my house so had to take a hiatus for a couple of months to declutter and pack and tear down my computer equipment and move cross country and then get “semi” settled in my new home and get everything back up and running. Whew! Hope things are well with you! :-)

      • Author

        Understandable Sandy. Hope you will fully settle soon! All’s well here as well. Waiting for the end of summer. Ready to go hiking without too much clothing 😉 

        • Sandy Schepis 7 years ago

          I hear ya, Johan! It’s even cold here in Savannah, GA which is unheard of this time of year. But no where near the cold I was used to in Colorado. Hope you get out hiking soon and share some more of your fantastic pics. 

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            thanks again! It is a bit extreme here as well. Not good for hiking and photography though as it is quite wet and dull as well … but it’s ok. Time to catch up on other stuff is welcome as well 🙂 

  57. Yes, indeed, Johan … I do like it! :o)

  58. Alycia Miller 7 years ago

    A very dramatic image, it shows the power and the beauty ;-)

  59. Tim Donnelly 7 years ago

    Stunning result there Johan … suits b&w down to a tee

  60. Author

    @Alycia: thanks for the compliment Alycia 🙂
    @Tim: many thanks Tim!

  61. Beautiful capture and pp Johan, phenomenal! 

  62. Armand Dijcks 7 years ago

    Milky Way time lapses in this landscape could be amazing Johan and Grzegorz . Also moonlight reflected on the snow covered mountains and stars rotating overhead makes for great time lapse material. Although it’s hard these days to come up with dome truly original shots. I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve though :-)

  63. Author

    @Louisa: many thanks Louisa !! 🙂
    @Armand: looking forward to the links up your sleeve 🙂 

    • Armand Dijcks 7 years ago

      This image has a certain Ansel Adams quality to it BTW…

      • Author

        that is a great compliment Armand! Thank you. I am always hunting for these types of scenes. Sometimes I get lucky 😉 

        • Armand Dijcks 7 years ago

          The more you hunt, the luckier you’ll get Johan!

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            Very true! Btw: do you already have plans for the weekend of 6/7 april? I will probably be in NL and would love to go shoot on a beach somewhere 🙂 Tried to approach Joel already as well :)

  64. Great view ! Let’s go :)

  65. Michael Diblicek 7 years ago

    Beautiful landscape work Johan
    I’ve got to get up in these mountains soon.

  66. Kurt Harvey 7 years ago

    Wow! The light really came through for you Johan. Very majestic scene and capture!

  67. Ian Good 7 years ago

    It all came together very well Johan – stunning result!

  68. a beautifu mountain scenery and the mist and light makes it feel alive and moving.

    B/w was a fitting choice Johan :-)

    • Author

      glad you approve Michael 🙂 Not fed up with winter scenes yet?

      • nope Johan i will never get tired of any season, they all have their charm :-)

        • Author

          very true. Same here btw. Just need to make sure a get a break sometimes from doing the same thing too often. Like snowshoeing 🙂 

  69. Lovely how fog and mist is separating the two sides, as if the other side is a new territory! Light and mist, joining to make a picture-perfect! Beautifully processed Johan 🙂

    • Author

      Thank you very much for your nice words Naghmeh 😀 Much appreciated!

  70. Patrice PVK 7 years ago

    Again and again: the framing is fantastic, the postprod is wonderful… I’m not a big fan of strong vignetting though, but it fits your photo very nicely. Great shot Johan :-)

  71. Meg Rousher 7 years ago

    Wonderful Capture Johan :)

  72. Author

    @Patrice: thanks for the compliments Patrice! Thought the vignette blended in quite nicely with this one 🙂
    +Meg: 🙂 thanks Meg! 

  73. Richard Murphy 7 years ago

    A cracker!

  74. Marina Versaci 7 years ago

    Fabulous picture!

  75. Don Spenner 7 years ago

    A fabulous capture Johan!

  76. Marvin L. 7 years ago


  77. What a monochrome beauty Johan! Too bad I only run a page about the sea and none about mountains, I would definitely like to share this right now 🙂 

  78. Wonderful image

  79. Didier Demaret 7 years ago

    wow, magnifique!

  80. Gemma Costa 7 years ago

    wonderful shot!

  81. awesome shot! love the tones and the subtle glow on the peaks! :)

  82. Yasmin Simpson 7 years ago

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful friend Johan.
    Before last weekend, My family and I went skiing to Mount Washington, B.C. and all the time you and Athena Carey were in my thoughts, I said… Ohhh men, this is not easy!, carrying all these equipment for a picture, lol.
    At the end, I couldn’t arrive so far and I got very sick (cold-sinus).
    I really admire you, guys! so I guess, I should keep myself in the sun, at the bottom surrounded with colourful flowers :-).

    • Author

      thank you Yasmin 🙂 Funny that you think of us when up there … and now I will think of you when the flowers start to bloom here 🙂 

  83. Baki Karacay 7 years ago

    Stunning beauty with great light. Thanks for supporting Mountain Photos theme page stream and album with your work and talent.

  84. Subra Govinda 7 years ago

    Stunning work Johan really like this in B/W!

  85. David Orr 7 years ago

    Magnificent !!

  86. Maggy Meyer 7 years ago

    Wonderful composition and great tones! Awesome image, Johan!!

  87. Author

    @Baki: you are very welcome Baki and thanks for the compliment!
    @Subra: glad you do. Thanks Subra! 

  88. Author

    @David: thank you very much David!
    @Maggy: hey Maggy 🙂 Thank you! 

  89. Will S 7 years ago

    Beautiful shot !!!

  90. Really perfect mountain capture, HAVE GREAT EASTER DAYS
    IN HARMONY , Johan !!

  91. Beautiful shot and processing! I like the ray of light in the foreground! Yes, snow and fog are a wonderful combination!

  92. Mikko Tyllinen 7 years ago

    wow! this is absolultey fantastic picture! so beautiful Johan!

  93. Elena Grigorian 7 years ago

    Mountains, fog and snow….these are definitely a few of my favorite things! Beautiful image Johan. 

  94. David Hoffman 7 years ago

    Beautiful light, lovely composition.

  95. Domique Hilbert 7 years ago

    Almost missed it, shame on me :/ Great work Johan. Like always.

  96. Author

    @Eill: many thanks Will!
    @Peter Paul: thank you and have a great Easter weekend as well 🙂
    @Emanuele: glad you like it Emanuele! Thanks 🙂 

  97. Author

    Thank you very much Mikko! 🙂
    @Elena: thank you and nice to meet you :)

  98. Author

    @David: thanks for the compliment David !
    @Dominique: impossible 🙂 Thanks Dominique and have a great weekend!

  99. Nikola Nikolski 7 years ago

    Cool B&W and great treatment as well Johan!

  100. Michelle Potter 7 years ago

    Extraordinary Johan! 

  101. This is stunning! The spots of light hitting the ridges are so enchanting!

  102. Magnific, like it!

  103. Rohan Reilly 7 years ago

    wonderful light and tones Johan 

  104. Gerard Charnley 7 years ago

    Another super image Johan. I do love these mountain-scapes.

  105. Author

    @Michelle: thanks Michelle 🙂
    @Sinead: many thanks Sinead! 🙂 

  106. Author

    Thanks for the compliments Thierry, Rohan and Gerard! Much appreciated 🙂 

  107. …fantastic photo, thanks for sharing!

  108. Carsten Kopp 7 years ago

    Beautiful snow and cloud mix – you captured a fantastic view !

  109. Very beautiful! :)

  110. Kamal Deep Singh 7 years ago

    as usual….a very powerful image….thank you so much sir….

  111. You have successfully blended these 4 elements. Real great mood of a winter weather. A great composition ! Have a pleasant weekend Johan :-)

  112. Thomas Schaller 7 years ago

    great mood… it…..a sort of rough with a kind of softness….

  113. Ian Gazzard 7 years ago

    Hey Johan Hope you are well. Your images are certainly looking well. Great shot 😉 I have been off the radar for a while so will catch up on your images!

  114. Betty Manousos 7 years ago

    such a majestic image Johan 

  115. Dylan van Graan 7 years ago

    As usual Johan, you make me miss the mountains! 

  116. Joel Tjintjelaar 7 years ago

    Still great Johan !

  117. great one Johan 

  118. Keith Driver 7 years ago

    Gorgeous work.

  119. Author

    @Angelika: thank you! Nice and fitting tune Angelika 😀
    @Carsten: many thanks Carsten! Glad you like it 🙂
    @Оксана: hey Oksana! Thanks 🙂 

  120. Author

    @Kamal: many thanks Kamal!
    @Jean-Michel: merci Jean-Michel. Thanks for the kind words 🙂
    @Thomas: danke Herr Schaller 😉

  121. Author

    @Ian: glad to see you back Ian! Hope you are fine!? Thanks for the kind words 🙂
    @Betty: that’s a very nice compliment Betty! 🙂
    @Dylan : many thanks Dylan! How have you been? 

  122. Author

    @Joel: glad you like it Joel! Many thanks for the company last weekend! It was fun 🙂
    @Walter: thanks Walter!!
    @Keith: thanks and nice to meet you Keith! 🙂 

  123. Thierry Bouriat 7 years ago

    Hi Johan,
    Beautiful capture !!
    We are still waiting impatiently your new photos :-))

  124. Robert Skreiner 7 years ago

    Great photo and work!

  125. Author

    Many thanks again Robert !
    @Thierry: will be back shortly! Been travelling and busy in general 🙂 

  126. Athena Carey 7 years ago

    A very dramatic scene Johan! I like how the little trees right down at the bottom give it scale. :)

  127. Author

    @Thierry: thanks. Just posted one 😉
    @Athena: thank you Athena! Glad you like it 🙂 

  128. Barbara BM 7 years ago

    Yes!!! Mystic Mountain!

  129. Joan Munford 7 years ago

    Hmm but when the sky did brake open, it led to tihis awesome shot!

  130. Mady Sach 7 years ago

    beautyful mountain

  131. George Marquardt 7 years ago

    This is fabulous Johan; Mountains, clouds, and snow are such a great combination!

  132. Author

    @Mady: thanks Mady 🙂
    @George: one of my fav combinations as well 🙂 Thanks! 

  133. Gaurav Mittal 7 years ago


  134. great capture

  135. Cameron Siguenza 7 years ago

    Beautiful 🙂

  136. Aline van Weert 7 years ago

    Schitterend Johan! Vooral dat licht onderin op de eerste berg.

  137. Manuela Azevedo 7 years ago

    Stunning composition and light!

  138. Ron Clifford 7 years ago

    Stunning detail, excellent as always Johan Peijnenburg!

  139. Victoria Adriana 7 years ago

    great capture…

  140. Sharon Thomas 7 years ago


  141. Lizett Beltran 7 years ago

    absolutely gorgeous. Love it! 🙂

  142. Author

    Thank you Sharon and Lizett !

  143. Beverley Aston 7 years ago

    As always such a beautiful photo and conversion.

    • Author

      Thanks Beverley! 🙂 How are things?

      • Beverley Aston 7 years ago

        Hi Johan, everything is fine thanks, been back from Cape Town 2 weeks & waiting for Spring Time!! Did a great 7 week photography course whilst in CT with Martin Osner – trust all is well with you!

        • Author

          Sounds like great course Beverley! Was it 7 weeks non-stop??? All’s fine here as well. Fed up with winter now. Need spring as well

          • Beverley Aston 7 years ago

            Once a week plus ‘homework’ – yes the stress level went up a notch but I learnt such a lot and for me the main thing was to handle my camera with confidence and ‘less is more’ !! 🙂

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 7 years ago

            Sounds like you picked up a few useful tips Beverley Looking forward to seeing the results!

  144. Pascal Thalmann 7 years ago

    Absolutely stunning and dramatic!

  145. Didier Demaret 7 years ago


  146. Love those mountainscapes Johan.

  147. Richard Kelley 7 years ago

    I was introduced to your work through Photoshelter. It stopped me immediately. Beautiful work, Johan. You have a great eye.

    • Richard Kelley 7 years ago

      And the construction and utility of your website is exactly what I was looking for in my site. I’ll have to find the right person to help make the adjustments to GPP. Really great site.

      • Author

        Thanks for the compliments Richard! Glad you like it Finding the right person shouldn’t be that hard. There are a couple of certified consultants that can help you. I am lucky that I am able to do it all myself …

  148. Esther Ditiecher 7 years ago

    Mooie foto. Is dit je uitzicht?

  149. Kamal Deep Singh 7 years ago

    congratulations sir…it,s great to hear about top ten…cheers….

  150. Olga Rook 7 years ago

    great composition and tonal variety, beautiful light!

  151. Don Spenner 7 years ago

    Such a captivating image with so much upward movement, excellent my friend. I can only imagine the hike to reach this place Johan.

    • Author

      it was a quite long and cold one Don. Actually the image above with the trees is from the same days. Great harvest :)

      • Don Spenner 7 years ago

        A great respect and admiration for what you go through to capture this type of image and then I’m sure, hoping once you get their, the light will be just right. Have a great Sunday, Johan!

        • Author

          Yeah, had quite a few days this winter that the conditions were too bad to get something decent. Hoping for more luck next year 🙂 Have a great Sunday as well Don !!

  152. Ali Amani 7 years ago


  153. Enrique Palaez 7 years ago

    Woow this is great Johan :)

  154. Michel Paulin 7 years ago

    Ceci est absolument somptueux Johan.

  155. Author

    @Enrique: thank you Enrique!
    @Michel: merci Michel! 🙂

  156. Rikard Lindby 7 years ago

    Great capture and processing Johan.

  157. Ada M. 7 years ago

    I love it!

  158. Author

    @Rikard: thanks a bunch Rikard 🙂
    @Ada: thanks again Ada! Glad you stopped by 🙂

    • Ada M. 7 years ago

      how could I not? You love mountains as much as I do and you create magic that i really love!

  159. super shot!

  160. Johan Swanepoel 7 years ago

    Awesome !!

  161. Johnny Minor 6 years ago

    Fantastic shot Johan!! 

  162. Chris Newham 6 years ago

    Beautiful photo I really like the depth and detail. The fourth element sun really brings it to life.

  163. Doug Hagadorn 6 years ago

    Love the toning on this, the light too!

  164. ♥ ~❤❤❤~ ♥ 

  165. Daniel Ewert 6 years ago

    Outstanding mountain landscape scene!

  166. Author

    @Doug: thanks a lot Doug!
    @Annette: thanks Annette! 🙂
    @Daniel: thanks for the compliment Daniel and nice to see you back!

  167. Anna Rimovska 6 years ago

    Great capture …….. beautiful !

  168. Mutita EdiblArt 6 years ago

    Very Nice

  169. Khawar Khan 6 years ago


  170. hank you Mutita and Khawar :)

  171. Mona Youssef 6 years ago

    Love it!!!

    • Author

      One of my favourites of the year Mona 🙂

      • Mona Youssef 6 years ago

        Johan , they all are breathtaking and hard to choose!! Each one is a piece of art!!

        • Author

          That is nice to hear Mona 🙂 I need to revisit a few images at the end of the year. My taste is evolving and think there are a few I can do a better job on :)

          • Mona Youssef 6 years ago

            Tell me about Johan !! 🙂 That is the true artist, never satisfied with what he dose and always wanting to perfect what he dose. There is always room for improvement so go for it and enjoy the process. :-)

          • Author
            Johan Peijnenburg 6 years ago

            Think that is the way it should be Mona. I will quit as soon as I feel I have nothing to learn or improve anymore 🙂 

          • Mona Youssef 6 years ago

            ENJOY learning as long as we live :-)

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