A day at the office

A fisherman at work on his boat on a misty Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), with the silhouette of the Alps in the back (by Johan Peijnenburg)

A fisherman at work on Lac Léman – black & white

[ 24mm – f/16 – 1/250 – ISO100 – D3x with 24mm f/1.4 ]

This photograph was taken last week when I was out shooting long exposures along the coast of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) in Switzerland. It features a fisherman at work on a boat on the lake, with the silhouette of the French Alps in the background. I shot this quite early in the morning, when the lake was still very smooth (this one is not a long exposure btw).

For the fisherman this was probably just another day at the office. To me it was a very soothing minimal scene that I had to capture. I knew up front that I wanted to render it in black and white to emphasize the tranquility. I hope I succeeded!?

I shot this with my 24mm f1/4 lens at f/16, to make sure I would also get some nice detail in the mountains in the background. I processed the image in the new version 4 of Adobe Lightroom 4 (without using Silver Efex Pro this time).

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238 Responses to “A day at the office”

  1. I like the composition and the stark contrast of the black and white.

  2. The light, the tones and the composition are just fantastic ! This is a splendid photograph, Johan !

  3. Gorgeous shot. If I wore a hat I would be tipping it to you sir :)

  4. great photo Johan ..wonderfull composition with really great fine tones

  5. @Ann: thank you!
    @Francis: thanks for the compliment Francis. Really appreciated!
    @Philip: you have a very nice way with words! Glad you like it :-)

  6. wonderful atmosphere….and a fantastic…Fishermann photography..

  7. You certainly did succeed Johan! This is a stunner! Great processing with LR too, I generally tend to jump straight to SE, should spend more time in LR :)

  8. great usage of b&w. nice tones, nice shot!

  9. Thank you Geo, Dželila, Peter Paul and Milena and thanks for the visit :-

  10. love this one well done

  11. @Ewok: thank you. Appreciated!
    @Peter: thanks :-) Added some “Peter Vooijs mood” to it!

  12. Thanks Peter. Glad to see you around here again by the way!!
    @Albert: thanks. Glad you like it!

  13. I really enjoy the mood of this photo. Great job.

  14. Thanks for the feedback Bernhard and Dean !!!

  15. Bravo! I find myself staring!

  16. Beautiful capture of a classic scene here on my lake Johan. I see these guys often and like you find it soothing to watch them. I have a little collection of similar images on my HD. 😉

  17. Lovely shot Johan! Very tranquil. Great job.

  18. Johan – Great minimalistic one. I really like the smooth graduation of the fog layer and those mountains, hardly to see but yet clearly detailed. Obviously a good decision to use this lens. Perfect b&w processing, no SilverEfex needed indeed. Very well done!

  19. Thank you Monte! The feedback is appreciated!
    @Wilfried: I really wanted to post something in color again, but couldn’t resist posting this one :-) Thanks for the kind words!

  20. Johan, while I thoroughly love your photos of majestic mountains, this photo offers a peaceful setting which demonstrates, for me, the clear fact that your talent reaches far beyond landscape photography.

  21. Great work, love this minimalism here Johan

  22. Thanks for the very kind words Jerry!
    @Nikola: thank you glad you like it! Could almost be a Dutch scene 😉

  23. And you talk about jealous Johan – I told you we had to swap – Impressive :)

  24. You definitely did Johan! Another stunning photo! :)

  25. @Johan: thank you. I wouldn’t mind swapping for a while :-) Going to rent a long lens this summer to get some practice!
    @Christophe: thanks for the compliment! I hope you are feeling a bit better!

  26. Beautiful contrasts, Johann … looks like a lovely day at the office!

  27. Debby Vos says:

    Now I wonder what the fisherman was thinking…. What a beautiful view that man will have 😉

  28. @Nathan: thanks for the compliment Nathan! It’s appreciated :-)
    @Debby: “now where are those fish” maybe? Dank je wel :-)

  29. Wonderful image! I need an office like yours! :-)

  30. So lovely and serene, Johan!

  31. Dan Verley says:

    Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful form of art.

  32. love this. tranquil, and yet earthy. (I mean, not a dreamscape, but a beautiful early morning on a calm lake.)

  33. Gorgeous! I’m only finding out now the benefits of early morning shots, this encapsulates that perfectly! Such serenity is so hard to find…

  34. @Dan: very true! Did this work for you?
    @Peter: thank you Peter! Dank je wel :-)
    @Sudip: shoot early morning or at the end of the day and landscapes will come alive :-)

  35. Wonderful atmosphere, Johan.

  36. Lovely composed. The kind of b&w I would love to know how to do it. Well done.

  37. Thank you Javier and Patrice. really glad you like it !

  38. Hey Johan : you’ve succeeded for sure! I think this is perfect and absolutely gorgeous from a compositional and a BW processing point of view. Simply love it:)

  39. I never thought that this is in Switzerland ! beautiful!

  40. @markus: it is Markus and I am lucky enough that it very close by :-) Thank you!!

  41. this one really rocks and the title makes me very jelaous Johan :-) great one!

  42. Love this image Johan !! Very well done!

  43. Oups I have missed that one Johan !! Very impressive shot! Congratulations! I definitively have to go back there and try again!

  44. Thank you Matthias!!
    Edward and Tatiana: thanks. Glad you like it! Thanks for the visit :-)
    Dominique: merci beaucoup :-) You didn’t miss it. This was two days later. Decided to re-visit to enjoy another day in the sun and to make sure my face was even more red 😉

  45. Ohhhhhh! This is magical, Johan! What a great quiet mood. Beautiful.

  46. That looks very good Johan

  47. Ada M says:

    I want to work in that office!!

  48. Thank you for stopping by and the nice comment Kerry!
    Thanks Markus. Glad you like it :-)
    @Ada : you could become a fisher woman!? Thank you :-)

  49. superb image and perfect finishing +Johan Peijnenburg
    tranquility to the max

  50. We only live once but if we live right, once is enough

  51. Thanks +Hans !
    @Alfred: you are very wise :-)

  52. Johan, brilliant image my friend.

  53. Radek Vik says:

    Very moody Johan, Beautiful shot!!!

  54. magico lago nella nebbia

  55. This is so simple and beautiful. I love the different monochrome tones !

  56. @Radek: thank you. Glad to see you stop by again :)
    @Mauro: grazie :-)
    @Carsten: thank you! Simplicity can be quite nice :-)

  57. Beautiful mood and light Johan . I wish my “office” has a view like this :)

  58. yh it seems so peaceful there!

  59. Awesome my friend. Suuuuuperb. Great job.

  60. @Paul: thank you. You are probably very close to a few nice lakes as well no?
    @Shannon: thank you!
    @Louis: thanks a lot for the very kind words +Louis Lavoie. Really glad you like it my friend. Merci!

  61. Wonderful image Johan. I find myself imagining standing there with a bit of a chill, holding a warm cup of coffee, hearing the sound of the water lapping at the shore. A calm an serene scene.

  62. Thank you very much Patricia and Stan!! Stan: the way you describe it was exactly how is was, although it wasn’t a cup of coffee but a thermos 😀

  63. Looks like my office, wish I wish :) Very nice image Johan

  64. A beautiful scene that gives me peace and tranquillity. Really emotional!

  65. Great work, really artistic!

  66. Thank you Robert, Jon and Robert! Appreciated!

  67. Tom Tran says:

    This is wonderfully tranquil – both visually and in the mood that it imparts. Coming from a person that loves fishing, I can tell you that this is no day-at-the-office. :) Beautiful image, Johan.

  68. beautiful minimal shot Johan! The fog on the lake makes it so mysterious and the processing is perfect! You succeeded for sure, it’s such a zen image! I love it!! :)

  69. thanks Julia! Really appreciate the compliment!
    @susan: thank you!!

  70. This resonates a lot with me. Nice minimalism. Thanks for sharing Johan

  71. wow, this is fantastic!!!

  72. ………. #**#
    ………C’ °° O
    ………(“)__(“) Beautiful!!

  73. Thank you very much Sassi!
    @Robin: thank you! Glad you like it :-)
    @E.E. Giorgi: much appreciated!
    @Alfredo: now that’s a creative comment! Thanks :-)

  74. Happy week Johan, sure this beautiful image brings tons of peace to the eyes and soul, the fisherman at his “office” looks perfect there. Hope you will have a blessed and productive week!.
    As always awesome photography that feel the soul of everybody… :)

  75. Jim Davis says:

    nice minimal shot Johan

  76. Wow!!! Great image Johan!! I really, really like the comp here. Excellent job.

  77. A really classic image, with so much to love about it!! Wonderful work, Johan!

  78. @Yasmin: having a great week so far Yasmin. Hope yours is nice as well. Thanks for the kind words!
    @Jim: thanks Jim!
    @Dan: glad you like it Dan!. Hope al is well :-)
    @Grant: that’s a nice compliment. Thank you!

  79. Such a strong but simple image, composition and tonally perfect, it really is a beautiful image Johan!

  80. This is great Johan! The subtle shades of grey are beautiful!

  81. @Andrew: thank you Andrew! Sometimes simple is enough isn’t it :-)
    Thanks Jimmy, Rashed!
    @Paul: thanks for the kind words and for stopping by again :-)

  82. Fantastic picture Johan! Very beautiful!

  83. Paul Scott says:

    Beautiful image Johan :)

  84. Thank you Mikko and Paul! Glad you like it :-)

  85. Excellent work, Johan! Great composition!

  86. Beautiful image Johan !!! Thanks for the beer ;)))

  87. S@angeeth: thank you!
    @Cho: dank je wel Cho! Alles goed behalve het weer?
    @David: I love my Belgian beer even it it is way overprices here in CH! Thanks for the nice comment :-)

  88. Wonderful shot Johan, I love it :)

  89. Nice and moody! I love it . . . fantastic work, Johan!

  90. Thanks for the compliments Meg, Randall and Giles !!!

  91. This is outstanding work!
    Love the minimalism and the little boat on the lake! :-)

  92. Kos Kos says:

    Great! Quietly and peaceful. Enjoy the silence !

  93. Maki MA says:

    peaceful feel… like a dream… I love traditional Japanese art, I feel this photo looks like the Suiboku-ga (sumi-e painting). very beautiful!

  94. Beautiful composition, lovely tones in the foreground–nice mood you have captured Johan

  95. Mr. White says:

    a hobby or survive ? Only that person who knows.

  96. Thank you Lupe and Dave !!!
    @Maki: that’s a nice compliment! Thank you :-)
    @Gail: glad you like it Gail. Thanks for stopping by!

    Thank you +mr white, Quinton and Ebeng for the kind words!

  97. What a Peaceful moment…Excellent work!
    I think I should try some blk/wht works..
    Thanks for the share

  98. Thanks Zain and Terry !

  99. John Dunne says:

    This is such a strong image Johan for its simplicity. I think this is one of your most compelling images to date. And thats no mean feat :-)

  100. Nice and simple. Beautiful!

  101. Thanks John! Glad you like it. Now let’s hope I can do even better :-)
    Linda and Rick: thank you!

  102. A wonderful contemplative mood you’ve captured here. This kind of subject was often used paintings for the living room, but yours is miles away from any pensive kitsch. Great work!

  103. Just beautiful; I really like the subtle silhouette and incredible overall composition.

  104. Great work, excellent composition!

  105. beautiful, Johan Peijnenburg

  106. Really a great shot Johan. The minimalist composition coupled with the absolutely stunning treatment of the b&w makes this one of the best I’ve seen in a long time!

  107. @Manfred: thanks! Nice parallel :-)
    @David: thanks for the compliment David!
    @Brian: thanks! appreciated :-)

    @danilo: thanks Danilo. You must have recognized the location :-)
    @Scott: thank you for the very kind words Scott!!

  108. Stunning in its simplicity!

  109. Tranquility at it’s finest!

  110. Ben Locke says:

    beautifully done Johan. The fisherman is perfectly placed, and the light/haze does a great job of emphasising him.

  111. Very nice and relaxing Johan , great catch (pun intended)

  112. Nice minimalism Johan Peijnenburg

  113. Thanks a bunch Eric, Neil and Sandy!!

  114. Don’t know how I missed this wonderful image. Great stuff!

  115. Thanks Darcy!
    Bill Pevlor: not sure, but you found it anyway. Thanks :-

  116. Thanks Darcy!
    Bill: not sure, but you found it anyway. Thanks :-)

  117. This is beautiful Johan !! Love the mist

  118. Michael and Erin: thanks for the kind words and the visit :-)

  119. This is absolutely fantastic! The feeling of quiet and stillness really came through. Excellent

  120. Really nice ! Love the mood and the minimalism comp !

  121. Lili Ana says:

    Beautiful poetic shot :)

  122. Beautiful like a fairy tale Johan. A masterpiece. I love it so much!

  123. @Lili: Thank you Lili :-) Thanks for the visit!

  124. Julia Rob says:

    to be lonely sometimes is good but not like that poor man but it’s a great one

  125. Thanks Nicholas! Back at photography again?
    Thanks again Julia !

  126. love this so serene and peacefull please let me know were you took this photo i wanta go lol karol sheffield port orange florida

  127. great day at the “office” and beautiful capture!

  128. More than perfect! Pure serenity and peace!One of your best my friend!!!

  129. @Karol: thank you once again!
    @Christa: it was a great day :-) Thanks!
    @Francesco: thanks for the compliment :-)

  130. Simply stunning Johan ! Love the silhouettes of the mountains through the veil of mist and the lone fisherman on the calm lake. One of those images that draws you in because of its simplicity and beauty.

  131. So peaceful and full of beauty

  132. Kjetil: thank you!
    Marilou: thanks again. Glad you like it :)
    Thanks Lisa :)

  133. This is a beautiful image Johan! The fog with the Alps peeking through is magnificent. I’ve been meaning to upgrade to LR4. Are the B&W capabilities expanded over LR3? Would love to do more B&W without purchasing Silver Efex…

  134. Love the composition and minimalism!

  135. indeed…pure tranquility here. one man…connected with nature. love the contrast and the shrouded in mist silhouetted mountains.

  136. Great stuff Johan ;)

  137. Lilia Lin says:

    What a beautiful image of a beautiful ‘office’ Johan :D

  138. Wow, great shots you have! Happy to have found you. Hello from Australia :-)

  139. All your pictures are wonderful, but this type I like the most :)

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