Alpine sunset with color and some drama

Alpine sunset with colorful clouds against a blue sky

Alpine sunset with color and some drama
July 31, 2011 Johan Peijnenburg
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Alpine sunset with two mountains with coloured clouds against a vibrant blue sky (by Johan Peijnenburg)
35mm – f/7.1 – 1/160 – ISO100

An alpine sunset image from the archives. I captured it in June last year and ran into it again when I was selecting images to upload to my Google+ profile … I would love to be added to your circles by the way 🙂

I remember that I went out when it was approaching sunset and that the weather was clearing a bit after a heavy summer thunderstorm. I got very wet, but did end up with a series of nice alpine sunset photographs like this!

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  1. Amazing atmosphere!

  2. great colours! the light is fantastic!

  3. @Christoph Sochanowski , I second that.

  4. Very dramatic Johan, love it.

  5. Oh that is awesome !

  6. WOW ! awesome click bro…

  7. Author

    Thanks all for the feedback! It’s appreciated 🙂

  8. Wow! You’re stuff is amazing!

  9. Author

    Thanks Peyton!!

  10. nice colors and shades !

  11. Author

    Thanks Leila!

  12. Stunning

  13. Author

    Thanks again Terry !

  14. Thamer Al-Hassan 8 years ago

    wonderful scene

  15. very beautiful!

  16. Great moment & scene

  17. Kenneth Straka 8 years ago


  18. Author

    Thanks Laura, Gregorius and Kenneth! It’s appreciated.

  19. Emilio Savov 8 years ago

    Another evidence that you don’t need a fancy 10 billion dolar camera to make an amazing photo. To me this is absolutely gorgeous…especially the clouds on the left.

    • Author

      Tnx Emilio! I also have an all singing and dancing one … not something you always want to lug up a mountain though 🙂

  20. Shane Holsclaw 8 years ago

    wow this is gorgeous! love the mist.

  21. Didier Misson 8 years ago

    superbe photo ! Thanks !

  22. Eric Leslie 8 years ago

    Very nice!

  23. Omeed Aghaee 8 years ago

    so Nice

  24. Olivier Daaram 8 years ago

    Superb work !

  25. Wayne Moran 8 years ago

    wow is this gorgeous.

  26. Dramatic indeed !

  27. Cloe Couturier 8 years ago


  28. TJ Kelly 8 years ago

    I love the colors and sky in this photo! Awesome shot.

  29. Author

    Thanks Helminadia, TJ and Cloe!

  30. jan vellinga 8 years ago

    nice photo,handy your rgb info

    • Author

      Thanks Jan. Ik neem altijd alle gegevens qua camera, lens, rgb, etc mee in de file. Kun je er wat mee?

  31. Martin Stavne 8 years ago

    Amazing! 🙂

  32. wonderful colors, the atmosphere you made to capture is outstanding

  33. Simone Linke 8 years ago

    The fog gives it a nice special touch!

  34. Richard Murphy 8 years ago

    Nice atmosphere

  35. morte oakley 8 years ago

    gorgeous colours and lighting, love the clouds, and the twin peaks.

  36. Francesco Gola 8 years ago


  37. Author

    Thank you Richard, Francesco and Morte !

  38. Anas Ahmad 8 years ago

    amazing work

  39. Melissa Richards 8 years ago


  40. Nora Carol 8 years ago

    I like the light and the fog Johan, the scenery is so refreshing.

    • Author

      Thank you Nora 🙂 Guess it’s a lot different from where you are or not?

      • Nora Carol 8 years ago

        yes, its different from where i live. We do have mountainous landscape here but its cool to see scenery and landscape which is so different from what we got here.

        • Author

          Well, you should keep an eye then Nora! Plenty of scenery from the Alps in my portfolio 🙂
          … I appreciate seeing the scenery from your island. Hope to see more in the future!

  41. Daniel Ewert 8 years ago

    I like the silhouetted mountains in this one–beautiful!

  42. Beve Brown-Clark 8 years ago

    Beautiful colors, love how the mountians are silhouetted agaisnt the stunning blue sky.

  43. Noah Urban 8 years ago


  44. wow

  45. Peter de Rooij 8 years ago

    Beautiful – the first blue light with the last golden sunset light.

  46. Athena Carey 8 years ago

    very dramatic Johan 🙂

    • Author
      Johan 8 years ago

      Thanks Athena 🙂 A home with a view!

  47. Neil Camara 8 years ago

    Can’t believe I missed this shot! Love the composition! I love the silhouette effect of the mountains! The colors!!! 🙂 Excellent shot my friend!

    • Author

      Hah, but you didn’t Neil. There is so much going on here that it is hard to keep up 🙂 Thanks. Glad you like it!

  48. Francis Gagnon 8 years ago

    Fantastic comp and colours Johan !

    • Author

      Thanks again Francis. I had plenty of time to wait for the right light … it’s a view from my house 🙂

      • Francis Gagnon 8 years ago

        Really ? Is there a house I can buy nearby ? I would be more than happy to live in a place like this 😉

        • Author

          Lol Francis. I won’t be selling soon. There is some land for sale though 🙂 These two mountains are a very nice subject to balance images like this. I use them regularly 🙂

  49. Russ Barnes 8 years ago

    Very nice indeed

  50. Robin Clarke 8 years ago

    This is heaven, wheres my coffee 🙂

  51. Johan Swanepoel 8 years ago

    Beautiful image Johan. Love the cold/warm colours.

    • Author

      Thanks Johan. Appreciate the feedback. Just checked out your work. Totally different stuff but beautiful as well!

  52. I like this one Johan . The illuminated clouds by the peaks of the mountains are really nice one like the sky was trying to hug the mountains

  53. Bill Dodd 8 years ago

    Wonderful johan!

  54. Victor Bezrukov 8 years ago

    fantastic colors and composition

  55. Author

    Thanks for the comments Noah and Bill! Apologies for the late response !

  56. H-L- Andersen 8 years ago

    Beautiful light and colors Johan (^_^(

  57. impressive!

  58. Bambo Ric 8 years ago

    Very nice!

  59. Dan Ballard 8 years ago

    Great image! Very dark and moody.

  60. Saradi Dasi 8 years ago

    so nice !!!

  61. Matt Anderson 8 years ago

    A real beauty Johan , it’s going on my must visit and photography bucket list, well, at least visit and take in the beauty!

    • Author

      Thanks for the compliment Matt! Yes, visiting is really worth while!

  62. Luca Cesari 8 years ago

    Terrific dark mood and tones here. I can feel the cold! Very clever choice of ‘low key’ here.

  63. Eva Bertozzi 8 years ago

    himmlisch ….

  64. Ada M 8 years ago

    so very impressive!

  65. Ada M 8 years ago

    I do I do! and I like it!

  66. Clouds are amazing in a mountainscape, they really tell so many stories! Wonderful work Johan Peijnenburg !!

    • Author

      Thanks Sophie! I like this one myself a lot as well. This is actually a view from where I live in Switzerland :-)

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